Funds and How to Donate

A common misconception about the shelter is that we receive tax funding. This is simply not true. PWP is funded through adoption fees, fundraisers, and donations. If you're able to make a monetary donation, please understand how much it helps. Every dollar truly goes to the pets. Plus, maintaining a no-kill philosophy is quite costly. We must ensure all of our pets live quality lives while at the shelter, which sometimes means several months, even years.

The funds listed below have been established to indicate our greatest financial needs. Pick a fund that is of interest to you and click on the donate button, and that money will be designated for that particular need. Thank you so much for your support.

Red when he first came to PWPRed after recoveryRed came to our shelter with injuries that may have been caused by being hit by a car (see picture on the left). He had a badly injured leg that was eventually amputated and scrapes on much of his face. We provided Red the necessary vet care that many other shelters wouldn't due to the expense. He healed up and was adopted by a loving family (see his picture on the right)! The purpose of Red's Fund is to have available funds for any animal that needs emergency vet care due to sickness or injury. By having funds on hand, we will be in a position to take a pet in need to the vet without having to worry about how we're going to cover the cost. We will be ready for an emergency.

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LaylaLayla is a boxer mix who was adopted from PWP as an 8 week old puppy and returned when she was 8 months old. Unfortunately Layla was not properly socialized, exercised or taught proper doggie etiquette. Layla has behavioral issues and is in need of expert help. She has been waiting for a home for over a year and is currently going through intense training with a certified dog behaviorist. Layla's Fund will be used to assist dogs who like Layla have behavioral issues that need addressed in order to make them happy, well adjusted dogs which will in turn make them more adoptable.


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Jill nursing her kittens All animals that are adopted from us are spayed and neutered. With the overwhelming pet overpopulation and limited sheltering facilities and homes, it is important that we do not allow animals we adopt to add to the problem. By spaying and neutering we are able to prevent more unwanted animals from being born. This fund will help us pay for this large and continuous cost.


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PWP Current BuildingThe facility that we are currently in is not ideal for the animals and has growing wear and tear. We are looking for a facility that we can renovate to meet our needs and also give us more space. A larger, modern facility would provide a more comfortable stay for our animals and allow us to rescue even more parent-less pets.
Visit our FUREVER HOME FUND webpage for more information, including pictures of what we currently have versus what we'd like to have.

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Not sure which fund you want your donation to go? Let PWP put your donation into our Need du Jour Fund, or "need of the day". Our needs can vary day to day, week to week, but we promise you that your money will be used wisely to help us care for all the worthy cats and dogs in our loving care.

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Thanks once again for your generous support.