Our Fur-Ever Home Fund

- Support Pets Without Parents to realize our dream of a larger, modern facility so that we can rescue even more cats and dogs and provide a more comfortable environment for our pets while they wait for their forever home. -

(as of July, 2013)

Pets Without Parents needs your financial support. We desperately need a new facility - our Fur-ever Home. The house we currently rent is cramped and has growing wear and tear. A larger, modern facility would provide a more comfortable environment for the companion animals in our care and allow us to rescue even more parent-less pets.

Our goal of $400,000 may seem daunting, but it can actually be broken up into parts. We need $60,000 for a downpayment on a building (and we are more than half way there!); we will need an additional $150,000 for construction and renovation costs, and the rest will be used for miscellaneus expenses and to pay down the mortgage. These amounts are estimates, and will be adjusted once we identify a property to purchase.

When thinking about a donation, please consider the following:

  • a $20 donation could pay for a cat bed
  • a $50 donation could pay for a dog bed
  • a $100 donation could pay for a cat tree
  • a $500 donation could pay for a cat cage
  • a $1,000 donation could pay for a dog kennel

No donation is too small. You'd be surprised at how far we can stretch a penny! Please help make our dream possible by donating to our Furever Home Fund today....for a brighter tomorrow. Click on the button below to donate securely through PayPal, or send a check to Pets Without Parents, 629 Oakland Park Avenue, Columbus, OH 43214. Indicate "Fur-ever Home Fund" in the memo line.

Dream Building Layout Meet and Greet room Meet and Greet Indoor play area Vet Dog washing station Lounge Kennels Kennels Intake room Intake and holding room Reception area Building Cat condo Store Kittens Offices Laundry Kitchen Since our start in 2001, Pets Without Parents has been dedicated to helping more than 8,000 cats and dogs find their forever home. Many of them were saved from horrible fates. Now we need a fur-ever home of our own. Some of the challenges we face at our current facility are:

Our fur-ever dream home would provide:

Please consider a donation to help us move into our fur-ever home so we can help more animals find their fur-ever home!