Happy Tails

Successful adoption stories are the best part of Pets Without Parents' existence.  They remind us why we do what we do.  We feel extraordinarily lucky to have such wonderful adopters. Please submit your "happy tail" to us via email.  Please include a photo (or 2) and a brief story, preferably 100-150 words.  When available, we have provided the pet's name at time of adoption in parentheses.

Jack (Sunny)

JackJackJack (formerly "Sunny" as a puppy at the shelter) is loving life. He lives with his mom and dad in a townhouse in Grandview. While he wishes he had a yard to run in, he's happy going outside and taking walks on his leash. His favorite things include begging for human food, cuddling with mom and dad in bed, and chasing away his kitty siblings whenever he suspects they wants the attention or food that he thinks he's "exclusively" entitled to. In all seriousness, he's the best dog I've ever had. He protects the house, isn't destructive, and is truly man's best friend. Attached I have a photo of him resting after his Grandma gave him a full Thanksgiving plate complete with turkey and all the fixin's, as well as a photo of him sleeping as a puppy.

Enzo (Beast) and Lotus (Calamity)

EnzoLotusI just wanted to share with you how great our new adoptions are doing. We adopted "Beast " now Enzo first. He's such a great mild mannered puppy. We love him so much. Unfortunately right now he is healing from orthopedic surgery to his knee. He slipped during our first snowfall. He's a wonderful patient. The vets at Vetcare where you recommend are awesome! Secondly we adopted "Calamity" now known as Lotus. She is so adorable and sassy. Her stripes are darkening. She loves to play with the children and sleep in my daughter's room. They make me smile and I love them both so much.

Maggie (Jewel)

MaggieMaggie and MomWe got Maggie (Jewel) about 3 weeks ago and couldn't be happier! Having never owned a Pit or Pit-mix, we were a little unsure of what to expect. She was very excited the 2 times we had visited with her. Once we got her home, and got her acquainted with the yard, house and Sweet Dee (the cat) she has been amazingly well behaved! She hasn't shown any aggression towards the cat whatsoever, and wants to play, but the cat wants none of it! She does very well on walks. We're still using the Gentle Leader, but are working towards not having to in the future. We're working on getting her socialized properly with other dogs. Some she really likes, and others not so much! We're going to continue having her around other dogs so she gets used to them. She's been absolutely amazing around my 2 year old niece and other kids. She loves laying on the couch with us in the evenings and she seems to think she's a lap dog. She is the most loving dog we have ever met. All she wants to do is have someone love on her and cuddle. We absolutely love her and all of our friends and family do too!! We couldn't have asked for a better dog, and it will only continue to get better the more we work with her!! We'd love to be able to have a play date with her sister, Jesse (Julip). After reading their story below, they sound like the same dog, and look so similar!

Julip (Jesse)

JesseI just wanted to give an update on one of the two tan colored Pitts. Her name is now Jesse. My husband and I both agreed on a Pitt. For me especially, I wanted a Pitt as my husband works nights. But because of rep for this breed, I realize I have to take extra cautionary steps with her. When I first met Julip, she was young and yearned to be touched while in the cage. I have never adopted a dog and it was like waiting on a baby to be born - the process was a bit nerve wrecking. I can understand the concern . . . but after all is said and done, Im glad I adopted! Yes, she was rowdy and is still learning as my 9 year old and 5 year old step daughter constantly puts her in loving headlocks and I have to constantly tell them to let her go. The kids were told to tell her NO when she jumps up to greet them and she has since stopped doing it. But for her and I, its more of a bonding session as she loves to have her stomach scratched as her body is stretched upright. Yes, we've had a few accidents in the house, but now, she sends me subtle signals to let me know she needs to go out. She is intelligent. I tell the kids to recognize her gestures as Jesse has a way of telling the girls she too need some alone time. Surprisingly, she is a HIGHLY AFFECTIONATE dog. She is VERY quiet for her breed . . . she is a softee. At night, she is afraid of her own shadow when I take her out. When she encounters other dogs, while they are barking their head off in an aggressive manner, she is quiet. But once in a while, she comes across something that makes the hair stand up on the back of her neck (something I've never witnessed before as she is the 1st short hair dog I've owned). She sleeps in the bed with me and one night, she proven her protective nature as I woke to her growling as the bedroom door was slowly opening . . . my husband got off work and was coming into the dark room. Despite how I've come to know her, it still doesn't stop people from running across the street as they see her dragging me behind her while on the fixed length leash. Overall, I'm glad to have Jesse in our lives. She provides laughs, love and LOVES to snuggle. She even carries a flatten soda can in her mouth all the way home as I collects them on our walks. As of this email, by her laying on the towels on the floor (she usually relentlessly follows me throughout the house), she was telling me she's ready for bed! So i put her in my daughters bed and sure enough, she is out and snoring.

Scout (Melody)

ScoutScout and Mr. PeepersWe adopted Melody, now Scout, last January. Someone had brought her in to Pets Without Parents after finding her under a car in the dead of winter. She weighed 2.6 lbs when we took her home and we are happy to report that we've fattened her up! She loves playing with her toy mice and with her new big sister - our other cat Ms. Peepers, formally Marcella also from Pets Without Parents. They like to bird watch together :) She brings us so much joy and we are so thankful for your organization that gives animals the chance to find forever homes!

Jade (Maxx/Marta)

JadeJadeWe adopted Jade aka 'Squirrel' (formerly known as Maxx/Marta) from PWP a year ago this last september. She has been the most magnificent addition to our family and could not have asked for something greater. Within the last six months, Jade has been diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia. We are working through it and are saving up to have the surgery performed at OSU. It is hard seeing our little girl go through some of the pain she endures, however, the vet office I currently work at is helping with treatment until the surgery is affordable for my boyfriend and I. Jade does still like to go to the park and run as much as she can, it surprising to see her so active due to her condition! When she's not at the park, she is always cuddled up with mom or dad. It is a shock to see little miss Sophie here had the same issues, because her and Jade are from the same litter! I am so happy to hear that she is doing well after her surgery! PWP, thank you so much for giving many others like myself the ability to find that little piece of joy that fills our hearts more than anything else ever could.

Sammy (Spanky)

SammyWe adopted Sammy (formerly Spanky) in November of 2008. Attached is a picture of Sammy the day we brought her home and on her 5th birthday, which she just celebrated in August. We could not imagine our lives without this sweet and ornery pup. Thank you for all that you do, PWP!

Maverick (Pal)

MaverickMaverickHi Friends! So I have been home for about three months now, and I am happy as can be! I just recently had my last puppy vet visit, where I weighed in at 50lbs and only 4 months old! The nice lady vets are convinced I am a mix between a Mastiff and a St. Bernard, so I will be a BIG boy! I love to cuddle and go on walks with mom. I like to sleep curled up on her chest, but she says I am getting too big for that. I am very vocal, and have a crazy fun personality. It always makes mom laugh when I bring her my food bowl and lay it in her lap, a growing boy has gotta eat ya know?! Mom also likes to go for runs, but I am not a fan at all! I run for maybe half of a mile and then I'm done, so I lay in the middle of the sidewalk until mom promises me that we will walk the rest of the way. I have mom wrapped around my big paw :) Thanks PWP for taking care of me until my mom found me, I'm the happiest puppy in the world!

Colby (Benjamin) and Laney

Colby and LaneyI thought I would send you an updated photo of our puppies, I love them so much. Colby we adopted as a puppy in 2009 (PWP Name: Benjamin). Laney (PWP name Laney) was initially at the Franklin County Dog shelter and PWP pulled her (January 2013). Laney is the black one. She was abused and spent all of her life in a dog house with not much attention. She is soooo good now. We went through a few months where we weren't sure how she was going to adapt but she is doing so well. As you can see from the photo she and Colby absolutely love each other. Also Laney is my shadow. She has come so far. She doesn't shake anymore when she hears an umfamiliar sound and she loves her walks. She had a hard time getting used to walks because she didn't know what that was, you could tell. We are so lucky to have her. I just had to send this photo. They are both the best dogs ever so thank you for what you do.


SophieSophieWe adopted Sophie back on December 4, 2012 and she has been a wonderful addition to our family. Sophie was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia on Christmas Eve. We had her x-rayed and immediately started a joint supplement and puppy ibuprofen (Rimadyl). Sophie has done well on medical management yet OSU Vet Hospital 'highly' recommended we have one of her bad hips replaced. July 10, 2013 Sophie is heading to OSU for her total hip replacement. We are very luck to have met Dr. Dyce and know he will take such great care of our dog. Sophie will be a year old a few weeks after her hip replacement. We are told Sophie will have the ability to do everything a normal dog can do after the surgery. Amazingly enough... having bad hips doesn't allow Sophie to jump up on people or even jump on the furniture which helped immensely during her training. Also, stairs are very difficult for her as she has to weight bear on alternative hind limbs up and down. Yet, Sophie tries her hardest to be a normal dog. Sophie does get the chance to play and run but her stamina along with lack of pain is short lived. While playing she has a tendency to lose her back end ever so often. But do you think that would stop her?? NO... We are so grateful to be able to afford her surgery and allow our adorable puppy a much longer pain-free life. We want to thank you again for allowing us to adopt such a 'special' dog. We love her to pieces. She has been the easiest dog to train, no issues with chewing, never jumps and loves being outside in the yard with us. She follows my husband around while he cuts the lawn. She has a basket full of toys she plays with every day. Treats are never sparse at home and her BFF's are Charlie and Lucy, neighbor dogs. We feel she has the best life ever... :-)

Lexi (Ginger)

LexiAfter losing our dog, Maggie of 11 years we debated for a while on whether we were ready for a new dog. When we got the call that our application had been accepted on New Years Eve we decided it was a sign. We picked Lexi (Was Ginger) up that night and feel so lucky to have her. She is a 50 lb lap dog who always keeps us laughing. At times we joke that she is more cat like than dog. As you can see in the picture, she adores her "big brother" Aiden. She also will turn anything into a toy and her current favorite is the laser pointer that she will chase all around the house. Thank you so much for allowing her to become a member of our family.

Tucker (Frankenstein)

Tucker as a puppyTucker nowI adopted Tucker last October as part of the Halloween litter. I am so excited to see at least three of his siblings on here, including Leo, who was his only other brother. Tucker is 8 months old now and is growing up to look very similar to a Lab/ Pyrenees mix. He's got a very loveable and ornery personality, and sometimes all I can do is shake my head at him. He's a complete handful and has never met a stranger, dog or man. He loves going home to my parents to visit his Uncle Buddy, Uncle Rocco, and Aunt Julie (three full grown labs). He's also over 70 lbs now! Tuck had a scare about a month ago with some stomach issues and it's taken a lot to get him back to his usual self. He's doing great now though, just on a special diet. I laughed when I read that one of his siblings loves to hide socks, as I frequently find mine all over my apartment. He is into everything, but he loves socks and trying to catch birds the most. Thanks for letting me adopt him!

I would absolutely love for Tucker to meet any of his siblings. If any see this and want to contact me (I currently live in Grandview), please email dowdle.cortney@gmail.com and we can set up a play date. He would absolutely love it.

The first picture is a few months old, and the second is just last week after he chewed an ink pen up.


LizaLizaWhen I adopted Liza in August 2012, I had no idea how quickly it would be impossible to imagine life without her. I have had cats before (the most recent had died earlier in the summer), but none like Liza. Everyone who meets her says she is the most affectionate and chatty cat they have ever met. It's hard to tell whether Liza thinks she's a person or a dog, because she's always got something to say and loves to play fetch so much that she brings me toys while I'm sleeping and is always on the lookout for new games. I considered renaming her Gabby Douglas at first, because she jumps so high when playing that she actually does backflips. She must also be some kind of magnet, because she always wants to cuddle. I can tell she was well-loved during her time at Pets Without Parents and in her original home, because she is so trusting and attentive. Thank you for taking such good care of her.


JaylaJaylaI adopted Jayla about 10 months ago from PWP. Living away from my family for the first time I wanted a pal to keep me company, boy oh boy, Jayla is so much more than that! Jayla (J for short) is a crazy, happy, go lucky, loving girl. Her favorite things are chasing squirrels, playing fetch, playing with her best friend Oliver, and stealing the covers in the middle of the night. She lives the good life of hand made dog beds, belly scratches and dog parks. PWP didn't just give Jayla a home, they gave me a best friend. Keep doing what you're doing PWP and thank you!


AliaAliaIt has been a little over a month since Alia's adoption. She is doing great. She is very sweet, happy, and sometimes too smart for her own britches, I like to refer to her as a love bug. She has a full schedule of fun and friends with walks in the neighborhood, play dates, Doggie Daycare, and yes, she even loves obedience class. She would prefer I win the lottery and hang out with her 24/7 and I'm 100% agreement with that, but there isn't that much else she doesn't love about her life. To see what she has been up to, she has included her top 10 loves and yes it was difficult for her to narrow it down to just 10:

10) FRISBEES - Her obedience instructor asked me to include frisbees and balls to her rewards. She loved frisbees at 1st sight. Now if only I could throw it well......
9) COLLECTING - Alia loves to collect "treasures" on her blanket, especially my toiletries like make-up and face cream. I think she has a complete make-up set now. What teenage girl doesn't?
8) and HIDING her treasures - If there is a treat she loves, usually a rawhide or bone, she will hide it. I believe her previous home was in the CIA. She is very resourceful about her hiding places - a suitcase, under a couch/pet bed cushion, or rolled up in a T-shirt found in the laundry.
7) DOGGIE FRIENDS - So many dogs, so little time to meet them. She goes to Park Your Paws a couple of days a week and will wiggle her butt all the way to the door.
6) BIG FENCED YARDS! - She loves her extra deep yard in CVille, lined with trees and filled with squirrels. She'd rather not have it fenced so she could take over the neighbor's yards through eminent domain but she loves inviting dog friends to play. She loves to chase and be chased but only a German Short haired pointer (Cassie) has been able to keep up with her speed.
5) SURVEILLANCE - Alia spends hours looking out the storm door, enthralled about the comings and goings of Clintonville. No squirrel, cat, or dog passes by her house without her knowledge.
4) CAR RIDES - She loves car rides, not only the ride itself but where she thinks it will take her - the Park? Dog friends? Mobile Surveillance of the neighborhood? And her favorite - a Tim Horton drive-thru for a free Timbit. As soon as I touch my coat, she runs to the door. In the beginning, it was difficult for me to even get her out of the car because she didn't want the fun to end.
3) DOG WALKS - She loves to take walks in the neighborhood. In her case, it is more like foot patrol. She likes to see what is going on in the neighborhood.
2) BELLY RUBS - There is nothing better than a belly rub. I can't walk by without her wanting more belly rubs. She'll even fall asleep while getting her belly rubbed and massaged. She hasn't asked for grapes yet, but I'm sure that isn't far behind.
1) FAMILY - She loves her family and her family loves her. She is so happy to see me that sometimes she does this grrrr that I call her love growl. She loves playing with other dogs but is getting especially close with her 1st cousin, Cassie "the Wonder Girl", also a rescue.

Declan (Bobby) and Nicky (Handsome Man)

Nicky and DeclanI wanted to send you and update on two wonderful dogs I adopted from your shelter. In January 2010 I adopted Declan, formerly Bobby and in August 2011 we adopted Nicky, formerly Handsome Man. I had such a wonderful experience with Declan that when my brother moved in with me I decided we had enough love and time to add another. We immediately fell in love with Nicky and the two of these boys are inseparable and everyone that meets them asks if they are brothers. In this picture you can see that no matter what they can do anything to each other. They have the best time playing with each other and they love running after each other outside. Thanks again for the best dogs and your continued efforts to save animals.

Leo (Patch)

LeoLeo as a puppyWe adopted Leo (Patch) in October 2012, he was part of the Halloween litter. He is our first dog together as a couple and he has been a wonderful addition to our family! We were told that he was Aussie/Great Pyrenees mix, but the more research that we do, the more convinced we are that he is a Catahoula Leopard. Attached is a picture of him at 3 months, and one of him currently at almost 7 months. He is full of energy, and has a great personality. He loves everyone! We enrolled him in a puppy kindergarten class and he got most improved puppy! We are continuing with classes and he is currently in an Obedience 1 class. He is a quick learner, and a big lover! We could not be happier with him and cannot imagine life without him! Thank you so much for being so wonderful and for making our first puppy experience such a great one! *We were happy to see pictures of his sister Ellie (Spooky) on here! They look so much alike in the face! We would love to see pictures of his other brothers and sisters too.

Roxy (Freesia)

Roxy I wanted to give you an update on Roxy (fka Freesia) our little dane/lab mix adopted in November 2012. She is a sweet, healthy, smart little girl who desperately wants to be buddies with her cat sibling. Slowly (very slowly) the cat is coming around and hopefully they will play together one day. In the meantime, Roxy goes to daycare three days a week to play and socialize. She's small but mighty and will run all day. She is so smart and already knows how to sit, shake, lay down and play dead. She is friendly and well-balanced and loves everyone she meets. Thank you so much for our precious little Roxy! The photo shows Roxy after a day of fun at daycare!

Kaiser (Squirt)

KaiserWe just wanted to send an update about a pup adopted from you guys around July 2012. At the shelter his name was Squint, and he came in with a litter described as "Heinz 57", but after almost a year of growing he looks maybe Doberman/lab-ish. His new name is Kaiser because he acts like royalty, and as a tribute to what we originally thought was a German heritage (Rottweiler). He gets along great with our push-over boxer mix, mainly because Durham (the boxer) lets him get his way all the time, despite out weighing him by 30 lbs. Kaiser has turned into the sweetest young man, giving so many kisses and always wanting to be with his people. As well as being adorable, he specializes in hiding all of his toys in corners, pillows, couch cushions, and laundry baskets, so you never know what toy is going to sneak into the washer next! Just wanted to send a thanks to Pets Without Parents from Kaiser's people and his big brother Durham for helping us find the newest member of our family! P.S. if anyone remembers his litter mates (I think Diego and Manny were a few names), we would love to hear how they are doing.

Lily (Bambi)

LilyLilyHi! Lily (known at the shelter as Bambi) has been part of our family for about a year. She has the sweetest personality and is a big cuddle bug! When she was a baby everyone guessed she was a shepard mix, but now that's she's grown the vet thinks maybe a beagle/ rottweiler mix. So she's small but strong! As long as she has a heavy duty chew toy she's a happy girl. She makes us laugh everyday when she sorts the shapes in her food. She also loves our two older cats and gives them kisses every chance they let her! I have included a few pictures of our little girl. Thanks for making her a part of our lives!

Bear (Smooches)

BearBearWe adopted Bear (formerly Smooches) around four months ago. We wanted to provide him with a loving home and medical care for his FIV status. He is so affectionate, lovable, and healthy! He eats like a horse and can drink up to 12 oz. of water in a day. He lives a luxurious life and loves to play with his toys. Bear is best known for leaping on to our laps and collapsing on to his back for a good scratching. We love Bear and he is so happy in his new home! Thanks to PWP for all of the work you do for beautiful animals like Bear!

Chip (Chance)

ChipChip and MomAfter the loss of our beloved dog Lucky, age 12, on January 2nd of this year, my husband Marcus and I felt a huge, bigger than life, gigantic hole in our lives. We were beside ourselves not knowing what to do and how to help ourselves heal. After much debate, we made the decision to find our next "son." We poured over so many photographs of such pretty and lovable dogs, and then we found Chip. Shortly after completing our application, we were able to meet him in-person and that day we took him home.

Chip has been an amazing addition to our family. Chip is our amazing little boy that we are able to spoil rotten. He has some pretty amazing personality characteristics already. He enjoys falling asleep to slow beat, wordless jam band music. Apparently, it calms him. Chip also loves his treats! He usually expects one for just about everything he does including his trick of just walking outside and then right back in thinking the simple act of going outside means you get something. Chip has done an amazing job of potty training. He loves his daily walks around the neighborhood too and is always getting stopped by our neighbors because he's so cute!

My husband and I can't thank the people of Pets Without Parents for giving us Chip. We encourage anyone looking for a family addition to contact PWP!

Solla (Lily)

SollaSollaI adopted Solla (formerly Lily) almost a month ago. When I brought her home she took no time to adjust and now walks around like she owns the place. She's about two years old but has the energy and personality of a kitten still. She's a very vocal and devoted girl who follows me around the house like a puppy and is sure to never let me sleep in past her breakfast time! She now spends her days chasing around her toy mice, bird watching out the window or lounging upside down on the top of the couch. I'm so glad I was able to adopt Solla from your shelter, she really is a special cat.

Mercedes (Serenity)

MercedesMercedesWe adopted our dog (named Serenity at the time) 71/2 years & it was the greatest decision ever! Her name is now Mercedes & she lives the greatest dog life! Mercedes loves to camp, hike, swim & go for a ride anywhere! She has traveled over 4,000 miles, hiked up mountains & is truly living the life! We do not have kids (yet), but my husband & I truly treat Mercedes like our kid! We LOVE Mercedes so much, thank you for the amazing gift!

Bernie (Roosevelt)

BernieBernieRoosevelt (nka Bernie) and I are great! He is now about 45 lbs, but looks a bit bigger because of all his fur! He's still a little scared of things but he loves going to daycare and play dates!

Tommy Letter Bunny Waits Mumm (Ike)

TommyHello. We adopted Ike from you on Saturday morning. We have named him Tommy Letter Bunny Waits Mumm. He's fitting in very well with our two young kids and our elderly dog. Pretty certain he thinks Ellie (our older dog) is his mommy. He curls up with her every chance he gets. When we came to your shelter Friday evening, we had just come from putting my dog to sleep. He had a very aggressive tumor on his spleen. I didn't think it was possible to feel the way I did about Max for another dog. Tommy proved me wrong. I rescued Max from Pets without Parents in September of 2001. He was known as Anigo Montoya back then. He was never just a dog to me. He was my best friend, constant companion, and family. We knew when we were told his type of tumor wouldn't respond to any treatment that we had to show Max one last time how much we loved him and humanely put him to sleep. It was the most difficult moment of my life, but one that I owed Max. Thank you for what you do. You are an amazing shelter.

Hugo (Tyler)

HugoThis is Hugo. Tyler was his PWP name and we adopted him in August of 2012. He was one of the presidential litter pups that were found in a Walmart dumpster. I am especially curious because when we adopted him, we were told a shepherd/lab mix was PWP's best guess as far as breed. Our vet agreed. We braced ourselves for a big guy, but then he topped out at 30 lbs! I am DYING to know if his siblings stayed little too. Don't get me wrong - a miniature German Shepard lookalike is just about the cutest thing in the world.

Ellie (Spooky)

EllieEllie as a puppyWe adopted Ellie (Spooky) in October from the Halloween litter. She is now almost 6 months old and is growing up so fast. She has been a wonderful addition to our family, although our two cats might not think the same as we do! Soon after bringing Ellie home we discovered her incredible pleasure for sneaking peoples socks out of bedrooms and hiding them behind the couch or under our bed. I think this has become her favorite game with every member of the family as we chase her to get our socks back. Despite her little ornery streak with our socks, Ellie is a very social and happy puppy. Our children love to run and play with Ellie in the backyard and taking her for walks in the neighborhood.

Thank you again for allowing us to adopt Ellie (Spooky). We already are thinking about a playmate for her when she is around 1 1/2! She loves other dogs so much and would love to have a friend but for now we will have puppy playdates for her!

Esme (Esmerelda)

EsmeEsmeLittle Esme, or as I call her Ezzie (short for Esmeralda) is adjusting quite well. She's coming out of her shell more and more each day, being very playful, eating well, using the litter box. She sleeps on the pillow next to me every night. I have attached some pics, too. She doesn't appear to be scratching up any furniture, and her nails are nice and trim. I haven't decided on the declawing, but leaning toward not doing it. She'll NEVER be an outdoor kitty, as people are too cruel to animals, I think. I'd be too afraid to let her out.

Kalea (Serenity) and Holly (JuJu Bee)

Kalea and HollyKalea (brown/black) was adopted July 1, 2011. Holly (white/black) was adopted December 22, 2012. Holly loves to chew on Kalea's ears, they eat out of the same bowl if not monitored, play tug with all the toys and have many discussions about who gets what toy and they share Kalea's bed when they're tired. They now have a bigger bed as this one quickly became too small. Although living in different households, Holly is over almost every day so they spend a lot of time together. They are best friends.

Enzo (Golf)

EnzoEnzoI was lucky enough to adopt Enzo (formerly golf) from you guys in November of 2011. At the time, I had puppy fever. And for good reason. I desperately wanted a running buddy, someone to go hiking with and cuddle with and love and take care of. I spent about a year going to shelters abd playing with pups. When I first saw his litter I think there were about 10 of them total between the two cages. I just knew I had to check them out. As I approached the first one, all the puppies crowded the door with happy faces while Enzo half sat up against the back of the cage with a full body wiggle and tail wag like I'd never seen before. His excitement was uncontainable, but his shyness wouldn't let him leave the back wall of the cage. He eventually made his way between his siblings and sat in front me as if to say 'Are you my new mom?' I could not have found a better companion! His top favorite things on the planet are: 1.peanut butter, 2.running as fast as he can at any given time 3.finding a comfy lap to lay on 4. chasing the laser pointer. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to find my littlest best friend!

Hallie and Loki (Juan)

HallieLokiI adopted Hallie in 2009 and Juan (now named Loki, and full grown!) in 2010. Both spent the last holiday being absolutely adored by extended family and watching birds play in the snow. A year after Hallie's adoption we found Loki in the very last cage we checked, in a sleeping bunch of kittens. His purr seemed huge compared to his tiny body! Although they don't always get along (Hallie is more serious and Loki is a big goofball) their presence in my life is an amazing one. I can't thank Pets Without Parents enough for bringing these animals into my life. Pictured are Hallie (orange) and Loki (gray, lounging in his favorite place, the laundry basket).

Milly (Lacie) and Gidget

Milly and GidgetI just wanted to give you guys an update on Milly. We adopted this cute little kitten from you guys back in mid December 2012. As you can see from the attached picture, she has bonded quite nicely with our older kitty (Gidget) that we adopted from you guys in Nov 2011. They love to play together and Gidget has taken on a motherly roll over Milly.

Sadie (Bonnie)

SadieSadieI adopted Sadie (or, the cat formerly known as Bonnie) in October of 2012. When picking out your first pet, it's easy to be lured into getting a kitten. Instead, I chose to adopt an adult cat, and it was such a good decision! Sadie is 2 now, and although you couldn't see it at the shelter, she is just as playful and loving as a kitten, yet she still has the calm and gentle nature of an adult cat. I'm not sure how she stayed there so long, because she is truly the perfect mix. I couldn't have asked for a better furry companion in my life. Thank you!

Sophia and Lu (Lou)

Sophia and LuIt was officially a month yesterday since I brought Sophia and Lu (formerly Lou) into my home and I can tell you, I do not know how I have lived this long without either one of them in my life. They have truly filled a void in my heart and everyday I am grateful they are in my life and greeting me with a meow, a leg rub or a kiss. I thought after the first week Sophia would not be happy that she had to share her new home with Lu, but that has changed. She truly cannot live without him and he cannot live without her. They are soul mates. They always have to be within a foot of each other or the other goes looking for the other one. It is truly heartwarming. Sophia is still sometimes a little stand offish, but I catch her from time to time teasing Lu or walking by him in a way to catch his attention. She is very happy and very loving. She lays on everyone's lap that walks in the door, she just wants love and wants to give love. Lu is up and down the stairs, looking out the windows napping in my bed or the cat tree, and wherever Lu is Sophia is sure to follow. I love them both and everyday I think how could anyone have dumped them, but then I think, their loss, my gain. Thank you Pets Without Parents!!! I just wanted to let you know that I have two VERY happy kitties at home!!

Carmen (Chanel)

CarmenCarmenI thought you might like an update on how Carmen (PWP name Chanel) has been doing since we adopted her in July 2012. Initially she seemed a little intimidated by my very enthusiastic 5 year old. However, after a couple of weeks she adjusted and they are now inseperable. She sleeps at the end of his bed, tries to sneak in and watch at bath time, and loves playing 'fetch' with him. Despite being cautioned that she "wasn't much of a lap cat" she has developed into the most social cat I have ever met! She greets everyone at the front door and will claim a spot on anyone who sits still. Thank you so much for everything you do at PWP! We feel so lucky to have Carmen as part of our family.

Bubba (Eagle)

BubbaWe just wanted to update you on our little boy! Bubba (formally known as "Eagle") was adopted in February of 2012. He celebrated his first birthday on December 25th of 2012. He is such a goofball and the cutest thing in the world! He loves to snuggle and still thinks he's a lapdog (at 63lbs). He loves lots of treats, bones, hydes, toys, and his brand new dog bed! He is doing so well and loves life. Thank you for the wonderful gift that you gave us. He is my little sweetheart!

Charlie (Captain)

CharlieCharlieWe adopted Charlie, formally Captain, from PWP in October 2012. I can't believe how much I love this silly boy already. He's trying really hard to be friends with our cat, but she's still not to sure about him. Charlie is super playful but also loves to snuggle. We are starting obedience classes, He is doing GREAT and the instructors have already fallen in love with him. I still can't understand how anyone would ever want to return this sweet boy to the shelter! It's only been three months, but I can't imagine our lives without him. Thanks for everything you did for him, and thank you so much for bringing us together!

Link (Lutz)

LinkLinkMy boyfriend and I adopted Link in June of 2012, after his litter came to PWP. His brother was the "parvo pup" and they were quarantined when we first got to see them. They all made full recoveries and got adopted out! It was awesome to see his brother Kenneth (Luke) on the updates site; they are identical twins! Link is a wonderful, loving dog. He loves treats, his whale baby (that has no more stuffing left but he cuddles with it at night), the dog park, car rides and playing with his dad! He snuggles up with me to sleep every night and loves getting to have play dates with his doggy cousins. I am finishing up my senior year of college at OSU and Link has been my best friend and stress relief through all of it. Its hard to believe he will be a year in only a couple months. He is one of the brightest, funniest, sweetest dogs I have ever met, and the best "fur son" anyone could ask for. I will always suggest people to PWP for adoptions, as they gave me the best birthday present ever.


SunnyIn 2006 we adopted Sunny from your shelter. She is the best! Sunny was one of nine in her litter and at eight weeks old, they were dumped on the side of the road. She still suffers a little anxiety around people she doesn't know, but bounces out of it pretty quickly. Sunny is sweet and and loving! She has a big personality and is very funny! We love her and are very thankful for Pets Without Parents for uniting us.

Marge (Large Marge)

MargeMargeJust wanted to give you an update on "Large Marge", whose name I shortened to Marge. She is very happy in her new home and the most friendly, affectionate cat I've ever seen! Everyone adores her, especially her name. Her new favorite hobbies are laying on my fleece sheets on my bed, relaxing by the Christmas tree, playing with her feather toys, and sitting on her "kitty sill" to look out the window of the den. I have her on weight loss food, but the vet says she weighs about the same (15 lbs). We figured she just likes being large :)

Dylan (Mate)

DylanDylanThis is Kaila Handler- I interned for Pets Without Parents in spring 2012 and ended up adopting Dylan (I believe he was named "Mate" in the shelter) with my fiance, Maynard. He was only there for a couple days before we snatched him up! We absolutely love him so we thought we'd just give you guys an update. Dylan is such a great dog. He is absolutely gorgeous and gets compliments everywhere we go. He likes to go on long walks, he's very lovable and cuddly, but most of all, he LOVES his tennis ball! We've tried other toys, but it is the only one that will do. He loves to play fetch, but he will also happily throw the ball around himself. We love having him and just wanted to say thank you for bringing him to us :) I also wanted to personally say thank you for my internship. It was great to have the chance to work hands on with the animals and watch the adoption process. I'm currently living in St. Louis and interning for the only non-kill shelter in the St. Louis area; Five Acres Animal Shelter. I plan on doing more shelter work in the future. I attached a couple photos of Dylan with his tennis ball. Thanks again and I wish you guys the best!

Jade (Maxx)

JadeJadeMy boyfriend and I adopted Jade (formerly named Maxx/Marta) near the end of September and she has been the best addition to our family! We had no intentions of adopting a dog upon entering Pets Without parents, however after seeing Jade, we couldn't walk out with out her. She has brought us much joy and continues to keep us on our toes. She is a loves to cuddle and will shower you with kisses whenever she gets the chance. She loves playing with other dogs and loves people. She has one of the greatest personalities I've ever seen in a dog and I am so happy that we were able to find her.


PigletThis is a picture of Piglet waiting for her favorite treat, a beggin strip. We are so happy, we could not have asked for a better new family member.

Chase (Luke)

ChaseI adopted Chase in September. I can't believe it's only been four months. He and I are best buds. He may be the smartest dog I've ever had. He is loving, cuddly, protective and athletic. I am thinking of training him for agility work. As you can see from the look on my other little 12 year old rescue Moxie's face, she loves him too! Here there are with Santa. Chase is the Aussie mix on left.

Nubby (Nubbs) and Cleo (Teri)

Nubby and CleoNubby and CleoWe adopted "Nubbs" now Nubby and "Teri" now Cleo last year. They have become so big and spoiled. Lol Nubby keeps gettin longer and likes to play fetch and Cleo is a cuddly chunk muffin. Thanks!


BaxterI wanted to share with you our family Christmas Photo with our new best friend, Baxter. We adopted him from you at the end of October and he is the best dog we could have ever asked for. Today, December 13, is my daughter Tasha's 14th birthday, and Baxter was an early present for her. Her whole life all she ever wanted was a dog. Her favorite stuffed dog (named Dog Dog) looked just like Baxter and I knew Baxter was the perfect dog for us from the moment I saw him.

Tasha and Baxter are so in love with each other. Baxter sleeps with her in her bed every night. He whines when she has to go to school in the morning and whenever she isn't home he is sitting by the front door waiting for her. It is a match made in heaven. Baxter is just about finished with puppy school now and is a quick learner. Of course, he is one of the biggest puppies in the class now at 4 1/2 months old and 40 pounds. He started losing his baby teeth these last few days so we know isn't going to be a puppy very much longer.

Thank you so much for the rescue work that you do. You have made our life richer with the joy of adopting a dog into our family. Best wishes for your holiday season!

Pippa (Avia)

PippaI got my little kitten Pippa from you guys. She was a part of the shoe box litter back in April, her original name was Avia. Don't know if you remember her? Anyways, she is doing great and is the happiest, most playful and friendly kitten ever. Even my non-cat loving friends love her!


LaddieHi there - Laddie is doing good - we are working hard with him. He is very high strung so we are trying to get his energy out. He likes the bike path for walking, especially with all the rain and mud right now. He likes being out on the back deck so he can see the deer in the woods. The Christmas tree has not fallen yet but plenty of ornaments have !! He's become quite the lap dog. Will keep you updated on his progress. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


SophieWe adopted Sophie almost a week ago and just wanted to send a little update. We absolutely LOVE her. Sophie has been the best addition to our family. She is so well mannered and loves to lick and play. The vet praised us for picking such a wonderful dog with a blessing of a temperament. Sophie loves her squeaky toys and nylon bones. She is wonderful on walks and we hope to start jogging short runs with her when she turns 6 months. Thank you again Pets Without Parents for allowing us to adopt such an amazing dog. We just love her to pieces. Will send more updates as Sophie grows!!


BiscuitBiscuit (on the right in the picture) was adopted last October and we just love him like crazy! He is much bigger now, but this picture of him and our dog Tinkerbell is just precious. Thanks for rescuing Biscuit and his siblings from that kill shelter in Athens.....we, and Biscuit, are eternally grateful !

Abby (Farfalle)

AbbyThis is Abby- ( pasta pup Farfalle)- she is one year old and this is her second Christmas- I think one of your volunteers has her brother- Abby is a snuggle bug !!

Joy and Nyla

NylaJoyIt is always nice to hear great follow ups from adopted pets. I do not know if you remember Nyla and Joy but my daughter and I adopted them about 4.5 years ago. Joy was in a cage and Nyla was upstairs in the room. Nyla was the one we had problems catching because she was scared so she was putting up a fight. Both are doing great and they get along very well. They love to play and they both love attention and always want to be held. Nyla will still not trust strangers until she gets to know them and Joy is just happy with everyone. I attached a few photos. They love to sleep in the box. Joy fits in it fine but it does not look comfortable for Nyla but she seems to make it work. Keep up the great work

Luke (Kenneth)

LukeLukeWhen you work at an animal shelter, it's almost impossible not to take them all home, but it finally became my time to adopt and I couldn't be more thankful for my puppy, Luke. He was known as Kenneth while at PWP and was the unfortunate pup in his litter to come down with parvo. But thanks to PWP, Kenneth got through his treatment and is now a healthy, thriving, 7 month old bundle of energy. While Luke and I are still working on a few behavioral modifications, he surprises me with his intelligence more days than not. From the first time I had to sit down next to him in order for him to eat some food while in quarantine when he was recovering from parvo, I grew a special bond with him and at that point I knew he was going to be a part of my family someday. Luke enjoys playing with his big dog cousins and also enjoys visiting his kitty friends. He loves going for walks and of course car rides and someday down the road I'll have to get him a little brother or sister from PWP :) Thank you PWP for all that you do, especially for the animals that would otherwise never have a chance of a forever home!

Lucy (Chiquita)

LucyChiquita (now Lucy) is settling in and growing fast! Almost 3 lbs! :)                                   

Harper (Hallow)

HarperHarperI just wanted to update you on Hallow. We have renamed her Harper. She is so incredibly calm and sweet. Harper has settled in quite nicely to our home. Our lab Jade has been the happiest we have seen her in over a month. Jade has always had a companion and wasn't doing well emotionally after the loss of our dog Hope. Thanks to Harper, Jade is back to playing and wagging her tail. Our boys are in love with Harper as well and you can often hear a ton of laughter from our yard as they run and play with her. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Harper.

Shealy (O'Shea) and Riley (O'Riley)

ShealyRileyShealy and Riley were welcomed into our home in July 2011 they were born on St. Patrick's Day - My family at the time consisted of (1) Harlequin Great Dane - Katie (1) Maine Coon - Tyler & (1) diva black kitty - Ava. At first my original babies ware "like mommy what have you done", but within a few short weeks it was one big happy family. Shealy was very little and sickly when I brought her home, it broke my heart that after all she had already gone thru she still might not make it. But, after months of vet appts and love she is tougher then ever and the sweetest baby. She was a bit beat up on in the beginning but now she holds her own and most of the time is being reprimanded because she dominates the others. my maine coon loves her and they are always snuggling. Riley is a beautiful and healthy cat who gets a little beat up by her sister now. it's pay back! They are both sweet angels and have made my house a zoo but i wouldn't change that for anything.

Jack (Lacrosse)

jackJackWe just wanted to send some pictures of jack (Lacrosse)! He is doing great and is a wonderful dog! He is the most obedient loving dog that we could ever ask for!!

Nala (Dana)

NalaNalaHi! I adopted the cutest dog from your shelter two months ago. You know her as Dana, well I thought I'd tell you how she's doing! We renamed her Nala, like the lion in the lion king. I was also wondering what the age was to start volunteering at the shelter, I've always been interested in volunteering stoneware! Well here are two of the hundreds of pictures I've taken of Nala!


QueensQueensI just wanted to give an update on Queens! She is doing absolutely wonderful. I adopted her in October of this year 2012 and am just in love with her. I decided to keep her name queens because let's be honest she is a true queen and DIVA! She has adapted to her new home quite well. She loves to spend lazy days in the window and also loves to play with crumpled up paper! She is so affectionate and loves to follow me around all the time. She has finally found her forever home and is now a QUEEN of her own castle!

Barley (Ali) - UPDATE!

BarleyBarley and NikkiBarley finally has a sister (Nikki) and is such a happy boy! He still likes to have his personal "love on my mommy" time and he gets it. He has gotten big and is a wonderful family dog! Oh, and I have also submitted his super cute pic to Dog Shaming. When you have a face like this, it is hard to not want to share the cuteness. (Click on his picture on the left to see his dog shaming entry!)

Ella (Keya) and Cody (Sebastian)

Ella and CodyElla, Cody and familySeveral friends recommended that we visit Pets Without Parents after visiting a number of shelters in Franklin County. We knew the perfect pooch was out there and we were determined to leave no stone uncovered in our search. In June 2011, we visited Pets Without Parents and fell in love with two puppies who would grow to become best friends. When we saw six-month-old Ella's large expressive eyes, silky coat and playful disposition, we knew we found the perfect puppy to make our family complete. A Rodesian Ridgeback mix, she is a very intelligent, stuborn and affectionate 75 pound lap dog. Ella's favorite pastimes include running through the sprinkler, playing chase, going on car rides and chewing on rawhides. A girly-girl she loves getting pedicures and taking bubble baths. Cody, a long-haired chihuahua mix, looked like a docile three-month old wrestling with his sibblings in their crate. When we brought Cody home, the 10-pound pup showed everyone he's the top dog at our house. While he enjoys cuddling and playing, his favorite pastime is just hanging out on the driveway. He's no pretty boy; Cody thrives on taking on the dirty jobs like digging in the mulch or rolling in the dirt. What makes Ella and Cody special is that they are an endearing team that has won the hearts of everyone in the neighborhood. It is not unusual for kids from the neighborhood to stop by just to play with Ella and Cody. Thank you for Pets Without Parents for making our family complete.

Harlow (Sprite)

HarlowWe adopted Sprite, brother to Snapple, who was a part of the Soda Pop Gang. Last June we adopted him and are happy to report that he is doing great. A little wicked at times, but very protective of his new family. And so cute. He is now called Harlow.

Mirko (Zenith) and Roxy (Cassie)

Mirko and RoxyMirko and RoxyI just wanted to give you an update about Mirko (PWP name Zenith), who I adopted in 2009, and Roxy (PWP name Cassie), who I adopted a couple of months ago. In short, it is all good news. They are both really well-behaved, friendly, and, importantly, healthy cats. Mirko's former feline companion, Giddle, was euthanized earlier this year after her 2nd bout with sarcoma, and Mirko was noticeably distressed about this -- he seems to be a very cat-sociable cat. So I adopted Roxy, and the two of them hit it off immediately, with no fighting and hardly any hissing. Even though Roxy was about a one third of Mirko's size, when he tried to hiss at her, she hissed right back, and that was the end of that. Roxy's a very brave, feisty little cat. Now, they're basically inseparable. They eat, play and sleep together, as you can see from the pictures (Sorry the resolution is kinda crappy). They are both really wonderful pets. My husband and Roxy have the same birthday, and they've developed a special bond, while I remain Mirko's person :) Good luck with everything, and thanks for Mirko and Roxy.


MeekaMeeka turned 8 on September 26, 2012 and I wanted to share her picture with you. She's doing very well. I have a 7-week-old daughter and Meeka acts like my toddler. She comes to get me when the baby is crying, very cute. Hope you're doing well!

Cheyanne (Keiki)

CheyanneCheyanneWe adopted Cheyanne (Keiki) January 7, 2012, she was two months old at the time. When we first met her she had just gotten spayed and didn't even want to be around us. A week later though she was a full force pupppy that was always gettig into something. Now she is about to turn one and has brought us so much happiness we can't imagine life without her. She is a crazy ball of energy who suprises us daily. We also had a ten year old German Shepard mix and we always heard that getting a puppy will help the older dog out. It definitely worked because now our older dog acts just like Cheyanne. Cheyanne loves go on walks and listens very well when off leash. We can definitely tell she has some Australian Shepard in her because she heards both of us and our other dog everywhere we go. She is such a smart dog and impresses us with how quickly she learns. Although maybe to smart at times because she definitely knows how to get out of trouble. Cheyanne is such a sweet heart and everyone she meets instantly falls in love with her. Thanks so much!!!

Tucker (JoJo)

TuckerI just recently adopted a spaniel mix puppy (JoJo) that I have named Tucker. He just took the most adorable picture, and I thought I just had to share it with you. He is doing so great and loving his new home. There are several other dogs in our neighborhood, and he is making friends very fast! He is still a bit young to take in much of the potty training, but he has been making a lot of progress given his young age! I can't thank you enough for helping me find my new best friend and enabling me to provide him with a forever home. My vet said he is very healthy and is definitely one of the favorites in their office :) I can't wait to see how he changes as he grows up - maybe then we'll have a better idea of the mix he is!

Kosar (Corduroy)

KosarKosarHello!... We adopted Corduroy - now Kosar - from you guys in the middle of June and figured we would send you guys an email and update you on his status. Kosar is an absolute blessing and the best dog we could possibly asked for. He is 35 pounds right now and so spoiled its ridiculous. He spent his summer between our home at Put-In-Bay Island, and Bowling Green Ohio. He is an accomplished swimmer, loves to take walks, play with other dogs, chase squirrels and his favorite hobby of all -- Cuddling. He has only a handful of accidents in the house, and so far has no health issues. We both wanted to thank you guys for all you do. We have only had Kos for 3 months but I can not imagine not having him around. We were also wondering about the breed of dog he is? When we got him we were told that he was a boxer/basset mix, but we are having a hard time finding any characteristics of a basset hound. We are thinking maybe boxer/beagle?? Anyways, attached our a couple recent photos of him, and Again THANK YOU guys for everything!


Emmy-kittenEmmy-all grown upI adopted Emmy May 2012, she barely weighed in at 2lbs but as you can see is she is thriving at 7lbs. Emmy has quite the personality and she loves visitors. She is full of energy and makes me smile and laugh when I am with her. When I first got her I thought she was from another planet; she was the epitome of a kitten. She was into everything she would get her little paws on. After lots of kitten proofing and rearranging of my home we managed to adapt. Four months later she hasn't changed much but I have been allowed to put my home back in order. She is still very curious of new things but she is a very good girl. Everyone that meets her thinks she is the cutest! Thanks PWP for taking her off the streets and letting me adopt her.

Bizzy (Bizkit)

BizzyI adopted Bizzy around two years ago and could not be happier! He is an amazing dog and my little side-kick. I am very thankful I happened to find my little man at Pets Without Parents and I think he's happy and appreciative that I found him also!

Cooper (Merle)

CooperCooperWe knew we wanted another loving dog to add to our family.  With our recent move to Merion Village and the addition of a great sized back yard we saw our opportunity to move forward.  We searched online at the different shelters and didn’t really see anything that screamed, “forever home".  Then one day I was working from home and saw the folks from Pets Without Parents on a local morning television show.  I decided to look them up online and I saw the adorable pets up for adoption.  Then I saw the picture of Cooper (formally known as “Merle”) and immediately fell in love.  I quickly filled out the application, submitted it and called the next day to confirm receipt.  Patiently I waited looking at my phone about every hour hoping to hear it ring.  And then it did… it rang and I knew it was Pets Without Parents.  They called to tell me my application was accepted and Cooper was still looking for his forever home.  However there was a slight snag… Cooper had parvo and was currently not ready to be adopted as he was with foster care until he got better.   I had already fallen in love from the pictures so I kept sending positive thoughts Cooper’s way so he would make a full recovery and I could come get him.  About a week and a half later I got the call that Cooper was ready to be seen.  My partner and I went in to see him and we melted from the absolute cuteness of Cooper.  We knew right away that he was going to make our family complete.  Cooper loves to give kisses, cuddle, play fetch and help his dads work around the house.  And as you can see in the picture of him on his bed… he’s living a pretty good life.  We cannot thank everyone at Pets Without Parents enough for what you do for all these animals and making sure they all find their perfect, forever home.  We are so glad we found Cooper and Cooper found us!

PWP Note:  Cooper's (aka Merle's) story has a happy tail ending.  Unfortunately not all shelters whose puppies break with parvo receive treatment as it is expensive.  Some will euthanize them.  At Pets Without Parents our no kill mission ensures that pets who get sick with treatable illnesses such as parvo receive medical treatment and given a chance to have a happy tail ending.  Community support is crucial to our no kill mission.  


TinkerbellTinkerbellIn September, 2010 my beloved kitty, Kindness died and I wasn't ready to adopt again. I decided to go to the shelter, Pets without Parents, and volunteer, maybe foster. I attended the Volunteer Orientation and began watching the website for new arrivals. Before long I saw a picture of a beautiful Calico named Tinkerbell! She looked so sad, like she was wondering "what am I doing here?!!!" Her story was that she had been adopted as a kitten a couple of years before, by a father, to be his daughter's kitten. But two years later, the daughter went off to college and "papa" decided "I didn't sign up for this!" and took Tinkerbell back to the shelter...and didn't tell his daughter. I thought, aha I'll foster Tinkerbell and went in to see her; got approved and she came home with me. She was very timid and it took awhile for her to warm up to me. It seemed that so long as I was sitting down, she would approach me...in my chair in the office, in the kitchen, and yes, in the bathroom! But not in the living room and not if I was standing up. Bit by bit she got braver and finally came up to me in the living room. It was as though she didn't know how to play, and if I tried to tempt her into play with a toy on a stick, away she ran. We went on like this for quite some time and suddenly last winter, it was as though she was having a spring thaw. She'd come up on the arm of the living room recliner when I was sitting there and lean against me (unfortunately, I have no lap, but she made do!). I had a little basket on the floor with a bunch of toys in it and sometimes when I got up, there would be two or three on the floor...progress..she was playing! The first one she became attached to was actually only part of a little yellow mouse made of rabbit fur.....she'd play with it, tossing it into the air and then chasing it. Eventually the only part left was the tail! So new additions were mostly little furry mice--with catnip inside naturally. I so wanted her to sleep with me but that just wasn't to be, although I'd find her napping on my bed sometimes. And I tried to get her to jump up on my desk in my office and onto the shelf to look out the window at the bird feeders. Now she's there most of the day with me as I work and sometimes sleeps there at night too. She's my shadow, as visitors have noted, and really is my guard cat. She's friendly but when someone new comes, she lets them know they'd better behave...a literal hissy-fit. She's also talking a LOT more, scolds that it's time to eat, or "let me down in the basement to play". And in the morning when I'm dressing, she hides by the foot of the bed and when I get up to go to the kitchen, she races down the hall knowing it's breakfast time.

I found out later that Kindness had died on the same day Tinkerbell was brought back to the shelter. Destiny? I made it official and adopted Tinkerbell. All in all, it's amazing to me how much she's changed. There was a while when I wondered if we were going to bond and that maybe I shouldn't have adopted her, but now we're fused at the hip and she's filled the terrible empty space Kindness left when she passed. I'm so grateful I found PWP and the wonderful work they do and can hardly wait until they get a new building on one level where I can go to pet puppies and kittens and have a ball!

Barley (Wallace)

BarleyHello Guys, It's me Wallace. My mommy and daddy have decided to call me Barley. It's good with me, it suits me! Here I am today, 8/13/2012, on my mom's desk. This is my favorite place to be while she is working. Right in front of her face and blocking her computer screen. I'm a very vocal kitty, my mom's clients hear me in the background of the phone ALL the time! I have an entire house to run around, have lots of toys and have been a really good kitty! I had one accident in the house when they first brought me home and have used my litter box ever since. My parents really think I'm special because I play fetch! I have a mint ring toy that when they toss it across the room, I bring it back and set it down to be tossed again. Sometimes I do this about 10 consecutive times. I also love to lick their noses and give them kisses on the face and my favorite place to sleep is right on top of their pillows in the bed. The German Village Animal Hospital has been taking excellent care of me ever since I left your place. I had round worms and a bad belly at first but things finally seem to be getting better. I'll send you another update sometime down the road!

Tyr (La)

TyrThis story begins with a bit of tragedy, as some of the best stories do. My beloved cat Tas, who had been with me since he was 6 weeks old, had developed kidney failure. As my friend and I said our goodbyes, I remember thinking "I will never be able to have another kitty." The sad day came, all too soon. Tas had outlived vets' expectations and, as was his way, he went hissing and swatting at the vets, but with unconditional affection toward me. We said our goodbyes on October 20, 2010.

As I mentioned, it was not my intent to get another cat. With my other cat Abbey, I felt I would be fine and that one cat would be easier to take care of, but Abbey seemed lonely too, missing her buddy, and so I decided to do a quick check to see if any no-kill shelters had orange and white kitties for adoption. I inquired with PWP about an orange and white cat up for adoption but found out he'd already been taken, and pretty much gave up. That was when fate intervened.

About a week later, I received an email from a PWP volunteer letting me know that a mother cat had given birth to several kittens including a white and orange one they were calling La. She sent along a picture of an adorable kitty and I knew I had to go see him. On a cold December day I showed up at PWP and was introduced to La for the first time. Once out of the cage he meowed loudly and looked right into my eyes, as if to say "oh, there you are. I've been waiting for you." He then proceeded to chew on my sunglasses. He seemed to have the same "cattitude" that Tas did even at that age, and I was hooked. I brought him home a week after Christmas.

Since then La (now Tyr) has grown into a beautiful, mischevious, and loving cat. From his trademark lick-to-the-nose greeting (reserved only for my mother and I) and his innocent "I didn't mean to do that-honest!" face, he filled the void that had been left with Tas's death and gave Abbey a buddy to keep her young at heart. I learned later that Tyr had been born on October 26, 2010-6 days after Tas passed away. Sometimes I wonder if Tas's spirit just did a 180 and returned to me. I owe PWP a lot for bringing us together and giving me a loving friend. Best always to you and thank you for all the good you do.

Ms. Peepers (Marcella)

Ms. PeepersWe wanted to update you on Ms. Peepers (Marcella) and let you know she is doing great! We adopted her in July of 2012 and she has adjusted well to her new home! She is the most laid back, friendly cat and family and friends just love her. She has brought so much love and joy to our family and has proved a great companion for my fiance's 90 year old grandmother whom we help care for. We are so thankful for Pets without Parents and all the work you do. We love Ms. Peepers!

Mya (Amore)

MyaI adopted Mya (formerly Amore) in June 2012 and love her to piece's. She is with me in her fur-ever home and she is pawesome!!!!!!

Chaucer (Magnus)

ChaucerChaucerI just thought I'd write to say that after a month in his new home Chaucer, formally Magnus, is fully up to date on all his shots, micro-chipped, and adapting well to leashes and long walks! Thanks for helping him find a happy home!


BalooBaloo after surgeryWe want to update you all on Baloo's progress and adjustments since leaving the rescue and joining us at home. Well, surgery was a success. He is advised to stay at the same weight and gets joint supplements, (which he enjoys because they're covered in peanut butter.) He's allowed to do all of the things any dog can do like walk and run. The first couple of weeks he wasn't allowed to, and boy was it a challenge. Since coming home he has been introduced to many people. We have learned that its much easier on him and people to get introductions outside of his house. He welcomes them a lot better this way and after a sniff or two, he wants his head rubbed. He enjoys going on his daily walks and recently we took him to the dog beach at Alum Creek. After initially being leery of the big lake, he got in, after my girlfriend and I got in the water. He also loves going back to the country where my girlfriend is from. When he smells the chickens he wimpers and cries with excitement. It's pretty funny. He likes playing with his Uncle Scooter (my girlfriend's family dog who's 15!) and a host of other dogs that we dog sit and visit from time to time. He also likes walking the dog trails at the state parks. Needless to say, we are very happy with Baloo in our lives. I have attached a few pictures, and believe that you can use our story as a testiment that everyone should be given a chance. Thanks!

Ellie (Love)

EllieEllieWe adopted Ellie (Love) in February and she is doing quite well! She has adapted to her new living arrangements great! She gets along well with our male tabby cat named Baxter! Ellie is such a great kitten! She has a terrific personality and loves to play with Baxter, bird watching or just hanging out with us while we sit outside on the patio! We would love to know how Peace and Soul are doing! We wished we could have adopted the other two as well! Thanks again for such a great girl!

Daisy (Mona) and Beau (Martin)

Daisy and BeauWe thought you guys might be interested to see how the puppies are acclimating to their new home. As you can see from the picture, they don't seem too nervous. They would also like you to know that they absolutely LOVE air conditioning. As you know, we got Mona on the 3rd and picked up her brother Martin on the 4th. When we got back about 8:00 in the evening, the reunion of these two puppies was a sight to behold. They obviously thought they'd never see each other again. I've never seen two animals express such joy in seeing one another. My wife and our daughters were crying and I wasn't far behind. They are extremely bright. Mona (now named Daisy) has gone two consecutive nights without soiling her cage. Martin (now named Beau) has been almost as good. They listen and come when you call them. They are very good natured and get along well with our other animals, although the cat absolutely freaked out when he first met Mona. For some reason he was much less bothered by Martin :).

Freddy (Barney)

Freddy and AmyFreddyThis was taken today, 7/14/12, when I took Freddy back for a visit and to drop off some collars, doggie t-shirts, and dog coats we no longer needed. Also hoping someone still worked there who might remember him from back when I adopted Freddy from the Olentangy River Rd & Bethel Rd store. We sure lucked out! This lady did! Then Freddy decided to show off (he never shows off, believe me!!) and did a "high five" for her, then when she pretended to shoot him with her fingers, he fell over and played "dead", that it until he wanted his tummy rubbed! We (Freddy, me, and my 14 year old Beagle Gretta) had a great time & plan on going back soon! Excited about doing so! Thanks all at PWP for helping today be such an awesome day!!

Rocky (Chino)

RockyRockyJust wanted to let everyone know that Rocky, formally Chino, is a happy and growing boy. He is getting along with our 2 year old basset, Lucy. She thinks, at times, that he is her own pup. We are so happy to have him in our life.When we first met him, he was shy and wouldn't come around us. That didn't take long for him to fit right in. Hope all other pups and kittens find good homes. Keep up the good work at your shelter. Thanks again!


MalcolmMalcolm and KodiWell, I have been home now for almost a year and things are great. My big sister, Kodiak Bear, puts up with all of my puppy playing. She and I play tug on toys and she chases me sometimes. I love my backyard - I run around all of the time. I just had my year check up and the vet said I was all healthy. I turned one a few months ago. I am 14 lbs. and the vet said I am fully grown. I get to sleep in bed with mommy and daddy. I have mommy wrapped around my little paw. I hope all of my brothers and sisters are as happy as me! I love it here- thank you PWP for helping me find my parents! - Malcolm

P.S. Mommy attached a few pics - one is with me and Kodi having a pupsicle. It had peanut butterand biscuits inside. YUM! The other I am relaxing in my bed!

Stewie (Troy)

StewieStewieWe adopted Troy now Stewie in June 2011, some of his siblings were "Tank" "Tina", but I know there were a few more I can't remember. Believed to be a spaniel hound mix. We wanted to add another dog to our family to learn from our 8yr old dog that I had adopted from a pound when she was a puppy. On Stewie's 1st day home we set him down and he ran as fast as he could laps around our main floor, it was super cute, it was like he knew he was home. Stewie has had some medical issues, however we have worked through them and he is now one healthy boy. Stewie loves his toys, he loves my older dog and she has taken on a mother role to him. Stewie is smart and knows "sit" "lay down" "high five" "bang (were I shoot him with my finger and he falls over dead)" and he has this cute howl that all of us love. Our kids really enjoy having a young dog around the house, our older dog is now a little more active and we have found a special place in our hearts for Stewie. We would be interested in seeing how his siblings are doing, even his mom, if anyone out there sees this! Thank you PWP for rescuing Stewie & allowing us to adopt him.

Jazz (Shimmy)

JazzJazz in the flowersI adopted Jazz in March, 2012. She was only 8 weeks old and a little over 3 lbs. She weighs a little over 6 lbs now and she has definitely found her place in our lives and as you can see in the photo Jazz loves flowers! Since I've only ever had big dogs I wasn't quite sure how I would handle a little ball of energy, but she is helping me to figure things out. Jazz (as most smaller breeds) has a big dog personality and doesn't shy away from much. She is a funny little girl and makes me smile and laugh every day. Our 10 year old Lab mix has adjusted and she sometimes pulls Jazz along when she tries to steal a toy from her mouth. Jazz goes crazy when I pull the leash out, she enjoys taking walks very much. Pets without parents was a new experience and I would highly recommend that others consider pet adoption, there are so many in need of a loving home. Thanks PWP, you've made a huge difference in lives of many.

Koby (Hambone)

KobyJust wanted to send you an email to let you know how happy we've been since we adopted Koby aka Hambone in November, 2011. He has gained 30 lbs and is in excellent health. He enjoys going for rides in the truck, dog parks and sitting by the pool as you can see in the picture. He's totally spoiled now. Thank you again for allowing us to adopt him.

Gucci and Velcro

VelcroGucciI just wanted to thank you for all of the kind, and hard work you guys do to help these poor parent-less pets find loving homes. We have adopted both of our beautiful kitties, Velcro and Gucci, from you guys, and couldn't be happier (and they seem pretty darn happy too!). :) We continue to let any friends know about you guys when they are looking to add a member to their family.

Velcro (pictured on left) loves to play "fetch" with her feather-bird toys and enjoys a cheese treat once in awhile. Gucci aka "Musical Mews" (pictured on right) loves to lounge and gaze out the window. When she's happy, her meows sound like a little lute (hence her nickname).

Thanks again for being here, and helping make pets and people happier-- and overall, the world a better place!

Penny (Jill)

PennyPennyJust wanted to update you on Jill's progress. We renamed her Penny for Penny Harvest and her coloring. She is settling right in. My son loves her and our cats are adjusting well. We have had some housetraining issues but are working through them. Penny is such a sweet girl, all of the neighbors have fallen in love with her too. Penny went to the vet today for a check up and she is now 17.7 lbs. We will keep you posted.

Romeo (Baggins)

RomeoRomeoI adopted Baggins, now named Romeo, Romey for short :) on 4-21-12! Since that day I have done nothing but smile and laugh...all do to Romeo! Me and Romeo have the best of times together! We love playing, lounging, eating and sleeping! Romeo is such a cuddly lil guy, he love sleeping on either of my shoulders right by my face, across my chest or right on my stomach! Romeo had his first vet appt on 5-2 and of course, everyone fell in love with him. They said he has such a healthy purr and is so much fun! He weighed in at a wopping 2.88lb haahhaa. I love him so much! He loves drinking out of a "big boy" cup!


SnappleI wanted to thank you so much for all that you do, and give you an update on Snapple, she is a Shepherd/Terrier mix, from the "Soda Pop Gang". Our family adopted her from PWP in June of 2011. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. She's a very smart, loving, friendly, happy dog. About 45 pounds now fully grown. We would be interested in finding out about her siblings. Thanks again!

Maui (Racer)

MauiMauiI'm sure you remember Racer, don't you? We adopted him in October 2011, and have since renamed him Maui. We've never met a cat with so much personality and so much energy! We often wonder why we renamed him because "Racer" was the perfect name for him. There isn't a day that goes by where he doesn't make us laugh. This picture was taken right after Christmas. We're so happy with this addition to our family!

Newton (Falsetto)

Nessa and NewtonWe adopted "Falsetto" (now Newton) the beginning of March, 2012. What a fantastic decision this was! I just want to thank you for such an amazing experience! Newt LOVES his home and his "siblings". I am enclosing a pix of him with his "sister" Nessa (the Westie). He also has a brother, Gabe, who happens to be a cat and Newt thinks Gabe is a dog. They all play endlessly together!! You are doing an amazing job saving these pets and placing them in loving homes. Thank you!!!


Filly and her friendI adopted a cat named Filly from Pets Without Parents October 2010. She is doing wonderfully! She is the best pet anyone could ask for. When I adopted her she was listed as no cats, no dogs, and no children and now she gets along with all of the above! She also had to have special medicine to make her eat because she was so skinny but now she is a healthy weight and couldn't be happier. I was wondering if Pets Without Parents had any of her previous pictures and information so I could combine it into a scrap book I want to make. She has made such an improvement and I want to encourage other people to adopt as well. Please let me know what you can find.

P.S. I have attached a picture of her cuddling with one of my pet rats. They are the best of friends.


KobeWe adopted Kobe Friday (April 2012) and wanted to thank you for rescuing such a great dog! We took him to our vet today and they were impressed he was so well vaccinated/taken care of. We're grateful for the care and time you put into him. He's adjusting to his new house and new playmates (our kids). He's mastering steps and not quite confident enough yet in jumping in/out of the car. But he seems to enjoy all the grass and smells our neighborhood has to offer...ftting in really well.

Mac (Apple Jack)

MacI adobted one of your pups in October 2011. His name was Apple Jack but is now Mac. He is 60lbs and has turned out to be a great dog. He has tons of energy but luckly we live next to a big park and he loves to play fetch. I just wanted to say thanks again for a great dog.


GinoGinoWe adopted Gino around Thanksgiving after meeting him at "Mingle with the Mutts". He is the best dog ever. Gino has an older, little brother who plays with him constantly. He adores our 4 year old! I have never seen a dog so gentle with children!! Gino went to the Columbus Pet Expo this year and was the hit of the show. Everyone we saw stopped us and said " what IS he". We call him our "Rosset Hound" !!! We love him so much.

Moses (Shaq)

Moses and his familyMoses sleeping with his toyI just wanted to write and give you an update on Shaq (now named Moses). He is the most wonderful dog, and we feel so blessed to have him as part of our family! He is so smart, so well-behaved, and so loving! He learned his new name the first evening at home, along with sit. By the next day, he had learned to sit at the back door before going in or out of it. He has not had a single potty accident in the house. He doesn't bark; he doesn't bother the kitties (he just sits patiently waiting to make friends with them!); and he goes into his bedroom (his crate) at bedtime and when we leave for work without complaint. He likes to play ball outside, go for walks, and find his Clifford toy that we hide under towels for him to search out. He gladly takes all the love we have to give him, but he's never pushy or agressive in seeking it out - he does more of a full on long lean with his can't be resisted puppy gaze and thumping tail when he wants affection! And there is plenty of affection to go around here, as he has capture all of our hearts, and then some. Everyone who has met Moses, including our vet, has commented on what a good, good doggy we have, and we know that we do have a very special boy here. So, thank you for rescuing Moses and letting him be part of our family - we love him!

Miss Puss

Miss PussMiss PussJust wanted to thank you for taking care of Miss Puss until I had the pleasure of adopting her. I've attached a couple of pictures. She seems to be adjusting well.


TabithaTabithaI wanted to send you a photo of Tabitha. I have high hopes that this will be a wonderful home for her. So far she seems to be adjusting well. She even rubbed her scent on our little dog today which surprised me. She explores her new world then returns to me or to the tiger house we made for her. I let her out to explore when I'm there to watch her, then if I leave for work or in the late evening I put her back in her den. So far she hasn't been the wild cat I was expecting. She swiped at me once and I had words with her...after this she has either very softly extended her paw (with a totally different intention) or simply rubs her face and body on me. I think that there is so much to see and do here that she is too occupied to bother with the swipe. I wish you could have seen her chasing the butterflies! Such fun!! She talks to me....and to my dog. This surprised me. I didn't know she was so vocal. Thanks for all you have done for her.

Barley (Ali)

Barley at the dog parkBarley and BreeloThank you so much for giving me my furry happiness :) I had adopted Ali a few months ago and renamed him Barley. He is such a wonderful dog and I could not imagine life without him. He is walked every day and goes to the dog park about 3-4 times a week. I am looking forward to summer with him because I am an active person and he fits my personality perfectly! He also loves my other baby, Breelo who is a 5 year old Bearded Dragon. They are best buddies and that makes me even happier! Barley even learned a bunch of new tricks! He is very eager to learn! Next stop, Hoola-hoop jumping! You warned me he was a jumper and he most definitely is!! So... I'm gonna put it to good use. I check your web site frequently in hopes that I can adopt Barley a brother or sister. I have noticed that he plays extremely well with Pitbulls and other boxers. He also likes running with Border Collies. I hope that you can fulfill my hopes sometime soon.


TabyWe adopted Taby from PWP about 3 years ago. She was a stray. She loves to sleep on me, and I find that cool. She a good, crazy cat that makes us very happy. She invented the kitty cat 500 through one end of the house to the other. My sister got her a cat tent she loves to sleep in it.

Maddie (Fasola)

MaddieMaddieI adopted one of your guys' adorable Jack Russel/Chihuahua puppies, Fasola. (My family and I have started calling her Maddie.) I just wanted to send some pictures and give an update on her. She was very nervous at first in her new home but she warmed up to me and my family very quickly and now its hard to believe she was ever shy to begin with. She's extremely friendly, outgoing, and very entertaining. She steals the spotlight everywhere I take her like the vet's office, stores, and out on walks. Everyone wants to pet her and see her and she loves the attention. She's the sweetest dog I've ever encountered, I'm so glad I found her and can call her mine. I'll send more photos and keep in touch.

Rupert (Stewie)

Rupert (now)Rupert (puppy)I adopted a puppy from Pets Without Parents last March (2011). I searched all the shelters around cleveland and finally expanded my search towards columbus and heard about PWP. When I saw "Stewie", online, I fell in love. I drove two hours to meet this puppy and had an instant attachment. I renamed him Rupert and he now is just over a year old. Rupert is the most loveable dog I have ever owned. He loves to cuddle and fall asleep in your lap although he is way to big to be a lap-dog. He loves to play fetch and is eager to please everyone. Thanks PWP! :)

Remi (Maid Marion) and Duchess (Ocean)

RemiDuchessOur first adoption from PWP was in August 2010. I had wanted a puppy and decided to check out PWP. I saw Remi in the cage and because I had an awesome beagle growing up I knew she was the perfect puppy. Remi is a wild one, w/ quite a feisty personality and very entertaining! Possible mix of beagle and daschund or Chihuahua weighing in at 12 lbs but has no problem letting out that beagle howl once in awhile. :)

Remi, Duchess and FamilyIn July 2011, I convinced my boyfriend that Remi needed a friend to keep her company. Knowing that we wanted to adopt we went back to PWP to look. We found a beautiful pit-bull (Staffordshire terrier) sitting quietly by herself with a broken back leg. My boyfriend asked to see her out of the cage and she limped over to us with her tail wagging the entire time. We knew we had to give this amazing dog, (now named Duchess), a good home because she deserved a wonderful life. What we didn't realize was that she would bring more happiness to our life than we could ever imagine. Every person who meets Duchess falls in love with her. We can only hope that more people will see how wonderful and gentle these dogs are and give them a welcoming and loving home. And we're very happy to report that Duchess' leg completely healed and she has full use of her leg. Thank you PWP!

Belle (Estella)

BelleBelleWe adopted a border collie from a litter of 9 pups on Jan. 6, 2011. Her birthdate was 10-12-10. There were 9 E names; hers was (Estella), and we wound up naming her "Belle". She was 2 months when we got her. On the 9th day she became very sick and we rushed her to your vet. She had "parvo". Fortunately, it was caught early and she made it. At 5 months she attended obedience school for 2 weeks. She's now over a year old and will be going for more training to become a therapy dog. Shes a great dog. Would love to hear about those other pups in the liter of hers.

Storm (Joe) and Winter (Bess)

Winter and StormHi there! We are still so very happy with Storm and Winter (fka Joe and Bess). They bring us so much joy. We were just talking and wishing we had younger pictures of them to complete our album. Is there any chance the foster family has young pictures of our little loves, or that we can get the pictures that were on your website? We know it's a long shot, but if you have any, we would be so grateful. Thank you again for bringing us together.

Hutch (Lacey)

Hutch and StarskyWe adopted little Hutch in January 2009. She is the sweetest cat who loves napping and playing with her big brother Starsky. Thank you PWP for such a loving kitty!

Mollie (Reese)

Mollie and her sisterMollie doing the laundryJust thought I'd drop you a line that we adopted our pup in early July 2011. She was one of a litter of 9 females, all named with an "R". We've renamed her Mollie, and she fits in perfectly with our family. She's full of energy. It's been 13 years since we've had a puppy, but fun and full of love. Thought I'd see if you know how her sisters are doing. Wish we would have taken two! Please send pictures of her sisters if you can.


JazzyJust a quick update on Jazzy. We adopted her in September of 2011, and she's doing really well. She couldn't be sweeter. Thanks!

Guinness (Goose)

GuinnessGuinness and his siblingsMy husband and I adopted a puppy for you last St. Patricks Day (2011) ~ his name was Goose at your place but we renamed him Guinness. His is after all, black and tan AND we adopted him on St Pat Day AND my hubby and I both have Irish heritage! Anyway, we adopted Goose/Guinness because we all thought he was German Shepherd mix. As it turns out, he is a Shiba Inu/Black Lab mix! We have 2 other terriers~ Jack Russells~ so we are familiar with the challenge that terriers are but it turns out he is a perfect fit in our home! His "little" sisters are 12 1/2 years old in the Christmas photo attached. 12 years in the other photo in the yard. They all love our backyard with trees and a creek. We have invisible fence so they can play everywhere! We couldn't be happier with our little mutt, he is such a love! I will only adopt shelter dogs/puppys in the future. No more breeder dogs! Thank you so much for all you do!

Alma (Lois) and Betty Lou (Lane)

Alma and Betty LouAlma and Betty LouI was accustomed to an older cat (previous was over 16), but these two new kittens are amazing additions to my home. I love their energy; kittens flying through the air and sliding on the hardwood floor is now a regular part of my life. Alma (Lois) and Betty Lou (Lane) have settled in and each has a favorite spot to nap. Alma will curl up on any blanket, towel, or piece of stray clothing and Betty Lou usually finds the nearest spot to me. They seem to find something new each day to explore and are full of love! Everyday I wake up and am greeted with nudges and purrs. I cannot imagine life without Alma or Betty Lou.


Otto grown upOtto as a puppyWe adopted Otto in February 2011. After much deliberation we decided to keep his shelter name because it seemed so fitting for an adorable and goofy little puppy. He is almost a year old now, weighs 50 lbs. and loves his new home! Our little Yorkie loves to play with him and they are best buddies now. Otto is incredibly intelligent and affectionate. He loves to cuddle up with us at night under the covers. He has been an amazing dog and a great addition to our family. Thank you for letting us bring home such a wonderful dog!

Hanna Bella (Hannah Belle)

Hanna Bella Hanna Bella is a delightful addition to my family. Many thanks to Pets Without Parents and Hanna Bella's foster family for caring for her before she got to me. It's a great match!


BrooklynBrooklynWow. My lil' Brooklyn is a calendar girl cat (see the 2012 Evolved Body Art Dolls of Evolved that includes some PWP adoptables). I knew she was a star the very moment I saw her. As you can see from the photos, Brooklyn has been welcomed by her brothers, Barney Boi Bleu and Buddy Butterscotch Puddin.

Charlie (Aspen)

CharlieCharlie and EdieMy fiance and I adopted our dog in April 2010 from Pets Without Parents. His name was Aspen at the shelter. After a few days with a nameless puppy, we settled on Charlie, which later extended to Charlie Bucket because of his scruffy blonde hair. We take Charlie EVERYWHERE with us. He comes to the post office, the hardware store, fishing on the boat, and anywhere we travel. He even comes to work with me! PWP and our vet thought he would grow to about 40 pounds but he's barely 20 - perfect traveling size. Both my parents and my fiance's parents treat him like a grandchild. He gets more Christmas presents than we do! Charlie is very adventurous and curious. He's best friends with every dog and human that he meets. Pets Without Parents gave us the best dog in the whole world and we're so thankful that we have him. The pictures are of Charlie in our kitchen and Charlie eating watermelon with his best friend, Edie, who is also from PWP!


WinterHello. This is me on my new couch in my new home. My brother Storm and I love our new home. We love our new home. The people we adopted renamed us Winter (me) and Storm. Our big brother Anakin was kind of mean to us at first. He would growl and hiss at us. And I was completely infatuated with him when we first got here. Every day he got a little better though. Last night we were all playing together. It was great! Last week we went with our people on a road trip. We got to meet our uncle Ed and our aunt Bobbie Jo. We were a little scared in the car at first, but then we were just fine. We have lots of toys at our new house and lots of room to run. I will let Storm tell you more.


StormThanks so much for letting my sister and I adopt Suzanne and Dave. They love us very much. And I give them so much love. I love to play with my sister and now with my new big brother. And when I am done playing, I cuddle up with mom and enjoy a nice belly rub. Mom says we are filling a huge hole in her heart since they lost Esmerelda. She doesn't cry all the time any more. We went to a very nice vet and got some shots. We were so good! We get to go back next Friday. We are going to meet our grandparents next week when they come to visit for Thanksgiving. They can't wait to meet us. Mom says she is very thankful that we are here and thankful to you for bringing us together. Well, gotta go play now. Thanks for taking such good care of us before we came to live here.

Sammy (William)

SammyThis is Sammy (formerly William). He was only in your shelter for 2 days. We adopted him in June 2011 and he is now 7 months old and about 60lbs. He is so smart, sweet and his tail never stops wagging (just make sure there are no cups on the coffee table!). We are so lucky to have him and thank you guys for all that you did to help us and talk with us about finding the right pet to fit with our lifestyle. We are coming in tomorrow evening to look at your cats. We had to unexpectedly put a 6 year old cat down in September and our 7 year old cat is definitely lonely and needs a buddy to play with. We know there are plenty of wonderful kitties at your shelter and are excited to meet one and hope to find one that fits in with our and our cats personality. Thank you again for all that you do!!


Tucker Happy TuckerI adopted Tucker in the summer of 2009. He was from the Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Pluto litter (I would really love to hear about them or see pictures of them if possible!) Tucker was the sweetest puppy. He instantly got along with my other animals. He loves to fetch and run and play tug of war. He is definitely a mutt, Im not quite sure what he is mixed with but he looks like a lab/basset and its so cute. He is definitely my perfect dog, thank you for letting me adopt him!


CubbyCubby has been a wonderful cat since I adopted him in late September. He is like a toddler--he gets into everything, follows me around, and has to do whatever I'm doing! I can't decide if he was named Cubby because he looks like a lion cub, or if it's because he loves to take naps inside TV stands, cabinets, or on bookshelves. He's also a complete chatterbox, and always has to chime with a meow or grunt every time he walks past me. Thank you so much, Pets Without Parents, for giving me such a lovable, hilarious friend!

Henry (Henry the VIII)

HenryHenry retrieving a stringHenry has been a model cat since we adopted him Sept. 15. I think his former owners said he was doing his business not in his box, but he is fastidious about where he does it at our house. Henry is a loving, joyful cat who loves people and enjoys playing with us. He already had a trick in his bag when we got him. He fetches string that you throw. We found this out accidentally when a string we had lying on the floor was retrieved by him and laid gently at our feet. Of course he was rewarded with a treat! He has a Florida room from which to watch all the backyard activity since we have a "Backyard Habitat" as designated by the National Wildlife Federation and have birdfeeders, birdbaths, and animal friendly plants in our yard with very little grass. When the crows land on the big feeder, you should see Henry's eyes bug out! He has fun "hunting" from the ledge in the Florida room where both he and the birds, chipmunks, etc. are safe. Henry has changed our life for the better since we lost our Cinderella in March. We are so thankful we found each other.

Olive Oyl (Virgo)

Olive OylOlive OylI adopted Olive Oyl, (previously Virgo) on Feb 3rd 2010. She was a gift from my parents for my 21st birthday. She came to me at a time when I was sick. She would just lay with me all day and night. Ever since then we have inseparable. I am so grateful my parents let me adopt her. I can not imagine life without her. She has convinced both my sisters and previously friends to adopt dogs. Now Olive has a big human and canine family. Still afraid of cats though. She is almost 2 years old and still acts like a 12 week old puppy. I hope she never changes. She makes my life, thank you PWOP!

Sunny (Catsberger)

SunnyOur littlest sweetheart is Sunny (previously "Catsberger"). She loves her perch by the window and enjoys playtime with two other rescue cats. Her favorite activities are getting brushed and petted. Pets Without Parents took care of her when she most needed it, and we are so thankful. We give her tons and tons of love every day, and she just eats it up. She is our ray of sunshine, for sure. As we begin our 3rd year with Sunny in our home and our hearts, we wanted to say THANK YOU, PETS WITHOUT PARENTS!!

Kalea (Serenity)

KaleaKalea tearing up a pillowI adopted Serenity on June 25, 2011, taking her back later to be spayed. She came to her forever home on July 1, 2011. I changed her name to Kalea. She had been sick - her story was in the latest e-newsletter [September 2011] from PWOP - and am happy to report that she is now very healthy, energetic, vocal and stubborn. She loves playing with her two doggie friends, Alex and Mindy. She loves to hide treats around the house, bring interesting rocks into the house, and, most of all, CHEW on anything that she shouldn’t be chewing on. We have started puppy obedience classes but she is more interested in what good treats the other puppies have that she doesn’t and who all the people are who watch the training sessions. She is ornery, but so much fun to have around and will, someday, be a well-trained dog.


AngusHere is a picture of my new cat, Angus, from Pets Without Parents. I adopted him last week (in September 2011), and he is a really great cat! He was scared at first and just hid for 2 days, but now his favorite activity is sitting on my lap and purring. He also likes to pull thumb tacks out of the wall. It took me several days to get a picture of him because whenever he sees me he runs to me. I am so happy to have adopted Angus.


AbbygailThis is Abbygail in her kennel. She puts herself in and out when she wants to nap or for the night. She is so smart and loves so to play. We can not believe that at 11 weeks how much she has learned. We do everything with praise and she excels. The Vet's office loved her. They all carried her around at her first appointment. And yes, as she grows will send you pictures.


ErnieSeveral months after my best friend, a beloved Shih-Tzu and my first dog, died, I had a huge void that I longed to fill. I knew that I wanted to adopt a rescue, and I knew what breed I wanted and that I hoped for a puppy. I even had a name picked out: Ernest. I came onto Petfinder and I looked for a couple months. Eventually, I saw a picture of my dog -- I knew he was the one as soon as I laid eyes on him. Not only that, but his name was Ernie! I knew it was meant to be. I contacted the shelter immediately and thankfully was the first to contact them about him. I was approved to pick him up after he was neutered. Ernie's now a healthy, happy 4-month-old puppy and our family couldn't be happier!

This goes to show that you NEVER need to buy a puppy from a pet store! I wanted a puppy, I wanted a basset hound, and I wanted a male. I got an 8-week-old male basset mix, and his adoption fees were smaller than the cost just neutering a pet store puppy alone. And his small adoption fee covered the cost of neutering! There's no reason not to get a pet through a shelter.

Mango (Ivan)

MangoJust an update on Ivan who is now Mango. He is absolutely the most loving and affectionate cat I have ever met. He settled in right away and loves to play. He is very social now with new people so he's come along way since he was found! I attached a picture of him curled up on my lap. I (and Mango) want to thank you so much for everything!


MalcolmMalcolmIt is amazing how much Malcolm has grown since we got him in early July. He is doing quite well with his big sister, our 110 lbs. Labrador. They do rough house, which is funny with the size difference (he is about 6 ½ lbs. now). Everyone thinks he is so cute. The vet figures he will get about 10 to 15 lbs., so not bad for a terrier mix. He also recently met his cousin Ivy, my sister's Chihuahua - they cased each other like crazy. I just stayed out of the way so I wouldn't get run over. He loves the backyard and spends a lot of time there. We are so happy to have him! Even Kodiak Bear seems happier. We know she missed Shadow when we had to put him down. Malcolm now has all of his shots and the vet said he is good to go until his check up next year. We have started some puppy training classes with him, my husband takes him once a week. You all do a wonderful job there rescuing dogs and cats. I know you make a lot of humans happy and a lot of pets happy!


Miracle - nowMiracle when she first arrived at the shelterIt’s been almost two years since I first met the dog that almost everyone at the shelter knows, Miracle. Back then, she was a member of the infamous pit bull walking gang that included Xavier and Stella. Before that, she came to the shelter after escaping from a cruel owner and then been rescued while running down I-71 dragging a heavy chain around her neck by two off-duty firemen. Since, she has been enjoying the house life, snoring on the couch and barking in her sleep, and has traveled the country from shore to shore, hiking in the mountains and swimming in the rivers and oceans. After 18 months as her foster, I decided to adopt this great girl on August 7th 2011. For all her friends, dog and human, she will remain a regular visitor to the shelter.


JaxJaxI just thought I'd provide a quick update on Jax, especially for Morgan who fostered him. I'll also send along a few pictures. Jax is doing great. He is still so affectionate, loving, and gentle with all of us. He is a terrific family pet. He purrs a lot and is always ready to play (a great match for my kids!). We are so happy to have him as part of our family. We really enjoyed reading Morgan's entry about Jax on the blog. We were so glad to meet her on the evening we adopted him and to learn more about Jax from the person who helped him come out of his shell. She did such a great job with him. Thanks to her and to everyone at PWP for all of the hard work that you do!

Samson (Lucas)

Samson as a puppysamson and RamhartSamson (Lucas) went from a 7 pound cuddly lap dog to a 55 pound...cuddly lap dog. Although he was sometimes quite the terror during his puppy-hood, he's mellowed out to a sweet, laid-back, all-around AWESOME adult. He's equally happy racing around the dog park with his husky brothers (Ramhart is the one in the current picture) or hanging out on the couch with his parents while we watch TV. He's brought such happiness to me that I volunteer for shelter events now when I can as a way to say thanks to PWP for this wonderful guy.

Reese Cup (Vogue) and Tortu (Celeste)

Reese CupTortuWe just adopted these 2 on July 27th but cannot fathom life without them!!! The very first day home they both explored the house then climbed straight into our laps to take a nap!!! Both cats are loving their new home and are loving pets!! Thank you PWP!!!


JoeyJoeyWe adopted Joey (original name) from you in Feb. 2010. The name fit so we kept it. He is one mischievous fellow and is very curious. I cannot tell you how much we enjoy him and his antics keep us laughing!. Recently I put some cherry tomatoes on the kitchen cabinet and left the room. When I returned I found Joey happily playing soccer with my cherry tomatoes. He managed to bat them all over the house! It took a few days to find them all. Needless to say we have Joey-proofed our house because he is into everything. Joey gets along well with Ceasar, our orange tabby, aged 7. I'm so glad I stopped by the shelter that day in February, because Joey has brought us so much pleasure. We have a nighttime ritual where I read in bed and he snuggles up next to me for a chin rub. I'm enclosing a couple of pictures to show you what a handsome fellow he's become. The first was taken shortly after we brought him home; the second one the day he got into the cherry tomatoes and then sat in the window while I picked up the tomatoes! Keep up your special work!


LinusThis is our dog Linus, who we adopted in February 2010. He is a wonderful and loving dog, and is very very funny! Linus likes to play outside, chase tennis balls, and play with other dogs and people. Thank you so much for the work you do- we love Linus and are so glad we adopted a pet!

Rogue (Doris)

RogueRogueWe adopted Rogue in January 2010 and she has been the love of our lives ever since. Whether we're backpacking, camping, or just walking around the city, Rogue exudes constant love, affection, and loyalty. She is more than we ever thought a dog could be. Her favorite activities include giving kisses, swimming, wrestling with dogs twice her size, and squashing bugs with her paws. Thank you so much for bringing this ball of love into our lives.


BounceBounce is about 6 months old now and has fit into his new kitty family. All he does is play and get into kitty trouble. The 2 big cats have accepted him now and I have one big happy family. One of the hardest things to do in this house is to figure out where Bounce is sleeping. I caught this picture today. The caption should be (Work Hard, Rest Easy) I think this fits the little guy.

Milo (Rocky)

MiloMilo and familyJust a quick update on Milo (formerly Rocky, adopted Feb 2011). He is officially 65 pounds, and not yet done growing (before and after pics attached). He's also grown more spots than he had as a pup, although they're still hiding under his white fur. He decided promptly at 6 months that he is no longer a puppy and refused to eat puppy food, stealing his older brother's adult food instead. He now refuses to eat the adult food unless it has a scoop of pumpkin on top - apparently it's better than whipped cream! He is absolutely enamored with Kylie, the "girl next door", and they have regular play dates outside of the fence. He's great with kids, has taught himself how to open all screen doors (we've added hook and eye latches for additional security), and loves swinging in the hammock, with or without us. We so love having him in our family, and thanks again for all you do!

Sadie (Greenie)

SadieSadie and her sisterWe just wanted to thank you for your love and training with Greenie. She is an amazing addition to our family and is getting along beautifully. My kids adore her and love playing fetch and walking her. We already went on 3 walk so far today! Its clear she has been loved by you guys which has made her transition to our house easier. Thank you for your work you do and we will take great care of Greenie (Sadie).

Oscar and Ace (Ozzie)

Oscar and AceOscar and Ace are brothers from the same litter, but were adopted by two different families. They were recently able to meet up at a local dog park, and it's like they've never been apart. Can't you just feel the love? And their paws almost make a heart together with them kissing in the middle!


BosleyBosleyOne of the "B" litter, Bosley was adopted when he was three months old. Bosley loves to swim and play at the park with his friends when he's not at home sleeping on the couch. He also enjoys "playing" with the our two cats all day. Every so often he meets up with Ernie, one of his litter-mates, at the park. He reminds us to go to the park every night, rain or shine.

Theodore (Chuckie)

TheoTheoI adopted Chuckie the puggle, now Theodore, on Christmas Eve 2010. Theo is now 6 months and lives in sunny Virginia near the beach. He is going to be a water dog this summer! We are finishing puppy school and loves all the attention he gets when we go for walks. Thank you so much Pets Without Parents for everything you have done for us and continue to do for others in Columbus!

Libbie (Patty) and Allison

LibbieAllisonHi Pets Without Parents! I just adopted the sweetest little kitten, Libbie a.k.a. Patty just a couple days ago. It took some convincing on my part, but my mom finally agreed and we could not be happier! My sister and I take a turn replacing the food and water and stuff like that, so all my mom has to worry about is the cats wanting to cuddle too much! We also adopted Allison also; whose name we kept the same. They are both insanely curious; though Libbie is a bit more active. Allison is our little cuddle bug, and she just loves to have her belly rubbed! These are our first pets and I just know these kittens will be a long lasting addition to our family! They have been fighting a bit, but today they did not at all and they were actually sharing toys! Let us wish for the best! Thank you, PWP for making this possible and giving all those animals an opportunity to find a better home. Plus, the parents get to find some amazing companions too! I know for sure I did. (In the pictures, the lighter cat is Allison and the darker is Libbie!!)

Zoey (Queen)

ZoeyThis is Zoey (Queen). We adopted her in May 2010. She has been an amazing blessing to our family. She was potty trained very quickly. She is about 80lbs at a little over a year. She and our daughter are best of friends. She had a minor encounter with jump through our front window at about 8 months old thankfully no one was hurt. She plays pretty hard with other dogs but is learning her manners slowly. We call her wiggles because instead of jumping on our guests she wiggles her whole body back and forth. Thank you for all you do for the pets of Franklin county!

Nike (Violetta)

Nike as a puppyTwo years ago my boyfriend and I adopted an adorable puppy named Violetta from Pets Without Parents. Even though we changed her name from Violetta to Nike (yes, like the shoes, but we named her more for the Greek goddess than Nike as an adultthe company) we didn't forget where she came from. Pets Without Parents is such an amazing organization and I'm proud to say that we adopted Nike from there. She just turned two years old on March 10th of this year...she was 10 weeks old when we adopted her in May of 2009. I've attached a couple pictures so you can see what she looked like when we got her and what she looks like now. We truly appreciate PWP for giving us Nike and are grateful for everything you guys do for the animals in Columbus.

Cinderella (Gwen)

Cinderella kissing Snow WhiteMy family and I adopted Gwen who is now "Cinderella" last weekend (March, 2011) and I just wanted to email with an update. She is doing wonderful. She spends most of her day watching the birds out the window and playing tag with our other cat Snow White as they chase each other up and down the stairs. The two cats had a rough few days getting used to each other but as you can tell from the picture they are quickly becoming friends. Thank you for allowing us to give her a home. We really enjoy her.

Case and Callie (Mittens)

CaseCase and CallieJust wanted to let the team at PWP know how well Case has progressed since we adopted him in January 2011. I never thought he would come out of his shell; thankfully, he did and has become such a lap cat. He is still afraid of people he has never met before but I am sure he will come around one day. When we adopted Callie (Mittens) in October 2010 my boyfriend and I decided after a couple months it was time Callie needed some furry company. They are adorable when they play together and I am so blessed that they are a part of our family now. Thank you PWP! Couldn't have done it without you guys!!

Neytiri (Kat)

NeytiriNeytiriWe adopted Kat and renamed her Neytiri because of her exotic look. We thought she looked like an avatar so we named her after the main female character in the movie. She is the best cat! She lets my 9 month old daughter crawl all over her and she is always right by the baby's side. Thank you so much we are very lucky to have such a great cat especially with having a baby in the home.

Parker (Gideon)

Parker on the beachParker on the beachWe adopted Parker (your Gideon) a few years ago after he had been stabbed and left to die in the woods.  He had some medical and behavioral problems for a while but by now he is Parker the Brat Dog because he has so much energy and persistence.  The pictures are of Parker at the beach last summer in North Carolina.  He does not like to be left at home with the other dogs so when we travel we take him along, if possible.  He is with our son and grandchildren in the Atlantic Ocean. Thank you Pets without Parents for saving Parker.

Riley (Reeda)

RileyRileyMy husband I adopted Riley (Reeda) on February 23rd 2011. We fell in love with Riley the moment we got her out of the cage. We hadn't been looking for a puppy specifically, but we knew that we had to have her! She is so happy and, well, Riley! She enjoys playing with her squeaky toys and trying to get the cat to play with her. She is learning how to potty on paper and keeps her crate clean through the night. She is only 3 months old, but she already knows Sit! She is very loyal and we are looking forward to lots of rambunctious play sessions at the dog park when she is old enough. We are very thankful to PWP for doing a background check that keeps dogs and cats safe from unscrupulous pet owners. We will definitely recommend PWP to other potential pet adopters because they rescue dogs and cats from kill shelters and gives them the chance to find their Furever home. Thanks Pets Without Parents.

Guinness (Jessie) and Killian (Jersey)

Guinness and KillianGuinness & KillianIn September of 2004, I stopped by PWP looking to adopt a dog duo and my eyes were drawn to two tiny puppies huddled together in a crate. They were silent and frightened and looked as if they were hanging onto one-another for dear life. The two stole my heart immediately and I felt an instant connection. I was told that they were too young to take out of the cage yet but I should return in one week. In one week I did return and had them taken out of the crate for a few minutes in order to get to know them. They were returned to the crate and I told the staff that I had decided I wanted to adopt them. I was told that two different families already had "holds" to adopt both pups and unless something went wrong with their background checks, the pups would be separated and adopted out to those two different families. Leaving the shelter the pups "screamed" at me and clawed at the bars on the crate as I walked away and I was heart-broken. About five minutes into my drive home I got a unexpected call from PWP saying the background checks did not work out for the two families and I could begin the adoption process for the pups myself. Thrilled, I turned my car right around and the rest is history. Six years later, Guinness & Killian (formerly Jessie & Jersey) are still inseparable! The two girls have brought nothing but joy, love, and laughter to our home and I don't think it is possible to love two dogs more than we do! We will forever be grateful to you, PWP! :)

Ella (Roxy)

EllaElla at the beachI adopted Ella (formerly Roxy) from here in October 2006-she was around 5 months old, and she has been an absolute joy to us (my now husband and 2 year old daughter- as well as my 3 sisters who also consider her one of their own). The first time I met Ella, she was outside with a volunteer, as well as with her sister (who I would love to get an update on as well-I know Ella would love to hear she has a home now too), and was just wagging her tail and looking so happy. I knew when I saw her that first time, I wanted to bring that little puppy home. Ella is now a well-traveled dog, having moved with us from Ohio to Minnesota, and now where we've settled in California, and she still loves to travel, as well as camping and going on long hikes. She also loves going to the dog park and finding new smells and making new friends, as well as her new best friend, her "little sister", our daughter Haleigh-the two are inseparable and love each other to pieces! She is one of the most loyal, sweet, and loving dogs I've ever known, and I can't imagine my life without her. I can't thank you enough, PWPC, for allowing me to adopt this wonderful dog and give her the home she deserved, and thank you for allowing us to share these extremely happy tails. I love reading about all the other animals who have been adopted by caring people over the many years through this organization. Keep doing what you've been doing; Until every pet goes home.

Bentley (Jefferson)

BentleyBentleyWe adopted Jefferson, who is now named Bentley in June 2010. Bentley is such a wonderful, fun, and loving puppy. He always so full of energy, and he loves to play tug, fetch, and just romp around park or backyard. He is so incredibly smart, and has learned lots of new tricks within the past month. He enjoys taking car rides and loves to tag along when our family goes to Pet People. Bentley loves to cuddle and give lots of kisses, and he even has his own special spot in the house, a "rocking chair". His birthday is approaching very soon, so we are really excited to celebrate his 1st birthday :) Bentley is our first dog, and we are so thankful that Pets Without Parents allowed us to adopt such a wonderful pup!

Jinx (Sabrina)

jinxjinx I adopted Jinx in December of 2010. Her PWP name was Sabrina. She is sweet and lovable and loves to purr and find the first available lap on which to nap! Sometimes it's hard to get a good photo of her, though, because she's so black...but I try! :-)

Milo (Rocky)

Milo sleeping on the ventMilo and MacWe couldn't be happier with our decision to adopt Rocky (since renamed Milo), and thought we'd drop you a note with a few pics to show you how he's doing. Milo has two brothers, Mac and Dave. Mac, our 4 year old Presa Canario/Pitbull mix, had some jealousy/resource guarding issues the first night we brought Milo home, but some interesting shifts have happened since then. When we all headed up the stairs to go to bed that first night, Milo went up two or three stairs and got nervous and stumbled back down. Mac, watching from the top of the stairs, came all the way down, circled puppy once at the bottom, then headed back up the stairs slowly - one at a time. Milo followed the modeled behavior, bounding right up the stairs after Mac with no hesitation. Mac is ecstatic to have a new playmate, and has embraced his role as big brother - as evidenced by the attached photo of the two of them sleeping together on their dog couch.

I'd like to thank whomever at PWP who worked on "Sit" with Rocky, as he knows that command quite well. He is already almost potty-trained, and his walking manners are excellent. He takes learning and training very seriously, is very receptive to corrections, and he is quite fond of napping on our heating vents. He is such a snuggle-bug that he's already earned the name "Pudding Puppy" because he goes absolutely limp when you hold him.

Many thanks again for placing Milo with us, he is indeed the perfect fit for our pack.

Boo (Eliza), Luna (Elsa) and Bella (Ella Mae)

Boo, Luna and BellaBoo, Luna and BellaWe adopted these little sweethearts, born 2-14-10, in late May 2010. They hit the ground running as soon as we brought them home and haven't stopped since! They love fetching paper balls, playing with their toy mice and watching the garbage truck pick up trash. They love playing chase with their kitty sister, Poof, and they miss sharing blankets with their dog sister, Cassie, who recently passed away. They would like to shout out a Happy First Birthday and Happy Valentines Day to their brother (Ember) who was adopted before them.


IkeIke We adopted Ike this past June (2010) when he was only 4 months old, and he has been a wonderful puppy. He is always full of energy, and while he can be a little crazy sometimes, he is a huge snuggler. He loves playing fetch and he's gotten really great a catching frisbees. He's a spoiled dog, and he even spent a few days this summer lounging on the beach and going for boat rides. His 1st birthday is coming up and we can't believe how much he has grown. Ike is our first dog, and we are so grateful to Pets Without Parents for setting us up with a wonderful companion.

Rupert (Dobby)

Rupert This is Rupert on Halloween (he's a pilgrim). We adopted him in 2009 from PWP and his name was Dobby. He is the best dog - such a cuddle bug and sweetheart. Thank you for all you do and rescuing Rupert.

Chuck (Snickers)

Chuck as a puppyChuck all grown upWe enjoy reading your newsletter and congratulations on your 10th anniversary. Here are a couple of pictures of Chuck, the first photo (to the left) is when he was still a puppy and the second one (to the right) is the most recent. We adopted him from Pets Without Parents in Jan of 2008. His name at the time was Snickers. We absolutely adore our little Chuck and we are so grateful to you for rescuing him and bringing us together!

Gandalf (Nick)

GandalfMy fiance and I went to PwP in September to get a new friend. Nick (now Gandalf, as he is both grey and white), quite literally jumped out at us from his cage, and he's been a bundle of joy ever since. He's gotten quite huge, grown some new stripes in, and, as you can see, his new favorite toy is the sink.Thank you so much for all that you guys do

Wrigley (Mai Tai)

WrigleyWrigley and AbbeyI just wanted to say thank you! We adopted Wrigley (formerly Mai Tai) back in the summer. She came in as a part of puppies who were abandoned in a landfill. We fattened her up and she is now enjoying being spoiled! I've attached a picture of her. Turns out she is a red bone coonhound and we love her a bunch as do our other dogs!

Wink (Pirate)

WinkWinkI saw the posting him and his brother in the (PWP) newsletter! Here are some shots of him now at almost 8 lbs! He is truly a love and smart and loves being out on a leash on nice sunny days. My neighbors all comment on how beautiful his markings are and they look for him in the living room window. My neighbors are mostly seniors so they really enjoy getting to interact with Wink by talking to him at the window or seeing him out on his leash. I hope to be able to train him as he gets old enough, to be a "care animal" and visit my local senior living facilities.


Dewey in a cute sweaterDewey "chilling"About four months ago (October 2010) we adopted our pit bull mix named Dewey from your shelter. We were told everybody loved him at the shelter (who wouldn't) so we wanted to write in and let you know how great he has been doing. We decided to keep the name Dewey because we just thought it fit him perfectly. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him, including other dogs. We have been socializing him as much as possible and he has been doing so well. He finally became 100% housetrained about a month ago, and now we are beginning to work on simple commands which he has been picking up on very quickly. He is such a smart pup. He's grown a lot since we adopted him in October, although we didn't really notice it until recently because he never leaves our side. After looking at some older pictures of the day we brought him home we couldn't believe how big he's gotten! We wanted to thank everyone at Pets without Parents for giving us the best dog in the world...he is such a sweetheart. Thanks again!

Sophie (Mimi) and Coco (Jolie)

Coco and SophieCoco and SophieWe adopted Sophie (right in photo, a.k.a. Mimi) in May 2008. She is such a wonderful dog...kind of the quiet type, yet full of sass and personality. In May 2010, we brought Sophie to PWP to meet Coco (left, a.k.a. Jolie) and there weren't instant fireworks, but as you can see from the picture, they are best buds. Coco came for an overnight and when she walked into our house, it was as if she had been here all along. She is full of spunk, love and is under the impression that she is a tiny lap dog. THANKS PWP!!!

Chip and Jezebel (Bella)

Dixie and BellaChip in the Christmas treeUpon arrival, Chip was out of the carrier and on to new adventures immediately. Bella took her time and let Chip do the groundwork. It only took her about 5 minutes to come out and she was a little skittish at 1st. They had the run of the basement to get settled in and the door to the basement already had a corner cut out so they could come and go as they please while keeping the large sniffing machine at bay. I am referring to our Australian Shepard named Dixie who we rescued from Brownsburg, IN. Oh boy was she excited about her new pals!

The three of them like to play together although Dixie forgets she is not a kitty while they are all going after a feather or other item of amusement on a string. They do like to keep their night hours and enjoy free reign when everyone is sleeping. I doubt we would hear a burglar enter, we'd probabl;y thionk it was Chippy and Bella just breaking something. Oh yeah, Chips specialty at Chirstmas is busting ornaments. I couldn't figure out how he was getting the top ones until he was busted (see photo).

Long story short, they have been great. Our son Calvin is really learning how much love you can share with the extended family. For a little guy about to turn four he is very good with them. He likes Bella more I think because she is a little lover. Chip is more about stopping by for three or four strokes and he's off to pounce on something. Especially feet under the covers. I think Chip and Cal could run between the Living Room and Kitchen for hours if there is something on a string to run with.

Riley (Wylie)

RileyRiley and OliverHi, I wanted to give you an update on the dog I adopted. When I adopted him in June 2010, his name was Wylie and was part of a litter. He was the last to be adopted but ties for number one in my heart. Here are some current pics of both of my pets. It was feared my littlest dog would not accept another dog in the family. Franklin County Animal Shelter could not have been more wrong. If you are in touch with any of the other families that adopted the same litter, please give them my email so Riley can meet his brothers and sisters.

Wallace and Gromit (Niles and Frasier)

Wallace and GromitWallace and Gromit (formerly NIles and Frazier ) are doing just wonderfully here on the farm. They have adjusted quickly - love their sisters, the horses, digging for shrews, greeting the UPS man and getting snacks from him. They are truly a comic pair - and are still too cute for words. I am not sure Gromit will ever grow into his ears, but that is fine with me!! They LOVE the snow, and sunning themselves on the sawdust pile !! They send their love and thanks for taking them in at their hour of need and letting me take them and keep them together as a family!

Colby (Nigel)

Colby in a Christmas treeColbyAbout a month and a half ago, my boyfriend and I visited your shelter in search of our very own furry companion. It was then that we met Nigel, who we renamed Colby, and we fell in love. When he's not in his hunting and exploring mode, he is a very sweet, affection cat. He loves to play and get into all kinds of mischief (right now his favorite toy is our Christmas tree). At almost four months of age, he's growing rapidly and has an appetite to match. He has brought so much happiness into our lives, and I like to think that he's very happy with us too. He has definitely found his forever home. I want to thank you for allowing us to adopt him, PWP is a great shelter, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to adopt a pet. Thank you for all that you do, and if in the future we decide to adopt another animal, we will definitely choose your shelter.

Annabella (Sara)

AnnabellaAnnabellaDear Pets without Parents, I wanted to share my story with you. I adopted Annabella (Sara) from Pets without Parents back in the summer of 2004. I was told that she had come into your shelter pregnant and also had ringworm. She had her babies and they were all adopted out. Annabella was at your shelter for 8 months before I adopted her. It was love at first sight. Annabella was the best cat in the entire world and I am happy to say that we gave her a wonderful life. She passed away yesterday of old age. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have made her a part of our family and love her a much as we do. AnnaBella Cat Pretty Girl (abcpg) will always be in our hearts. Thank you for all that you do.

Oliver (Reese)

OliverHere's Oliver (formerly known as Reese), who I adopted from you several weeks ago. This was from a recent play date he had. As you can see, he has put on some weight, although he still has not grown into the collar I bought for him, and therefore, he is still wearing the one you gave him. The vet has given him a clean bill of health. He is adjusting well to his new home and really loves rawhide bones. He thanks you for everything you did for him.

Sophie (Bashful)

SophieSophie (originally bashful of the seven dwarfs) was a Christmas present from my now husband( then fiance) last year. He always swore "we'd see" about pets and come Christmas eve, he showed up with a bundle of shy joy that we named Sophie. In the year we've had her, her shyness has disappeared and is always either playful or incredibly loving and looking for cuddles. I am an animal lover since birth and would love to adopt every pet in the world, but Sophie broke into my heart in a way no other animal has before and is my big "pretty girl" :) She is wonderful with all animals she has come into contact with and thinks every person is a friend. --- PS We'd love to meet her brothers that are featured on here!!!

Cocoa (Nadira)

CocoaCocoaJust wanted to say thank you for allowing us to adopt Nadira Sept. 2010 (we renamed her Cocoa). She is fitting in with our family of 3 other dogs (2 daschunds mixes and 1 German Shephard/Akita mix). She especially loves Bailey our youngest daschund mix they look so much alike in coloring it's hard to believe they are different breeds. Cocoa loves to go for long walks through our neighborhood everyday, gets along great with our neighbor children and at age 5 months now, is already showing great potential for being a "guard doggie", such a ferocious bark for such a little baby. We had a great experience with our easy adoption of Cocoa and will definitely be back in the future for another sweetheart doggy.

Orion (Jingle), Luna (Adrianna), Hailey (Maud), and Nova (Matilda)

Orion and LunaHailey and Nova I just wanted to let you know that when we first got Orion he had some trust and potty issues he was quick to learn that the outside is where you do your business. He is so sweet we couldn't understand why he wouldn't sleep on the bed with us like his adopted sister Luna (Adrianna) he would growl at us if we would hug him or lay on him wile sleeping (on the couch) but you will be happy to know with some love and patience from us we gained his trust and he is now taking up the whole bed at night and will not move without you pushing him. He is very good with the cats we adopted Hailey and Nova (formally Maud and Matilda) and he often likes to lick them. Luna likes to chase them around the house but when its time for bed she is content to cuddle with them and try to sneak down and eat out of the litter box. Luna likes to run around like a mad dog and bark in our faces. She has the biggest personality and is very loving when she is not being super crazy!! She loves Orion a ton but is also jealous, too. She is constantly stealing toys from him but he just looks at her like "whatever" and gets another one. The cats are opposite: Nova loves to be held and will come up to you all day. Hailey sits on her cat perch and will come say hello to you at night before bed. She likes to lick and nip your fingers when you pet her. She sleeps with us at night but for the most part she likes to be by herself. Thank you Pets Without Parents for our four wonderfully crazy animals. The things you do are amazing and you should be proud of yourselves for saving so many lives. I'm glad we got the opportunity to work with you so many times and hopefully sometime soon we will be able to work with you again!

Sydney (Briar)

SydneySydneySydney was part of the "B" litter, one of Sassy's daughters. We adopted her in January when she was only 8 weeks old. She is doing great, very smart girl, full of energy and loves to eat! Unfortunately she does not do well in car rides but is slowly doing better as she gets older. She was able to re-unite with one of her sisters, Ginger, at the Pooch Park in Gahanna a couple months ago. She also has a sister right now that she has a ball with everyday!

Callie (Mittens)

Callie with momI want to thank you so much for allowing me to adopt the perfect little kitten! My boyfriend and I love her to death. Although, she has been the little trouble-maker at home, I could not ask for a better addition to the family. Hope all is well at the shelter and things are going good.


JakeJakeJake came to PWP from the Adams County hoarding situation in April, 2010, and he went right into foster care in our house. He had the absolutely worst case of mange I personally had ever seen (I have since seen worse, but this was a new low for me). We loved him immediately and started on a daunting series of medications, baths, and grooming - until one magic day we suddenly realized we had a pretty good looking dog on our hands - one with real fur growing in and everything.

So we posted him on PWP's website for adoption, and then started crying at the thought of his leaving. Then we decided - "why not us?" Wouldn't we be exactly what he needed, and truthfully, I think we needed him. We've had some challenges because Jake has not forgotten his many nights out in a field, trapped in a cage, and facing the terrifying thunderstorms and other kinds of weather - but we love him.

The pictures here are from our vacation in Lake Erie late this past summer. We got to take one representative dog and one cat with us, to make it easier on our housesitter. I think Jake enjoyed the Lake, but he also missed the dogs and cats we had left behind, so he didn't mind at all when we returned to Columbus after a week at the beach.


ZeldaZelda is settling in just fine and she is spoiled by me and my husband. I took her to the vet on Tuesday and she weighs 12.68 pounds! Thanks PWP!

Shelter note: Zelda spent almost 2 years at the shelter before finding her forever home in October 2010. It just goes to show, good things comes to those that wait, and she sure waited!

Domino (Prince Charming)

Domino on a fire truckDominoJust an update on Mr. Prince Charming! His new name is Domino and he is growing so fast! He is a very good boy and loves his new home and family. I have attached a few pictures of him for all of you at Pets Without Parents! Thanks for having such great dogs and treating them so well!

Leno (Oma) and Conan (Saffron)

Leno and ConanLenoThe other day I was driving around town and saw a bumper sticker that said, "Who rescued who?" and had a paw print on it. I literally thought, that is me and my cats! They really did "rescue me" and do nothing but make me smile and laugh everyday. I adopted two of them, one boy cat who is orange and named him CONAN, and then a girl cat that is black and white and named her LENO (needless to say you can tell that I am a Late Night TV fan!).

They have been the best pets I could ever have asked for; they keep me entertained for hours on end! About 3 months ago I moved across country from Columbus to LA, and they took the trip with me! They rode in the car the entire way out there and were nothing but great passengers! They slept most of the way, but they really enjoyed the hotels that we stopped at every night on our way out to California. They have adjusted to our new California life and love sitting in the sun by the windows of the apartment.

Conan has put on a little weight and has turned out to be that cute, orange "fat cat", resembling "Garfield". :) Leno is my little petite girl and she talks a lot! She follows me around the apartment wherever I go.

They both love to chase the laser pointer, play with their toys and leave them all around the apartment, dump the trash cans over that are full of trash, cuddle with me when I am watching tv, and they LOVE wet cat food as a treat every other day! :)

I have to say that I couldn't be happier with my two babies! :)

Rusty (Jack)

RustyRustyRusty has been a lot of hard work, but he is beginning to settle into his new environment. He has become a member of our home - 2 people, 2 cats, and now a dog. Rusty does have issues with small dogs. He displays twirling and pacing activity when he is nervous. He had issues with marking in our house. We have used a couple of animal trainers and he is responding well to a positive approach by rewarding good behavior. His nervousness is starting to settle down quite a bit.

He is really lovable. He really likes people, even small children. We enjoy having him with us very much. He is healthy and robust. He now goes for daily walks and spends time outdoors when the weather is nice and we are at home. On the weekends, we sometimes go to Highbanks Metro Park for long walks. He begins obedience school next Thursday. The next step is to take him to dog parks. Our patience is being rewarded with a loving and loyal pet.

Thank you for making the huge effort to find all of these animals a new and safe home. You and the shelters helped Rusty find his way to us and we are really thankful.

Nelly and Margot (Murphy Lee)

NellyMargotDear pets without parents friends! I wanted to drop you all a line and give you a little update on my favorite girls. I adopted Nelly and Margot (formerly murphy lee!) from you guys a year last February. They are the most precious love bugs you could ever imagine and they love each other so much. I'm so glad that I adopted both of them.


DesmondDesmondDesmond is doing very well. We have adjusted to each other and he brings me great joy everyday. I had forgotten how wonderful it is to have a creature so happy to see you, regardless of whether you were out of sight five minutes or all day! He is a bundle of energy and enjoys playing with the (formerly) squeaky toys that were a welcome gift from our friend. He has a favorite chair in the living room and enjoys bounding in and out of it. We take walks twice a day to explore the neighborhood and he has made a couple of dog acquaintances on our walks. He is warming up to other people (with a little bit of selective bribery!). We are working on his playing skills with the hope that he will be able to have play dates with other dogs some day. Thank you for rescuing him and bringing him into my life. He is a treasure!

Toby (JJ)

TobyToby is a total love and everyone he meets falls in love with him. He's in his forever home!!!                                                                                                                 


BogartWe adopted Bogart in May 2010 and he is doing just great! He’s 6 months old now and up to about 34 pounds. We still aren’t sure what he is (we think a mix between German Shepherd and Golden Retriever)…but he’s cute all the same. He graduated from OSU’s Puppy Kindergarten class in August and is starting to go to Doggie Daycare once a week. We are really interested in hearing about Bogart’s sister that was adopted before him and supposedly looks much like him (what she looks like now, how big she is…)!

Ginger (Bianca) and Sassy - a mother/daughter reunion

Ginger and SassyRecently we were able to reunite an Adopted Puppy, Ginger (Bianca) with her unadopted mother, Sassy. Ginger's new family drove Ginger to the foster home of Sassy and had a wonderful time. While mother and daughter played, the families enjoyed swapping stories, comparing traits, and taking pictures.

Ginger's family and Sassy's foster family are open to reuniting the entire family and have already contacted one of the other siblings, who by chance have already reunited with another of the pups. So slowly but surely, the siblings are being reunited. The puppies were called the "B" litter when at the shelter, since all the puppies were originally called by names starting with the letter "B". If you adopted one of Sassy's pups and are interested in a reunion, please email pets@petswithoutparents.net.

Sophie (Donya)

SophieI adopted Sophie ("Donya" at PWP) in May of 2010. She is almost five months and has grown from 6 pounds to 34 pounds. I could not have adopted a bigger sweetheart. She successfully brings a smile to my face daily whether she is giving me kisses or running away with my shoe. She is finishing "puppy kindergarten" in a couple of weeks and is doing very well with basic commands. She loves swimming at Alum Creek, laying on cold floors, and playing with her dog friends Kira, Mach, and Bogart.

Sasha (Lauren)

SashaWe adopted Sasha from y'all when she was 6 weeks old. She has been our best pet. She has been training at ACME in Lewis Center, Ohio under the expert tutledge of Laura. She is on her way to becoming a therapy dog. We really love her, and would love to know how her sister is doing. She is extremely friendly - loves children, and is perfectly trained. We hope to get her a friend from your place next year. Thank you for allowing us to adopt her from you guys.

Emily (Annie)

EmilyWe adopted "Annie" from you last January and renamed her Emily. I just thought you should know that she is doing wonderful. She is extremely playful, and my husband and I joke that she never gets tired. She is also the kindest dog we have ever had. She is so sweet to everyone, and you would never believe how gentle she is with our two-yr. old. Emily is just awesome and lovely. Everyone comments on her blue eye. Thank you for allowing us to adopt her. She is such a big part of our family now.

Eva (Lenora) and Zephyr (Zippora)

Eva and ZephyrHere are Eva (Lenora) and Zephyr (Zippora), two kitties that my boyfriend and I adopted from Pets Without Parents. We adopted Eva (the big girl) in September 2009, and she is both regal and mellow. Zephyr, who we just adopted this June, is very feisty, and she has been keeping all of us on our toes. Eva thinks that Zephyr is her kitten and gives her daily baths. Zephyr rarely slows down to take a nap and is one of the most energetic cats I've ever seen. These cats have been a joy and I'm so happy I adopted from your shelter!

Titus (Meezer) and Violet

Titus and VioletTitus and VioletI just thought I'd check back in and send you some photos of the kittens. They are doing great. They're a little sleepy today because they got their booster shots. We changed Meezer's name to Titus after a prince in a story we like. He's getting a black stripe up his nose and has recently learned that he can climb curtains. He's also been licking us a lot. We've kept Violet's name the same. She's growing into her big eyes and spends much of her time checking the gerbil tank for weaknesses, or stalking Titus' tail. They are both extremely cuddly and since I work from home at least one of them is in my lap most of the time. I hope you enjoy the pictures, and thanks again for bringing these little guys into our lives.

Ernie (Bluto)

ErnieErnieErnie was part of the litter found under a trailer in the beginning of January 2010. We adopted him as an 8 week old puppy in mid March and have enjoyed every minute with him since. He is a very smart dog who LOVES food. Every morning at 6 o'clock Ernie wakes up and cries because he is hungry. Once out of his cage, he runs downstairs and waits by the food wiggling until we feed him. It is the same thing an hour before dinner everyday. Other than eating, Ernie also loves chewing on bones, chasing squirrels and annoying his sister Olive (see the "happy tail" below) who we also adopted from Pets Without Parents. By pure coincidence, Ernie has also had the pleasure of playing with his litter mate Bosley, who we happened to run into at the park one day. It was a scene straight from a movie. In all seriousness, Ernie has been an amazing addition to the family and we look forward to countless future adventures with him in addition to an enormous food bill.

Olive (Nicole)

NicoleNicoleWe spent four years in college planning what kind of dog we were going to get when we moved into an apartment that allowed dogs. The day before we moved we took a trip to Pets Without Parents "just to look." Olive hobbled out from the back room at a measly 16 pounds, at least 10 pounds underweight, after an 11 day stay at the vet and crawled into my lap. We were no longer "just looking." She could barely walk and had 3 missing patches of fur from all the testing. The first month we had her at home, she made weekly trips to the vet because she could barely walk around the house, wouldn't eat, and had trouble breathing. Now at a healthy 50 pounds, Olive is jumping over furniture, chasing dogs at the park, eating $27 cash, and still crawling into my lap. We couldn't be happier with our first dog and look forward to many more years with our now healthy, loving, ball of energy.


CallowayWe adopted Calloway mid June 2010 and everyone loves him! After the first week or so of adjustment his personality really began to shine. Since he was a present for our daughter we wanted to make sure he loved her as much as she loved him, but in the words of Jerry McGuire "You had me at hello," was the feeling for both of them. Since we brought Calloway home he has been a wonderful addition to the family and really enjoys having an "older sister." Attached is a picture of Calloway and our daughter on the way to school. We hope that everyone loves their adopted pet as much as we do.


KingKingI adopted King in May 2010 and just want to let everyone now how he was doing. He is a little hand full and wants to chew on everything but I love him. He loves to play with our other dog Molly even when she doesn't want to. He's really smart maybe a little to much for his own good. It didn't take him long to learn to go out side to use the restroom and to go in his cage when its bedtime . He's getting to be pretty big now and will be 5 months old in 10 days according to his paperwork. I just wanted to let you know how he was doing

Roxanne Renee (Marie)

Roxanne ReneeRoxanne Renee (aka Marie) is the love of my life. Her favorite toy is a tennis ball. We throw it and she brings it back up on the porch for us to throw again. She also has learned how to bounce it, raising her head, bouncing it and catching it again. How cute! She sleeps up near me, usually having me hold her foot or tail as I fall asleep and when I get up in the night she is right up against me. She is the most affectionate dog. She mended my heart after losing Sadie. We have her insured so that is taken care of. Silly law but oh well. We are so grateful for her. Thank you!

Malone (Rascal)

MaloneMaloneWe just wanted to let you know Rascal (Malone) is settling in quite nicely. He's got a TON of personality and is extremely active. Funny how Rabbit was instant friends with the dogs, but had to warm up to the cats, whereas Rascal was instant friends with the cats first. Extremely happy with the latest additions. We will send people your way when they are in the market for new family members.

Lola (Flash)

LolaLolaHello, I adopted Lola (Flash at PWP) in March 2010. She has brought so much joy to my life!! I should have known what I was getting into picking the puppy that was stepping over her siblings and jumping up and down as if to say, “Pick me! Pick me!” She has gone from a big-bellied 7 lb baby with floppy ears to an energetic and athletic 28 lbs with Flying Nun ears . She loves people and playing with other dogs and is the life of the party at her play group. She has graduated from Puppy Kindergarten and we’re working our way through obedience classes. She is smart and a real love to have around. We’ll be starting agility classes in the Fall b/c this little girl loves to run and jump!!! Thank you so much for all that you do. You not only save animals; you save people too!

Ginger (Bianca)

GingerGinger Hi, My name is Ginger (formerly Bianca). On 1/5/2010, my 6 siblings and I were born under a trailer. Luckily we were all rescued, our mom included, from the cold winter snow and taken into foster care. I was the first to be adopted. I love my new family. They give me lots of toys, play with me all the time and take me to neat places like Puppy class and the pet store. Unfortunatly, I get car sick. My new mama has taught me lots of tricks but she says that because I'm such a social butterfly, I don't listen well when I see other dogs or people. Plus, I like to chase everything from fireflies to birds. Still, Mama says I'm a very good dog, except when I'm not. Whatever that means! Mama tells me that we'll try to contact my siblings and my birth mom and maybe get together someday. I hope we can.

Cocoa (Levi)

Cocoa Hi it's me Cocoa (Levi). I love my new home. I have a best friend Trixie who is a 2 1/2 year old pastel calico, who plays with me quite a bit, grooms me and sleeps with me. My human sisters are awesome too. They both like to hold, pet, and play with me. I am very laid back, I even let my 5 year old human sister give me a bath. But her mom did not like that. I hear my family saying that they will always adopt a black cat because they are the best! Basically, I am one lucky, happy laid back, playful dude.

Conan (Prince)

ConanConan Howdy my friends at PWP, I just want to drop you a note about my whereabouts. I hope you remember me. I’m the cute tomcat called “Prince” who’s previous owner left me and my sibling behind to join the circus – how ridiculous! Now I live with my new Mom and my older sister Ruby for about 1 year. That’s right guys, my anniversary is coming up! So how have I been? Well, I settled in pretty good. I love my Mom and I don’t leave her side when she is at home. Ruby and I love to play hide and seek behind the curtains (Mom doesn’t like it too much, but who cares.). At night, I sleep right next to Mom together with Ruby and of course in the big bed. I learned to talk a lot. It is amazing how much noise I can make. Also my balance improved which comes in quite handy when I walk on the furniture (Don’t tell Mom!). So that’s it for today. Just let me say one more thing: Thank you PWP for giving me the chance to find a new home. You are amazing!


MiloMilo I Just wanted to let you know that Milo is doing very well. My husband and I adopted him almost a year ago. I believe it was June 14th 2009 and Milo was almost 4 months old and only weighed about 6 lbs, but now he weighs about 16 lbs. Milo turned 1 on Feburary 19th. We call him our bunny because hops like a bunny when he runs. This little boy is so funny and play full, we love him and we take him just about everywhere we go. He is so spoiled that he even has his own room and he has his very own doggie car seat for when we take him places. We are taking him to North Carolina this Summer so he will get to see the ocean for the very first time.

Jinger (Blinks)

Jinger Just wanted to let you know how Jinger (formerly known as Blinks) was doing. Right when we got her home a little over a month ago (April 2010), she decided to hide under the couch. Now, she's as playful as a kitten! She loves just about any toy (especially her toy mouse), and gets along well with our other cat, Fifi. Fifi, who is about 19, often gives her opinion on the new member of the family with a bop on the head with her paw, which Jinger takes as an invitation to play. Jinger is also getting to know her way around the house, and is learning new things every day (THE ROCKING CHAIR MOVES!!!!!). I wish I could have gotten you a picture of her sitting in her and Fifi's favorite spot on the window sill, but she had to come down and investigate the camera. We are so grateful to you guys for our new cat! Thanks for letting us adopt her!

Melinda Ann (Doyle)

Melinda Ann Here is an updated picture of Ben, Billie and Melinda Ann. They are so cute together! Thanks for being there and for all you do to help the homeless pets!

Colby (Benjamin)

Colby We adopted a dog from the shelter in July 2009. His name was Benjamin(we re-named him Colby) and he has been SUCH a good dog. He is fits into our family like he was meant to be here. We absolutely love him. The thing he loves most is being with us. He gets lots of trips to a dog park because it is close to where my daughter plays soccer, but even when he is playing with his friends he always checks to make sure we are close by. He has the nicest disposition you could ever imagine....playful and fun with no mean intent ever. We feel so lucky to have him.

Avery (BoMa)

Avery I wanted to let you know how Avery (formerly Boma) is doing. She's the perfect fit for our family; she seems to be relaxed and happy about her new digs. Here's a picture of Avery doing her favorite thing ... chillin' out! We love taking walks down by the river at Whetstone, and Avery is doing well meeting/interacting with other dogs. She is such a sweetheart!! We love having her as part of our family, and she is happy now that she's home! Sidenote: IF the family who surrendered her happens to be reading this, I realize it must've been difficult to give her up. I just want you to know she's doing well, getting showered with love, and being spoiled rotten with toys, walks, etc. She is a happy girl!!

Lexi (Cider)

Lexi I would just like to thank all of you for rescuing dogs and cats - I think it's a wonderful thing. I wanted to send you a updated photo of Lexi AKA Cider. She is doing great. Just had her at the vet last Tuesday and she weighs 40lbs at 6 months. She is growing to be a big healthy girl. She is getting ready to start obedience school, but she really does not need it. She is very smart. Thank you so much for letting us adopt her. I will send more photos, thanks again!


LyleLyleLyle made it safely to Virginia and settled in quickly. The girls, 3 older female cats, are not quite sure what to think, but slowly the pecking order is being redrawn. He does have a lot of energy. Thank you for your help.


JoeyWe adopted Joey, a gray male kitten, from you the end of February 2010. Thought you'd like to know he is thriving and bringing lots of laughs and joy into our lives. He's become friends with Ceasar, our 6 year old orange tabby and is full of mischief. He's completed all of his shots and our vet says he's healthy and will grow into a very handsome adult. Joey is a real gift and we are enjoying him so much. I'm enclosing a picture of the guys, hanging out on our screened porch on a recent warm day.

Beanie (Happy) and Stanley (Dopey)

Happy and Dopeyhappy and Dopey Here are some photos from last nights mini reunion. They may be a little blurry but it was hard to get a good shot where they were sitting still. I think the puppies had a good time once they had a little time to get know each other again. They are so much alike and I am looking forward to reuniting more of the puppies. Next time I hope to have a few more of the 7 Dwarfs playing together.

Shelter note: Beanie and Stanley were adopted by two different families. They recently had a "playdate" and had a wonderful time. If any of the other families of the "Seven Dwarves" are interested in getting the pups together, email pets@petswithoutparents.net.

Declan (Bobby)

DeclanI wanted to first, thank You for giving me the opportunity to become an adoptive parent to one of your rescues. He has been and continues to be a joy and wonderful part of my life. Back in January 2010 I adopted an 8 week old shy puppy named Bobby. He has since been renamed Declan, which is an Irish name that means full of happiness. I was embarking on my first experience as a dog owner and excited, but anxious. Declan is such a good boy and so smart. He took to people and other animals like a fish to water. His sense of adventure continues to astound me and he is never shy around new people, which is shocking because when I picked him up he was so scared and not very outgoing. Declan was superb at being house trained and his puppy classes are no exception either. He is now in the intermediate training class and knows: sit, stay, come, wait, how to loose leash walk, how to heal and walk right beside me, rollover, fetch and the list just continues as he learns. Don't get me wrong he is all puppy and he has his moments when the selective hearing sets in, but he is a wonderful dog! He loves to play outside and his favorite thing in the whole world is Doggy Day Camp!!! He has made friends with Bella, Koda, LuLu, Jules, and Xander.

I hope this gives you inspiration and a really big pat on the back for what you do! Both Declan and I are so thankful that you brought the two of us together and I spread the word about your organization every chance I get!


MollyMolly and her "siblings"Just wanted to update you on Molly. She has settled in just fine. She is part of the family and spoiled already. She definitely has her own opinion on things. Attached are picture from Easter 2010. She had a great time hunting Easter eggs with the kids. She was one of them. Our vet said she is healthy and in good shape. Thank you for letting us adopt her.


LuckySteve and I adopted Lucky "officially" in December, 2009 after his brother Charlie got adopted by a family from Delaware, OH. I had promised him that as soon as Charlie found a home, he would come home with me, and that happened just before Christmas 2009. Lucky was the almost-feral cat that came to the shelter in September, 2008, escaped and hid under the cages for several days before we caught him - remember him? Well he and Charlie fostered with us for 5 months, and then returned to the shelter for NINE WHOLE MONTHS before Charlie was adopted. Lucky is still a bit quirky, but he does cuddle with me and has fit in fairly well with our other 5 cats (3 of them are PWP alumni) and our 2 beagles (1 from PWP, and 1 from Kansas). I am thrilled with our new baby - another love of my life!

Play-doh (Kato)

Play-dohWe adopted Kato (now named Play-doh) in June 2008 when we lived in Westerville. Unfortunately our landlords foreclosed on the home we were in several months later but we were able to find another house for rent about 3 miles away for rent by dog lovers! As luck would have it, we then became the proud owners of two misplaced kittens (almost a year old ). These poor little guys were left outside in a box. Play-doh loves them! He was so excited to have them come aboard. We then received word that our new landlords were facing bankruptcy and foreclosing on this house too. Once again we were faced with finding a home for our 3 kids and 3 adopted kids (Play-doh and the kitties). So many people told us that it'd be easier without the animals. We couldn't bear to be without them! As fate reared its ugly head towards us again, my husband lost his job. Here we were jobless and almost homeless with 3 kids and 3 pets. People looked at us like we were crazy when we filled out rental forms.

Anyway, too late to make a long story short, let me tell you about a stroke of luck we had. My husband was offered a job back in our native New York. Family owned a two-family home and we were welcome! We made our arrangements, took the job, packed everyone into our SUV and drove home to N.Y. The move went better than expected and Play-doh loves his new digs. The house itself isn't very big, but he enjoys a fenced-in whole acre of wooded backyard every day. We really are blessed. I just wanted to get in touch to let you know all this, so that you would know that there really are people who will stop at nothing to keep their pets as part of their family. Thank you for adopting Play-doh to us. We love him very much.

Necco (Valentine)

NeccoWe adopted Valentine about a month ago. His new name is Necco. He's the new love of our lives. He's incredibly smart too for his young age. He already knows how to sit, shake, and lay down. Thank you so much to Pets Without Parents for giving us our amazing puppy. We are so attached to him already.

Orion (Jingle)

JingleWe adopted Jingle yesterday and decided to rename him Orion!! He is very sweet and loving and is adjusting to his new home very well!! I just want to say thank you for giving us these two precious puppy's!!! I hope that in the future when we get our house we will be able to work with your shelter again( adopting more pets or fostering)!!! WE JUST LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! Im so glad that there are people like you guys in the world!! Thanks a ton and keep doing what you guys are doing oh so well!!!!!

Lucy (Martha)

LucyLucyMy fiancee and I adopted 8-week-old Lucy (who used to be named Martha at Pets Without Parents) in July of 2009. She is a gorgeous shepherd/husky/hound mix, and when we adopted her she had one sister named Betsy and also a few brothers in her litter. We had been thinking about a dog and looking for a dog for a while - and when we saw Lucy we knew she was the one. As soon as I held her I knew I had to have her. We have been so delighted to have her in our lives - she has been the most well-behaved, smartest, and most loving dog either one of us has ever had. She is a part of our family now, and we think of her as our daughter. We love Lucy and can't imagine our lives without her. Thanks PWP!

Kiba (Paul)

KibaMy family and I adopted a wonderful husky/shepherd mix named Paul from PWP in July of 2009. Our wonderful puppy (now named Kiba-which means Fang in Japanese), has thrived and grown to a medium size family member. He is completely relaxed and loving, has to have part of his body on yours at all times. We are so happy to enjoy his spirit!!

Dip (Kanoa)

DipWe adopted Dip (formely Kanoa) from PWP in August of 2009. She has been the perfect addition to our family. Our other dog, Bella, warmed up to her instantly, and they spend every night playing together. She is the biggest cuddler, can jump over six feet high, and outrun every dog she meets. She also made an excellent skeleton for Halloween this year. We are so thankful that you saved her from the Athens shelter and allowed us to take her home. We cannot imagine life without our Dip!

General Tso (Spencer)

General TsoGeneral TsoWe adopted General Tso (formerly Spencer) in April 2009. Since then, he has grown from a little 3 pound kitten to a 15 pound cat. He mostly likes to eat and sleep, but he also likes to play with his older “brother” Outrider. Outrider is half his size, but always wins the fights! Gen. Tso is very vocal and meows for attention. He likes attention, but hates to be picked up, so he squeaks if you do that, or if you squeeze him too much. It’s pretty amusing. Mostly, he’s happy sitting next to you, or being in the same room as you, but he’s not a lap kitty. That’s ok, because he has a big purr and is a very happy kitty. Thanks so much!

Hobbes (Barack)

HobbesThere is not a word to describe how we feel about the dog that we got at PWP. He's the PERFECT dog for our large and lively family. We only got him about a year ago, and we can't remember our lives without him. Does anyone anyone know what happened to his brothers and sisters (John,Cindy,& Michelle)?

Porter (Guiseppe)

PorterPorterWe just wanted to say thank you for our puppy. We got Porter (who was called Guiseppe at Pets Without Parents) at the end of September 2009. He was one of five in a German Shepheard Mix litter. He is getting bigger every day. He is up to 40 pounds. We just wanted to say thanks - he has been amazing.

Storm (Berry)

StormStorm and NaylaMr Blue eyes is getting big. He eats everything in sight. And I do mean everything. He ate the foam from his dog bed (yes, all of it) when he first came home. The vet was concerned about that but when they did an xray they were more concerned about the screw they found in his belly. He easily passed all of that and moved on. He has gone through all his dog toys. We finally have purchased the ones with a lifetime warrenty. He is kennel trained and loves his "room". But still, he is a sneaky little guy. He will eat anything at all. He even ate a malmite bowl!

He did house train quickly and he is still just as adorable as when we first met him. He only bothers the Christmas tree when he is mad at us or trying to get attention, and he cuddles with my daughter most of the time, and my son he just holds down and cleans off. My old girl, Nayla who is 14 and a chow/golden mix, DID NOT LIKE THIS PUPPY! but after he was home a month she began to soften toward him and now he has truly brought the puppy out in her also. We love to see them play together and are happy that Nayla is getting to be happy in her last days with us. Storm is quite a handful and keeps all of us on our toes around here. But somehow, he just fits with our crew anyway.

I know that we will be back to you when our dear old girl passes on, hopefully not too soon. But we will let you know when we are ready another new member of the family and a friend for Storm.


EdieEdie in a ladybug costumeI just wanted to send an email and let you know that our dog Edie is doing just great. We adopted Edie in June 2009 when she was just a baby, and she's growing up to be such a beautiful, intelligent, loyal girl. She's learned so many tricks like how to sit, stay, lay down, go to bed, and even how to give a high five! She loves going to the dog park, which we frequent a few times a week, and running around the backyard chasing squirrels. This is a picture of her dressed as a lady bug for Halloween. :) We love having Edie as a part of our family. I cannot express how grateful I am that PWP rescued her and gave her the opportunity to be the best thing that's ever happened to us.


GretchenGretchenThought you would like an update on our girl Gretchen – OMG! How she has grown! We found out that she is actually a black lab / great dane and she thinks she’s a lap dog! She loves to try to get on your lap and if she can’t she will sit next to you and lean on you! She has so much energy and loves my daughter to pieces. Kasey our golden just rolled his eyes when we brought her home but now they are buddies! For as big as she is getting she is just as loveable but she can be just as crazy too! We love her to pieces although, most days…… lol.

Sunny (Catsberger)

SunnySunnySunny earned her name because she loves to nap in sunbeams. She has especially bonded with my husband. She loves to sit on his chest and be right next to him. What a flirt she is! I can't believe she used to be a biting, hissing, cringing girl -- she's our sweet little star. PWP, you did such a good job socializing her! She is doted on constantly. She has the cutest belly and fluffiest ears, doesn't she? She flirts and cuddles like a champ. We give her lots of affection so she knows how loved she is. We can't thank you enough for making such a life possible for this lovely little girl. She lives a charmed life in our house!

Mia (Momma Mia)

MiaWe adopted Mia (formerly Momma Mia) in late summer after one of our cats passed away unexpectedly. It took her awhile to get acclimated to our family and come out from hiding, but she's getting better each day. At 1AM last night, she sat on me and started licking my face, saying "pet me, pet me, pet me." She is so cute! Thanks, PWP!


HallieHallieI adopted Hallie in September 2009 just before her second birthday. In the short time I've known her, she's already had a tremendous impact on my quality of life. I work nights, so human interaction can be difficult to come by but Hallie's always waiting for me when I come home. She has a wonderful temperament, and everyone at her vet check up mentioned what beautiful eyes she has. Hallie loves to hang out with the small dog who was already living in my house, and she enjoys sitting on the back porch with me and 'talking' to the squirrels that pass by. She loves to play with crumpled paper and pennies, so Hallie's not only friendly but quite economical! I can't thank Pets Without Parents enough for giving me the opportunity to adopt this wonderful cat.


RapunzelI just wanted to share with you how happy I am that I was able to adopt my cat, Rapunzel, from you! I got her about a month ago (September 2009) and it only took a few days for us to get used to each other, (i.e. me getting used to her very vocal personality, that she can't hear me, and her getting used to my daily schedule) but we are very compatible. It is nice to have a cat up with me at 3 a.m. when I am studying so I can take several "study breaks" to play with her! Even though she is deaf, I honestly think she is better behaved than any of the other cats I've ever had! When my friends and family visit me, even the people who claim to "not be cat-people" love her. My mother- who is not exactly an animal person- has come up with the nickname "Punz" for her (and strangely enough, it has actually caught on) and tried to figure out how she can cat sit for me. Anyways, thank you so much, Rapunzel is the cutest and sweetest cat I've ever had and I am extremely glad I was able to provide a permanent home for her.

Here is a picture of her on my bookcase- one of her favorite places to nap.

Sheenaugh, Caeleigh, and Dino

SheenaughCaeleighOK, it's been a while since I submitted a "Happy Tail", althoughwe have now adopted 4 pets from you. Dougall (Alf) was the first (an earlier Happy Tail), but since then we have had Sheenagh (black cat) and Caeleigh (tabby cat)), and Dino (beagle). We fostered Dino for a few weeks before adopting him, and recently we adopted a brother for him (Otis) from a dog rescue transport going through Columbus to Canada. We are all going to start obedience training soon, because this has become a very unruly house. Added to my 4 PWP "alums" are Alec (Cat Welfare), James Bond (a walk-in volunteer), and of course, Otis-the beagle- who- never- made -it- to- Canada.Dino and Otis

Angus (Chili Bean) and Mayzie

Amyzie and AngusA picture is worth a thousand words....Mayzie (adopted in 2006 from PWP) and Angus (formerly known as Chili Bean, adopted in 10/09) absolutely LOVE each other! We could not be happier to have them as part of our family. Thank you so very much for rescuing them so that we can give them a happy home!

Clementine (Chloe)

ClementineClementineMy husband and I adopted Chloe September 2009. Chloe had been left tied up in front of the shelter three months earlier. Chloe, estimated to be only about 2-3 years old, had obviously already had at least one litter of puppies. Chloe being a full-grown pit-bull sat in her cage for three months watching as other puppies got adopted. My husband and I looked at several homeless dogs at several rescue groups but we decided Chloe was the least likely to find a home so we chose her. That concludes Chloe's story.

Now let me tell you about Clementine. Clementine sleeps in bed with her people, goes for long walks, splashes in ponds, plays with toys, goes to dog parks, has play dates with other dogs and relaxes on the couch with her people. She's a 50 lb lap dog and very affectionate. She'd lick your face off if you let her. My husband and I decided to rename Chloe to Clementine. As you read in the beginning Chloe's life wasn't that great. But Clementine's life is spectacular! Clementine isn't my first rescue, and she wont be my last, but it never ceases to amaze me how people throw wonderful animals away. Clementine is a very good girl. Her transition into our family was very smooth. I honestly cant see one reason why someone wouldn't want her anymore. She has found her furever home.

Samson (Bobby Ray)

SamsonSamsonWe adopted Samson (formerly Bobby Ray) in January 2009. He was only 9 weeks old and 5 lbs. He is now 11 months and a full 27 lbs. He has attended and graduated from PetSmart puppy obedience class. He loves to eat ice chips. We are proud that you were able to save his litter and provide us with with such a wonderful pet. Included are 2 pictures. One from they day we brought him home and also an updated picture at 10 months old. Thanks!

Petey (Mighty Dog)

PeteyPetey Hi old friends at Pets without Parents! How is everyone doing? I miss you guys! Just wanted to let you know I am doing ok at my new home with Erica, Joe, Josh, Tess, Sabbath, and Tabitha. My only complaint is that the cats won't play with me. But mom, dad, and Josh make up for it. Grandma also comes over twice a day to visit. My wounds healed up real good, and my hair is growing back. Luckily I haven't been attacked by any more dogs, but my mom makes me go to the dog park every day. She said this will help me be less afraid. Yeah, right. I really like wearing clothes, especially sweaters. Grandma got me a sweater, a raincoat, and a coat, and I have 2 halloween costumes. Dad got mom a baby sling and she likes to carry me in it when she does chores. It's really fun!

Love, Petey (they changed my name, but I'm still a Mighty Dog!)

Puma (Snarf)

SnarfJust wanted to say that we love our cat (Snarf); now named Puma. We named him Puma as he loves to jump around on everything and has boundless energy. It was our first pet together and glad we came to Pets Without Parents. Thanks again for allowing us to adopt, what is in our opinion, the best cat ever.


FinneganFinnigan has completed his first obedience class and graduated. Thought you'd like to see him in his graduation gown. We're taking a second Basic Obedience class now. He needs the extra practice. Thanks for rescuing him and taking such good care of him.

Grace (Parsnip)

GraceGraceWe adopted little Grace (formerly known as Parsnip) in June of this year (2009). We named her Grace because she is anything but graceful-she is prone to tripping over her own paws! We fell in love with Grace from the moment we saw her. She is so very sweet, and full of energy. Grace is 6 months old now and doing very well. We love taking grace for walks, and to the bark park in westerville. Grace is so very loved. Thanks to Pets without parents for giving us such a sweet little girl to love.


FennelI first laid eyes on Fennel at July's "Mingle with the Mutts." At two months old, he was no more than ten pounds, yet his mammoth-sized paws indicated he would grow into a much larger pooch. His expressive eyes locked with mine and as I picked him up, he gave me the best canine seal of approval: a big wet kiss! Within one week, we had visited Pets Without Parents and decided to adopt our little pointer mix. From our very first hour together, Fennel has assumed the role of "Entertainer" in our house. He lives for our affection (and perhaps his mouth-watering organic kibble) and loves to meet new people and other dogs. On walks, he leaves no leaf untasted and enjoys following a fresh scent. Fennel has become the center of our world and I can't imagine life without him. Thank you, PWP, for bringing such a wonderful friend into our lives!

Nyla and Joy

NylaJoyDo you remember Nyla and Joy from about a year ago? Nyla was the gray cat upstairs that put up a fight when my daughter and I tried to get her. Joy was the black cat in a cage that just had kittens. Well, both are doing great and love to play and love attention. Yes, even Nyla with her frightened attitude loves to be held and plays with Joy. So when others want a cat that puts up a fight, it is only because the cat is scared. They still make wonderful additions to the family.

Oliver (Fenway)

OliverOliverWe adopted Oliver (previous name was Fenway) from pets without parents in June 2007. He weighed about four pounds the day we got him and now, about three years later, he has grown into a huge 18 lb cat! As newlyweds, he was the first addition to our family. Little did we know, he would soon become king of our house. He is the most lovable, friendly, feline ever! He has a sister kitty named Allie Cat, that that he has a love/hate relationship with. He spends most of his time sleeping in my bed or his cardboard box he calls a bed. His favorite thing to do is walk around and collect all my elastic hair bands and put them in his food bowl for safe keeping. He demands my full attention and when I'm on the computer and he wants my attention, he will flop down overtop my hands, so I can no longer type. Thank you Pets Without Parents for giving us the MOST wonderful cat in the world!

Harley (Pea) and Moe (Sally)

Moe and HarleyWe adopted Moe (previously Sally) five years ago from PWP and recently decided it was time for Moe to have a sister. Harley (previously Pea of the pointer mix litter at PWP) is five months old and is the perfect pup. It was a great decision -- Harley is learning from Moe and Moe has had the energy of a puppy during the last month. We were told by PWP that she would be good with other dogs, would learn quickly and will grow into her gigantic paws-- all of which are true. She's put on 4lbs in height during the last week! PWP is a fantastic shelter with great staff/volunteers and has been a positive experience for both adoptions. We wouldn't adopt anywhere else!


WendyWendyI adopted a cat from you all last January (2009) and I wanted to send you all an email to see how much my cat Wendy has grown since I have adopted her from you guys. Also, she had a sister when she was at the shelter named Wanda.

Brutus (Elmo)

BrutusBrutusI just wanted to give you an update on Brutus (previously Elmo) adopted just over a year ago from PWP. I fell in love with Brutus at your shelter and was so exited to take him home. He has been a joy and is one of the happiest dogs that I have ever been around. Brutus has so much energy and always wants to play with whoever/whatever is around. Brutus recently moved in with his new brother Jack (Yorkie) and they have become inseperable. Although they may not seem like a likely pair, they enjoy everything together and are such a joy. Just want to thank you for providing me an opportunity to adopt and bring Brutus into my family and who know, I may be by again to build on our happy family.

Dilla (Tahiti)

DillaDillaWe adopted our pit bull mix, Dilla (then named Tahiti) from PWP in January 2009. My teenage son saw her on your website and we braved the frigid conditions to come and see her for ourselves. When she was let out of her crate, she immediately began bringing toys to us so that we would play. We brought her home to our two Boston Terriers, and although it was an adjustment for all, we now can't imagine life without her. She went through bully breed training and received her AKC Star Puppy Award. Thank you for our Dilla and all the good work you do.

Hudson (Soda Pop)

hudsonhudsonHello! I just wanted to thank all of you at Pets Without Parents for all of your good and hard work: it was a great experience adopting our cat from your shelter. I thought I would walk away with ALL the animals- it's so hard to pick just one to take home when so many need to be taken care of. My boyfriend and I were drawn to one kitten in particular, a teeny gray striped one named "Soda Pop" now renamed Hudson. He was SOO small at 2 months old, when we first brought him home with us back in December! And while he still has his baby face, at 9 months old now his is getting to be a big boy. He loves to get into boxes, play fetch, and has claimed my papasan chair as his own! He's not a very shy cat at all, and likes to escort us whenever we open the door for visitors. It's just a testament to how well you all handle the animals, making sure each one is given lots of love and needed attention. Great work! We've spread the word to all of our friends (in fact, we have one trying to adopt a puppy from your shelter!) and you have our thanks and support!


kermitkermit and johnKermit is about 15 months old now (his birthdate is 1-21-08). We thought about changing his name, but it was just too cute. Kermit is an inside cat, but we let him out because he loves it so much. He will lay under the trees and listen to the birds and sometimes sleeps under the deck. He is a wonderful and kind cat. He likes people, adults and kids. The vet says that he is not just a striped cat, but also a spotted one. He is Mama's little boy and my handsome man.

Keely, Dugan, and Archer (Victor, Vinny, and Stevie Ray)

keely and duganarcherWe adopted the one year old brothers Keely and Dugan (Victor and Vinny) in September 2008. They are such wonderful, loving, affectionate cats. We have really enjoyed watching them play with each other and get to know our two dogs, including Archer (Stevie Ray), whom we adopted as a puppy 5 years ago. We originally planned to adopt just one cat, but we are so glad we brought both boys home. They are inseparable.

Roxeanne (Marie)

roxanneAll - THANK YOU for rescuing Roxeanne, aka Marie. She is my heart and a wonderful addition to our family. She sleeps cuddled up by me at bedtime and is very attentive to where we are. She is adorable and so affectionate. she is healthy and will be two years old this summer. Time flies when you're having fun! :):). Thanks for your assistance and finding our jewel. She is the best.

Tasha (Natasha)

tashatashaWe adopted Tasha (formerly Natasha) in June, 2004, when she was 3 months old. We had been looking for a Golden Retriever mix, and we weren't quite sure what Tasha was mixed with, but she sure was cute! She was a curious puppy, as you can see, and she always wanted to be wherever the people were. We lovingly nicknamed her Houdini for awhile because she figured out how to escape from her crate when it was locked! She is still mechanically inclined, because we now have a toddler and Tasha has no problem opening the baby gates to be where her family is. She is such a sweet and loving girl, and so polite - she always waits to be invited up onto the bed; she never assumes. She can be a little bit pushy when she is looking for some attention. She'll push her head right up under our hands so there is no confusion that she wants to be pet. Now that Tasha is fully grown, she looks to us like a possible mix of Golden Retriever and Great Pyrenees.

Leo (Monte)

LeoLeo (Monte) was not my first choice for I was set on adopting a kitten. I held several cats but once I held Leo it was love at first purr :) He is such a calm affectionate cat and now he is spoiled rotten. I am so glad I chose him. He greets me when ever I come home and he answers to his name with the cutest meow. And of course he is a Buckeye fan notice his scarlet and grey OSU tag;)

Audrey (Godiva)

audreyaudreyAudrey was adopted in July 2008, and has been a blessing ever since. She is a joy to come home to, and a great cuddler. She loves to snack on fresh fruits and veggies while we are cooking, should some happen to slip through our fingers. Her favorite thing to do is chase the rabbits that live in the bushes in the backyard. She is an amazing companion, and I couldn't be happier that we found each other! Thanks PWP!!

Pepper (Amstel)

pepperpepperPepper is such a pleasure. She is the friendliest dog in the world, as she never meets a stranger. She loves to play, running in the yard and with other dogs at playgroups. She is so sweet with my nieces (13 yo, 5 yo and 1 yo), she behaves appropriately with each of them. The funniest thing ever was when I first came home and found her lying on the couch, she just looked over her shoulder at me, as if to say welcome home, but you woke me up. I love this girl!!!! Thank you PWP!

Nikki (Lulu)

Nikki We've had Nikki (Lulu) for about a month now. Although she came to us with several health issues that arose from her past life, she is now well on the way to recovery and is thriving in her new home. I have two large labradors who are older and unable to walk with me. I wanted to find a small dog that would force me to walk and get in shape, as well as be a good family pet. What I got with Nikki is so much more. She is a true companion, and she has completely devoted herself to me. It's almost like she looks at me as her savior. She has made a huge positive impact in my life. Unfortunately, she's been a little shy of my husband, but it's getting better every day. She stole my heart right away, and we are looking forward to having her in our lives for a long time. Thanks for the opportunity to have found such a lovely girl!


dukeI adopted my best friend from you several years ago. His name is Duke and he is very spoiled. He his my best friend, stays with me all the time and is great company to me. He has seven feline brothers and sisters and loves to play with them. He is the typical brother though and picks at them to get them to play. In 2007 Duke decided to start getting things off the countertop and eating them, whatever it was, it didn't matter. One time it was a bottle of Crisco oil, but usually it was just a loaf of bread or crackers. The problem - he was mad, I just didn't know what about. The answer - I would close my bedroom door when I left in the mornings. Once I started leaving the door open again so he could go back to bed, the getting into things on the counter stopped. He is my "son" and I'd be lost without him.

Moo (Milk)

MooMoo I just wanted to let you all know how Milk was doing-We renamed her Moo. She is such a good dog. Her and the cats are almost friends. Bork, the oldest will walk right in front of her and she sits like a statue. Fatty, my younger cat still yells at her, but he is coming around. She is so gentle around babies, does not beg for food and is doing very well in puppy classes. She is getting so big. She is up to 45lb and is not quite yet 6 months. And she thinks she is lap dog! She loves going in the car. She is doing good with potty training and knows down just by us pointing. She is such a lover. Thank you all so very much for all you did. We absolutely love her!

Bosco (Dewey)

boscoBosco We got Bosco last summer, he was known as Dewey at your place. He came in as our 5th dog! I know, we're crazy but I couldn't resist his sad story! He is doing great! He also joined 3 cats, and two human kids as well. His favorite past times are tormenting the cats, and sitting on a lawn chair on the back patio to enjoy all the sights, sounds, and smells! It's a full house around here but we couldn't be happier! Thanks for taking care of "Boz" for us until he could make his way into our lives!

Lucy (Jasmine)

LucyLucy We adopted Jasmine or Lucy as we call her in August of 2007. She was one of four litter mates in the "Aladdin" themed group who was left on the side of a highway in Athens, OH. I had just moved to the area and as an avid dog lover, coaxed my fiance into the idea that a dog was exactly what we needed to make our new house a home. After multiple hours on Petfinder and visits to all of the local shelters, we found ourselves coming back to PWP, the smallest of the shelters we visited but the one with the most heart. In the spur of the moment late on a Monday night, we went to pick up our baby. We filled out the necessary paperwork and with a smile and some last minute hugs and goodbyes we had added the newest member to our family. Since then, Lucy has mastered the role of only child in being spoiled rotten ; ) Her favorite activites include: Off leash nature walks and swimming at Antrum Park, scouting and chasing squirrels, car rides, belly rubs, naps, and mini vacations at Chateau Torchia to stay with her 4 best friends Lily, Sienna, Emily, and Miley (2 Golden Labs & 2 Red Labs) when we are out of town. We don't know what we would do without her ; ) Our only regret is that we did not rescue one of her brothers as well ! Thanks PWP, for all you do !

Sammy (Spanky)

SpankySpanky We adopted Sammy (formerly Spanky) four months ago. We had been looking for a dog on and off for a few months and from the moment we saw Sammy, we knew she was the one. She was so calm and sweet and had the cutest floppy ears. Sammy was from an abandoned litter and had a skin infection from malnourishment. She was scared when we brought her home, but has since become the energetic and loving joy of our lives. She loves chasing the cat, playing tug of war and going for walks. Strangers comment on how she prances when she walks. She is smart and loyal, following us wherever we go. We cannot remember what life was like before Sammy. She has enriched our home so much. Thank you for all that you do, Pets Without Parents.


TedTed I can't believe it has been over a year since I adopted Ted! I was not looking to adopt another dog (as I already had a dog and a cat), but I happened across the PWP website one night and I was a goner. He was the featured dog at that time because he had been in the shelter almost a year and nobody wanted him. I adopted Ted the next day. He is the sweetest thing you could ever imagine. Some people are a little taken aback by his looks (yes, he's a pit mix) but the only thing they have to fear is being licked to death! He has even learned to tolerate my cat, though they still get into it every now and then - he's learning though! He enjoys day care at Park Your Paws, and gnawing on bones every chance he gets. He has been a wonderful < addition to my family and I can't imagine life without him.

Scribbles Marie (Scribbles)

scribbles We adopted Scribbles Marie (we add the Marie to be more “gender specific”) in August 2008. She was very timid and mellow at the shelter and always stayed perched in the same spot. We didn’t expect her to turn out to be so playful and affectionate! She’s so curious and loves to explore. She will play with anything she finds laying around – jingle balls, cat nip toys, keys – but her absolute favorite game is batting around pens on the floor and chasing them under the rug. When she’s not playing, she loves to curl up on the bed and be petted by one of her humans. Thank you so much for taking care of Scribbles and letting us bring her home. We couldn’t ask for a better cat!

Khloe (Tani)

khloe We brought Khloe (previously Tani) home March of 2008. I had grown up to black lab mixes and when I saw her I couldn't resist. Khloe had a very rough start, 4 days after bringing her home she had to be taken to OSU's Veternary Hostipital and was diagnosed with parvo. She was only given a 50% chance of survival. Luckily we caught the parvo very early and she is a super strong pup, she made it through and is one happy dog today! She enjoys cuddling with her mom & dad as well as going for runs, chewing on her toys, playing in the snow and swimming. I know that Khloe came from a large litter (some of which had parvo as well) and she would love to meet her siblings. If you own one of Khloe's siblings please contact Amy and maybe we could get the two together to play.

Pretty Girl

pretty girl I already have a ga-zillion pix of Pretty Girl (a.k.a. Pretty Kitty, Kitty Girl and just Kitty) but just wanted to show you her and her cuddling buddy-purple monkey. She loves her purple monkey and sleeps with him in her bed,which is on my bed right next to me. She seems very happy-she purrs and coos the second you walk in the room. Her 'meow' needs some work but it's coming along.  She has met Murphy, our 55lb English Bulldog. She has let us know she is in no way, shape or form ready to hang out with him. She does however tolerate him thru the baby gate we put permanently in my bedroom doorway. I'm not worried, my bedroom is the master so she has plenty of room to roam and explore-and she does. She loves to look out the big windows I have and even though I was keeping them closed to keep it a bit warmer-she loves looking out so much I just open 'em in the morning and close 'em at night.

I hope to be able to convince others to adopt from PWP. There's a warm fuzzy feeling that I get every time I see her playing, pouncing, lying on her back sleeping, and just enjoying herself. Thank you.

Lloyd (Logan)

lloyd lloyd This past summer we started searching for a brother to accompany our boy beagle, Skeeter. We saw 2 year old Lloyd's picture on your website and were drawn to him as he looked just like Skeeter. We visited him a couple times, but Lloyd seemed terribly shy and not very sure of us. Even when we brought Skeeter in to visit him they didn?t seem to click. But Lloyd tugged on our heartstrings and we knew he needed us, maybe even more than we needed him. In August we signed the papers and brought the shy little guy home.

It took us awhile to settle on his new name. He'd obviously had some neglect and/or abuse in his past, so we wanted him to start with a clean slate. The family decision was that he would be called Logan. He's been Logan, Logie, Loger, Loganberry, and many other variations since. It seems to have fit pretty well. Upon entering his new house he sniffed around for a minute or two, meeting his new cat brother without incident, and eventually Skeeter was let in to get better acquainted. They sniffed each other for a bit and then the funniest thing happened. This painfully withdrawn, hesitant, afraid of his own shadow little guy, when we opened up the patio door to the backyard, ran full tilt with his new brother all the way to the back fence. They chased each other around, sniffed for squirrel tracks, and played together until they came back to the patio panting.

It took him a bit longer to get over the fear of his new humans. He loved food, though, and that helped him to associate us with good things. We constantly had treats with us so he took to following us around, albeit from a distance at first.

He probably had never had a toy before, because the numerous ones we got him didn't interest in him at all. But six months later and he's now a full-fledged member of our family, as well as the local dog community. He will come up to total strangers and let them pet him now. He's attended training classes; one where the teacher called him the "star pupil". He loves it when his friends come over for play dates and sleepovers. And he allows his humans to experience joy, love and affection, as well as pride in all he?s accomplished.

We want you to know how happy we are to have him, and we thank Pets Without Parents for being the bridge that got him to us.


louielouie We adopted Louie in October and he has been such a blessing to our household. He loves our new home, especially the stairs as well as sleeping with us at night. Louie is so funny and really keeps us on our toes and laughing. He adjusted well to his new home and enjoys sunbathing during the day and running around at night when we are trying to sleep. His favorite toys are plastic Easter eggs, which are scattered all over the house! Thanks so much Pets Without Parents!

AJ (Preston)

prestonWhen my sister's dog got hit by a car and had to be put down 8 mos ago, I was not sure that we would all make it through it. When she told me that she was ready for another dog, I was bound and determined to help her find the perfect dog. I remember that it was July 4 and I just did a random search for shelters in Columbus. Much to my surprise, I found your website and realized that you were just down the street from me. I called and was surprised again to learn that the shelter was open. I went to the shelter and found Preston. I fell in love with him. I called my sister and let her know that if she really was ready for another dog, I found the perfect dog. She and I went to see Preston (without even telling my brother in law) and she agreed. She took her husband there to see him that night. He also fell in love. Since, Preston has been renamed to AJ (Abita Junior, since Abita was the previous baby that had to be put down) and has won the puppy lottery! He is now 10 mos old and he weighs about 65 lbs and is very obviously part Chow. He is so mild mannered and well behaved. He is loved by everyone and is a welcomed part of the family.

Milo (Jordan)

MiloWhen we saw "Jordan" (this was his name at the shelter) as a kitten, my sister wanted him a lot. I guess she loved the fluffy fur and cute face. My mom was a little worried about having such a fluffy cat in our house. She didn't want to get one that shedded too much. My sister wanted him really bad though, so eventually my mom agreed we could adopt him. He was very little and came from a litter of around 3-4 kittens. He must have caught our eye the way he was the only one in his litter with long hair. After adopting him we took him home and named him Milo. Milo was very cute a lovable but sometimes (just like all cats) he liked to play and gave us a scratch or two. Although we didn't like these things, we still loved the way he would fall asleep on your lap and how he would chase anything that moved. Today he is all grown up and he is actually pretty big! His weight is only around 11 or 12 pounds but because of all the fur he looks a lot bigger. No longer will he fall asleep on our laps but he still LOVES to play.


OmaThanks so much for everything you all do! We love our "Oma" kitty very much... she has doubled in size already... long...kitty. I named her Oma -- which means "love" in Yugoslavian. Thanks again ---

Claude (Buddy)

claudeWe adopted Claude (left) from the PWP cat condo about four months ago, as a companion for Stella. Many people had cautioned us that adult cats often have a difficult time getting along, but not these two! They were grooming each other within a few days and sleeping together within a week; now they are best friends. Aside from trying out his latest wrestling moves on Stella, Claude's favorite activities include attacking the printer when it feeds paper, lounging in doorways, and helping me cook. He is also a very idiosyncratic cat... he wags his tail like a dog when he's happy and actually likes being pet against the grain of his fur!

Murray McFly (Dyson)

murraymurray Formerly Dyson. Now Murray McFly...This little dog spent his first 9 months in a barn with too many other dogs and totally neglected before being rescued by Pets Without Parents. He has traveled across the country, spent some time in Chicago and even flown in a plane. What an adventure for a barn dog!! I can't thank PWPC enough for caring enough to save him and the rest of the animals that need forever homes. Keep up the great work. You have saved so many...

Eima (Duelly)

eimaWe just wanted to give you an update on Duelly, We re-named her Eima. She is fitting in pretty well, we had some issues with separation at first she would bark non stop when we left the house. She has since gotten over it for the most part though. She has been a great walking and jogging partner we take her everyday. She is getting really good at heel and stopping at every corner. She will be going hiking with us for the first time in a few weeks. She and Nox are great buddies the play very well together they are inseparable. They sleep in the same bed, eat out of the same food bowls, and share toys. She went to doggy day care for the first time last week and we think its going to be a good option for the days that Nick and I are both in school all day. She and Nox also have been going over to my parents house to run in their huge yard. She is such a great little dog, really a nice addition to our family, I cant thank you enough for letting us adopt her.


Otisotis I adopted Otis in the spring of 2006. He was part of a litter of about 5 puppies, all adorable with curly tails. He is curious about everything, very hyper and loves to cuddle. Otis is so full of energy and all of the kids in my neighborhood love to play with him when we are walking around. Children love him so much that when I go home my nieces ask when Otis is coming over, not me! He has become best friends with my room mates cat and they love to play together! It's very cute to see a cat and dog so friendly. He has brought so much joy to my life and I am so thankful for finding him at your facility!


detourI adopted DD about 4 months ago when he was just 3 months old. I wasn't even going to adopt a dog the day I went to the shelter. I came in to walk whatever dog needed walking and I saw his big, sad eyes, and crooked tail. I knew right away that Detour should be in my family. He was just the sweetest little thing I had ever seen, and so well behaved. We've been inseperable ever since. He loves to go for rides in the car. He also loves to go to the park and wrestle with his many friends. It's funny. It seems like everywhere we go, whether it be the pet store, the vet, or even Comm Fest, someone seems to recognize D. We'll continue to send in updated pics so that all of his many friends can see how he's doing, and how big he's getting. 


Aslanaslan I just wanted to thank Pets without Parents for giving us Aslan. We adopted him a few weeks ago and feel so lucky to have him as part of our family now! He spends his days lounging in window sills and playing with his new toys and sleeps at the bottom of the bed at night. He is so loving and snuggly, we couldn't be happier! We just wanted to send a short note so you knew he was happy, healthy and doing well.

Maggie (Panya)

maggieWe adopted Maggie in January of 2006 and have loved her since the day we first met her. She is a super sweet dog, who aims to please and lives for love, attention and kisses. She is the perfect balance to our energetic and mischievous beagle - and they are inseparable. She is the best dog anyone could ever ask for! We are so thankful to Pets Without Parents for bringing us together with Maggie - we are glad we can provide a home to such a grateful and loving dog. For this, we will always choose rescue dogs from here on out. We'd love to get in contact with any of her litter mates, I know she had two sisters and a brother, to see how they are doing.

Lincoln (Benji)

LincolnlincolnWe adopted Lincoln (Benji) almost a year ago. The picture of Lincoln the Horrible was taken a week or so after he came to live with us. He was a real ruffian when we first adopted him. He’s a smart boy and has really enjoyed having a forever home. He is a pretty good boy, most days and we’re so glad he joined our family. He also went with us on vacation to Tennessee last September and had a great time. We adopted a little brother named Sammy, in March, for Lincoln to rough house with; Sammy needed a new home and they have a great time together. The other picture was taken a couple of weeks a go, with his brother Sammy.


StellaWe adopted Stella last spring. At the time she was only 6 weeks, had been abandoned, and had a foot that was extremely infected (she almost lost it!). When we saw her though, we knew we wanted to try to nurse her back to health and take care of her. Just look at how adorable she is today! Thanks so much for all you do!


williamI adopted Will (Dodge was his original name) from Pets Without Parents a little over a year ago. I never really had a pet of my own and was never much of an animal enthusiast either but this little guy has completely melted my heart. I love him more than I thought possible. He's the perfect cat and companion. He remains as playful as when I first got him but also enjoys to relax on my lap while I'm watching TV or playing video games. Will's charm and antics always make him the center of attention when guests are over and as you can see from his photos he is very handsome. I want to thank all of you at Pets Without Parents for opening up this brand new world for me and for all the great work you do for these helpless and homeless animals.

Penelope (Nikita)

penelopeI adopted Penelope (Nikita while with you) in November 2007. She is the most amazing little girl. She climbed all over me when I walked into the kitty condo and I just had to take her home. Now she lives with me and her big brother Boris the tuxedo cat. Penelope is the best snuggle kitty I've ever seen. She has slept in the bed since her first day here, and her very favorite place to be is on my chest or shoulder. She follows me around from room to room all the time. When I was adopting her I was told that she was the last of her litter left. I have no idea how she was still there, but I'm so glad she waited for me. Thank you so much for taking care of my little girl. Her catster page is located here: http://www.catster.com/cats/664715


Buck buck Growing up with pets, I was used to having animals around my whole life. When I moved to Columbus, I was living alone for the first time and missed animals. My friend told me about Pets Without Parents, and when I went to the shelter to look, a kitten reached right out to play with me--I knew right away that was my new best friend. I named him "Buckeye", but he is must commonly known as Buck. He quickly secured a life long place in my heart, I even flew him home with me for the holidays to California! He has never met a stranger! We have since moved back to California, and Buck is enjoying the views of San Francisco out his windows as he watches birds in his time between playing and snuggling. He is the best friend and roommate I could ask for! Thank You!

Lupo (Abby)

LupolupoWhen I first came in I set eyes on a few of the beautiful kittens your shelter had at the time, but a few had already had applications on them, so I was told the shelter would get back to me in a few days. I was so anxious to get another kitten that I came in a few days later to see how the application process was going. And there was little "Abby," a beautiful part main coon kitten. I had always wanted a main coon since I was very young because my best friend growing up had had two brother main coons and they were such wonderful and beautiful cats! The second I saw her I knew I needed to take her home. She looked exactly like my best friend's cat growing up! I hadn't seen her on my previous visit because she had been in the sick room because some of her siblings had died. So the fact that I just so happened to come back to the shelter to check on my application, and there happened to be a beautiful main coon kitten, I knew that it was fate!

I named her Lupo, which means wolf in Italian, after my best friend's cat growing up. She has been an absolute joy. She a huge cuddler and extremely friendly to new friends! All of my friends who have met her want to steal her away. I have been told on numerous occasions that I have "the cutest kitten in the entire world." And I would have to agree. Not only is she the most adorable and friendly kitten I have ever met, but she FETCHES! That's right, fetches. One day she started dragging a stuffed bunny I got for Easter by the ear and put it in my lap. I proceeded in throwing it and that is how we learned that she loves to fetch!

I loved Pets Without Parents, not only because they gave me the cutest cat in the world, but also because they were extremely helpful, personal and cared about the animals. The shelter was so intimate that I felt I was truly cared about as a future adopter. I am so excited that I got to adopt from this shelter and own such a wonderful cat!

Gracie Lou (Fuzzy Wuzzy)

gracie lougracie lou[Shelter Note: When Gracy Lou was with PWP, she had a terrible case of a form of mange. We called her Fuzzy Wuzzy because she only had a fine layer of fuzz covering her little body. As you can see, she recovered!!]

Hi my name is Tiffani about 4-5 years ago I adopted Fuzzy Wuzzy who was re-name Gracy Lou and is happy and now has a beautiful brindle coat and is doted and loved on daily! I can't tell you what a great addition she was to my family and my life! I always say she is the best purchase I ever made! We hope to see you soon as we want to add another puppy to the family and wouldn't go any where else but to you for that special dog. Thank you sooo much!

Sonica (Fiona)

sonicasonica and siblingsMy new home is great! I run up and down the steps and chase the other cats in my new family. We have lots of fun playing with catnip and furry toy mice. Thank you for working so hard to get me into a forever home. My new mommy and daddy spoil me with lots of hugs and snuggling and even canned chicken and liver kitten food! They really love me! I've included a new potrait of me and a line-up of my new siblings: Sweetie, Wrigley and Buster. Purrs and kisses, Fiona/ Sonica

Boo and Azreal (Vanna and Cobain)

booAzrealIn January of 2005 we adopted 2 cats from you. We renamed them Boo (formerly Vanna) and Azreal (formerly Cobain). We originally went in there to get one cat. But Boo was so great and friendly ...we had to take her too. I noticed in the shelter both times I visited, that Boo and Azreal would play. She would pull on his tail, and he would take it. And still they are best buddies! Boo is already 8 years old, and BOY does she have energy! She runs circles around Azreal. I love them! They are our family. Thank you pets without parents!

Brawny (Nike)

BrawnyBrawny was adopted from the Shoe Litter in May and was brought to live with his family the Fleck's and their 2 kittens Bobbi and Beans. He has a big house in the country where he spends his time playing fetch, chasing toads, deer, and bunnies, running with his humans, and fishing in the creek. His favorite food is cat food though he's not allowed to have it, and pupcorn. He likes to play with much bigger dogs than his and his favorite toy is his squeaky "possum". Brawny is very loved and is happy to have found his forever home. He hopes his 4 sisters are as happy as he is and have found their parents!


buckeyeBuckeye was adopted in January. Buckeye now has a white Chihuahua friend Princess. These two our inseparable, well 98 percent of the time, unless Buckeye has a bone. Buckeye has made a great addition two our small family. He loves me (Melissa) and is always at my heels, wanting to play with a tennis ball or just to cuddle in my lap and cuddle. Walks are a must and he will let me know if he did not get enough outdoor time by sitting by the door and barking until I break down and go outside to play. Sadly he hates baths and swimming in Alum Creek at the doggie park, but gets along well with both big and little dogs when running around the Park. He loves fireworks and Sparklers, and just this July 4th 2008 weekend went to West Virginia. Mom and dad got sick and Buckeye kept us awake for the long 4 hour drive home. I could never be happier with a dog than with this Chihuahua/terrier mix. He learns fast and is so eager to be the best he can be. Thanks Pets Without Parents.

Q (Q-Ball)

QQI adopted a beautiful cat named "Q-Ball" (I have since shortened it to just "Q") several months ago and couldn't be happier. He was a little shy at first, but has since opened up and become one of the most loving cats I have ever had. He is very sweet and snuggly and always up for a good game of "swat the toy mouse". When he's not playing he enjoys lounging. I think shelter life (with a shared cage) gave him a need to always take up as much space possible, for now he tends to sleep like this (in the picture). He also enjoys our outside adventures, even though they never lead to any exploring past the porch. He has an affinity for bird watching and likes to take post in a basket for optimum viewing pleasure. He is truly a joy to have around and I love him dearly. I am so happy that I had an opportunity to make him part of my family and I treasure his kitty friendship and love daily. Thank you to Pets Without Parents for the wonderful work you do helping animals find there way to happy homes.

Teemu (Felicity)

TeemuTeemuWe adopted Teemu (formerly known as Felicity) about four months ago. It took her a few days to get used to her new surroundings, but she is now very comfortable in her new home. She is very smart and has even learned to play fetch! She also makes some interesting sounds, more like squeaking than meowing. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you Pets Without Parents!

Atticus (Schroeder)

atticusatticusI adopted this beautiful boy in May, 2007. He was about four months old at the time. I had been having a hard time finding a dog that just 'felt right' when I decided to check out Pets Without Parents. Atticus (Schroeder, at the time) was patiently waiting in his crate. I took him out for a walk and left with him about an hour later. Since then, he has excelled in obedience training, learning not to fear riding in a car, and has learned to be off-leash! He is a wonderful snuggler and an endless source of entertainment. Atticus is a favorite of children and other dogs around the neighborhood and I could not love him more.

Dougall (Alf)

dougallMy husband Steve and I adopted Dougall (formerly Alf) from PWP last May (2007). We had lost two cats within a week to serious illness - Winston (nearly 17) and Mairi (only 12, but with incurable, fast working cancer). Two weeks after I lost Mairi, I stopped off at the shelter one day - the very day that Dougall (Alf) had just come back from the vets after getting "clipped". I fell in love on sight - and visited him several times before expressing my honorable intentions toward this beautiful guy (he's somewhere between 3 and 5, and had been out on the streets a while).

Dougall has fit into our house more quickly and completely than any cat I have ever adopted - simply amazing - and I love him. We are having to watch his weight - because he really, really enjoys the regular meals, just a little bit TOO much! Dougall has joined our family and has become brother to Ewan, Suisaidh, Alec and J.B. (James Bond). Thanks for running this wonderful shelter, and thanks for the efforts to find permanent homes for these animals.

Odin (Navidad)

Odinodin and azzieHere's an unusual sight: Odin (Navidad) and our other dog, Yazzie, sitting still! They are typically playing together as though they've known each other for years. We are so thrilled with Odin--he's such a smart, gentle pup. He's almost housebroken and already knows "sit" and "fetch." To help him realize his full potential, we're going to take him to puppy classes next month. Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to adopt him and for all the important work you do for other animals. 

Albert and Amos

albert and amosI have adopted two felines from you. Albert was our first adoptee, an all black kitten who is the most loving, intelligent cat there is. We adore him and he shows his love in return. About a year and a half after adopting Albert, we lost our other cat, and came back to you to adopt Amos. He is a tabby and white cat who has a purr that can be heard over the phone it is so loud! Both boys are fabulous and enrich our lives. I recently was promoted to an international position with my company and am pleased to inform you that both cats are now living in Vancouver, British Columbia with us. We purchased airline tickets for them so they could travel with us in the cabin and they did remarkably well on the flight. I am attaching a picture of Amos in flight. (he was the star of the flight with everyone stopping by to pet him!) Albert was content to stay in his carrier under the seat. Getting them through customs was not an issue and they are enjoying the strictly indoor life in Canada. Thank you again for all you do for all the unwanted pets in the Columbus area. We are blessed to have two such wonderful adoptees!

Bella (Nala)

bellaWe adopted Bella, previously known as Nala, a couple of months ago and couldn't be more thrilled with her. She makes us smile and laugh on a daily basis, and could not be sweeter or more affectionate. Her playful personality has even sparked some energy back into our 8 year old cat Zoie, and it's nice to know that they keep each other company when we're not at home. We’re thrilled with our decision to add this adorable new member to our house and are always suggesting Pets Without Parents to anyone who is thinking about a new pet.

Oden (The Jackson 5 Litter)

OdenMy fiance and I adopted a puppy from the Jackson 5 almost a year ago - March 24, 2007. We named him Oden and he's been a wonderful addition to our family. He's made life much more exciting for our 5 year old formally lazy beagle Buddy! Oden loves playing with other dogs, swimming, chasing balls, and chewing bones. I saw a member of the Jackson 5 on the adoption tail and if any members would like to get together, I'd love to have a playdate! [Shelter Note: If you'd like to contact Oden's family, please email us.]

Thank you so much to Pets Without Parents for everything you do!

Isobel (Girl)

GirlHi, I have only been gone 5weeks but I am growing like a weed my new family loves me and are so happy they saw me on the web page. My littlest person likes to snuggle up and nap with me. Nicole the littlest person's big sis takes me to church once a week the kids in her class love me. I sleep most nights in bed with Nicole, she is looking into making me a therapy dog, because I am so gentle and love people. I take walks with Abby she is my sister dog. She is old and doesn't like to play much but she loves me. I play with Barkley and Angel they are my neighborhood friends they are young and full of energy we even take walks together without Abby so she can rest. I have already gained 10 lbs and love my new family they tell everyone about Pets Without Parents, thanks for letting them take me home, I have lots of toys, friends and humans to love me.

Pete (Donny)

petepeteDonny: adopted September 07 Pete has been with us for almost 6 months now and he is doing great. It doesn't seem so long ago we walked into the shelter and saw him so excited to see us. We always joke that we didn't pick Pete, Pete chose us. That's why we knew we had to take him home after our first play session with him. He loves going to Big Walnut dog park and running out all of his energy (he has A LOT of it), chasing after his friends. He listens very well when he wants to. Pete knows sit, shake, lay down, and roll over. He is also one of the best cuddlers ever! We felt as though he was missing his sister Marie so we adopted his step-sister Penny. They play all the time and sleep together. They are both much happier since they've been together. The bed seems smaller than it used to since Pete is almost 60lbs now (about 15lbs when we got him). We couldn't have been luckier to have Pete in our lives. Thank you so much PWP!!

Shaina (Hannah)

shainashainaWe adopted Shaina in March 2005. She was called Hannah and had six siblings (some with long hair, one other with short hair, and two that were black and white with long hair). (We think that her sister is Cali (Hazel), who also has a story on “Happy Tails”.) Shaina is a very sweet dog with a pleasant personality. She loves to sunbathe, but she also loves to run (especially when there are squirrels within range). Like her sister Cali, she loves to gather and chew on sticks. (Maybe there is a beaver gene in their family?) Shaina is a very good dog, and we love her very much. We so are glad that she came to our home.

Pupulmaio (Danny)

pupulmiaopupulmaioI recently adopted a beautiful kitten (I believe his name was originally Donny or Danny) from you on January 31, 2008. His new name is Pupulmiao (pronounced Pooh-pool-meow), it's Mayan for 'My husband made up this name'. He is fitting into the family as if he were here from the start! Our older cat, Zappers, is still adjusting to the fact that he is here and has so much energy. Nobody has gotten hurt, although they do take turns chasing each other around the house. It's great to see Zappers get scared when he is being chased by such a little kitten. Pupul thinks he is a big cat already and is definitely not afraid to play with Zappers. He is definitely a very affectionate kitten and we couldn't be happier! Thank you for doing what you do for all the animals. Your efforts are very much appreciated and I will recommend you to all friends who are looking for a furry friend!

Indie Ren (Haley)

indie renWe adopted Indie Ren (previously Haley) November 2007 and we can't imagine our lives without her now. She was one of the first dogs my husband and I met at Mingle with Mutts and after an hour of meeting other dogs we had to come back to see her before we left. It was decided that afternoon that we would take her home. As my husband frequently says, "We hit the jackpot with her." She is darn near perfect for us: laid-back, loving and quiet indoors, but spunky and energetic outdoors. She is one of the sweetest and smartest dogs we know and definitely one of the funniest with her quirky personality. We both grew up with dogs but we both agree that she is the best dog we've ever had. Thank you Pets Without Parents for helping to complete our family. 


alenaWe are so thrilled to have Alena as part of our family. Even though she has not been with us very long, she has become a integral part of our family. We joke that Alena picked us as much as we picked her. She is so good with our daughter Caitlin and she likes to be be a good "momma" to all of us, standing guard at the room where we are. I would like to tell everyone who is considering adoption to definitely do it and make sure that you take an extra look at the "imperfect" candidates. Alena has only 3 legs but her spirit more then makes up for her handicap. Thank you so much pets without parents!

Lex (Duncan)

lexMy husband and I adopted Lex (Duncan) in October 2007 to give our current cat, Miles, a younger brother, and to have another animal around to love! He was living in the "Cat Condo" upstairs with the older cats and kittens. As soon as we walked in the room and sat down, he jumped right into our laps and purred up a storm! We knew he was the one for us! Lex has been everything we had hoped for, and so much more. He and Miles love to play and run around the house together and they also enjoy cuddle time together too! Just as he showed us in the shelter, Lex loves to sit on our laps at home and he sleeps with us every night. He has brought us so much joy. We just love him! Thank you so much for taking care of Lex before we could, and for giving love to so many other animals in need!


cooperI wanted to write you a quick success story about my Pets Without Parents doggie, Cooper. Last summer, I was honored when you asked me to be an MC at your charity Dog Walk event. My other pound puppy, Rocky, doesn't travel well, so I opted not to bring him. But when I arrived you had an AMAZING dog for me to walk. His name was Cooper...and it was love at first WOOF!!! We weren't even half way through our walk, and I KNEW he had to come home with me!!! Needless to say, Cooper stayed the weekend with me, the adoption was handles Monday, and my other BIG Pound Puppy Rocky, suddenly had a new little brother!!! Rocky and Cooper and the best of friends, play together all the time, and bring soooo much love and joy into my life!!! Thank you again Pets Without Parents!!!!

Chaucer (Alladin)

chaucerI was watching the news after the first Buckeye game and saw a segment on the filled to capacity shelters. Like every other animal lover I could hardly bear to watch it. The next day I packed my boyfriend and friend into the car and drove to Mingle With the Mutts. There were dogs of every shape and color, but none stood out more to me than Aladdin. I got directions to Pets Without Parents, hightailed it over (no pun intended) and filled out an application faster than you can say fetch. My pound puppy is simply the greatest impromptu decision I have ever made and thanks to the wonderful volunteers at PWP I have the greatest 4 legged friend a girl could ask for. Thanks so much again

Bailey (Roxanne)

baileybaileyWe adopted Bailey (was Roxanne) who was 3 months old for our son in Sept. 2007. We immediately knew she was the one because despite all the other dogs barking and jumping she sat quietly and reached her paw to us as if to shake! She has been the best dog ever! She is laid back and yet protective of her new family. Potty training was too easy and she picked up fetch and sit quickly as well. I tell everyone I can about Pets without Parents. It was obvious the animals were not only cared for but loved. Thank you for our baby girl!

Fozzie (The Jackson 5 Litter)

I wanted to thank you for providing such a stable place for these animals to stay while they're in line for adoption! I adopted Fozzie (one of the Jackson 5 puppies) about 6 months ago and he was already a happy guy - clean; well-fed; socialized. He's been a handful, but well-worth it! Now he enjoys freedom roaming throughout the house, frequent park visits, hikes, and his favorite - tennis balls. I'm always amazed whenever I go in to your facility at how clean it is and how much attention all of the animals get. They're truly very lucky! Thank you for all your hard work!

Nagi and Zoey (Dora and Hope)

nagizoeyWe first met Nagi (Dora) at noon on a Tuesday. My husband and I had been out visiting shelters without much success when I suggested we go to the shelter I used to volunteer at, Pets Without Parents. The minute we walked in the door I saw her, a little black fur ball shivering in the back of a very large cage. We took her up to the play room, Nagi climbed in my lap and thats all she wrote. I was in love. We filled out the application around 2pm that afternoon and went home to wait nervously for our call back. By 6pm that same night I missed her so much that we went back to visit her again. We were at the shelter when our final reference called back and our application was approved. The staff offered to let us take her home that night, but we had no supplies so we agreed to come back and get her in the morning. We showed up a half hour before the shelter opened the next day and the staff took pity on us and opened early. That was a year ago and Nagi has been the sweetest dog. She's still a "Momma's Girl" and she loves catch, walks and hanging with the family. I honestly believe she was fated to be with our family. I can't thank the staff at PWP enough for bringing her into our lives. 

Since then we've adopted a second dog from PWP (Zoey).  If you stop by to visit the shelter you'll see their plaque on one of the cages, "Nagi and Zoey were here". I really want to rescue them all, but my husband says I can't so I think it's really important to support PWP. Even if you are not ready to adopt remember there are so many other ways to help including cage sponsorship, "Run with the Pack" and volunteering! Thank you again Pets With Parents for giving me my family!

Joey and Rascal

joeyrascalJoey is without question, the most interesting kitty we've known. He's much more comfortable hanging out with the dogs than the other kitties. He's extremely social and comes to the door to greet guests along with the dogs. He travels very well in the car and has made one long distance trip to visit my father in Mississippi. He likes to sit on the top of a headrest or staring out the window with one of the dogs. He loves the outdoors and is always just a short distance behind the dogs. Ray, our husky mix, can always call Joey home. Inevitably, if Joey is out too long, I just go outside with Ray and say "Where's Joey". Ray will vocalize that awesome husky "woo-woo" and within minutes Joey will appear at the back porch ready to come in. We recently returned from a hiking trip and Rascal was the BEST climber. She's a very "girly-girl" though. She doesn't like to get her feet wet, won't go out in the rain, never strays away from my side and insists that it's really only important for her to look like a "pretty girl". There have been several times that, with a lot of activity with kids coming and going, the door is left open. Boo, our oldest at 16, still can manage to make it several houses down before we get a call. Ray will travel a little way but now we have an invisible fence, so he's pretty well contained. Rascal doesn't even need the fence and we've never had to use the collar, because she's just not going anywhere without her mommy. She'll be sitting right there at the front door waiting for her siblings to come home.

Punkin (Gwen)

punkinpunkinHi, My husband and I adopted Punkin (Gwen, Patches) three years ago this past winter. And she is truly the love of our lives! We were told "well, she might be ok, but you can bring her back in 10 days if it doesn't work out." What's wrong with her, we asked. "Well, we have to wrap our hands and arms in towels to change her water and food because she will attack us", we were told. Three years later we couldn't be happier. Not only does she not bite or scratch at us, she constantly talks, which is normal in this house, she loves us every second, and she has truly made our house a home. Thanks to Pets Without Parents for the wonderful place they are running! 

Guiness (Lennox)

guinessguinessI really lucked out with Guiness. He was the smallest kitten, but has grown into a giant cat now. He has the best personality, very friendly with all the visitors I have passing through my apartment, and incredibly playful. I'm so happy with him and thank you very much for introducing him into my life.


maxMax has made himself perfectly at home, especially with the kids (as you can definitely tell in the picture). He is great with the kids and as you can see in the picture, he woefully watches them get on the school bus in the morning and waits all day to rejoice when they are home. He and our 6-year old Calvin (in the picture) are especially close and Calvin looks forward to this reception all day.

Wicket (Pablo)

wicketTwo winters ago my husband and I received the best Christmas present ever, Wicket (formally known as Pablo)! Rob, my husband, adopted Wicket from your shelter and he turned out to be the best dog in all the world. He is such a loving snuggle-pup! Wicket brings both Rob and I so much joy. We can't thank your shelter enough.

When we first brought Wicket home he was only 6 lbs, and now he is handsome 45. Wicket has grown from a shy little puppy into such a loving goofy guy. He has traveled all over the country with us. He is such a well adjusted fellow. He has gone from having no home at all to being totally spoiled. He loves to go on daily walks and play kong in the park, but his favorite part of the day is snuggling with his mom and dad.

Thank you again for making our adoption story possible.


kayaKaya is doing wonderful she and her sister Shadow run all over the house playing when Kaya is not doing her two favorite things, eating and lounging. I am not sure who loves food more Kaya or her Beagle brother Domino. I never have to worry where she is, as she follows me everywhere and is always pointing out things I miss on the computer screen. I can't even imagine how we got along without her, she fits in so perfectly and brings out the best in all of us. Thank you for taking care of her for us.

Puck (Barnaby)

puckpuckI adopted Puck nearly a year ago from Pets without Parents. I had just moved to Columbus and never been without a roommate, so my friend told me to get a cat. We visited the shelter and I was overwhelmed with all the cute animals! There were quite a few black cats there (apparently people would rather have cats with more color), but Puck stood out. He had a little white locket, and when I picked him up and held him, he put his paws on my cheeks and licked me on the nose. That's when I knew he was the cat for me.

I named him Puck because he's black, and I'm a hockey player; I guess it's also fitting that he loves to sleep in my smelly gear each night. It turns out he's part Maine Coon Cat, so at his first birthday, he weighed in at about 16 pounds. He has a gorgeous fluffy tail and a purr that puts a jet engine to shame.

I advise anyone looking to get a pet to go through Pets without Parents. The animals are so loving, and Puck's been the best roommate I've ever had!


cookiecookieWe adopted Cookie on the day of New Year's Eve 2005. She was apx 9 mos old at the time. Cookie had been rescued, adopted once and returned, and had been at PWPC long enough to become well known to the staff. I was there because my wife had 'given' me a dog for Christmas. She had actually only given me the idea of a dog, the actual specimen had yet to be determined. Not that she didn't try. She and a friend of hers had tried to adopt a dog the day before Christmas and it didn't work out. That's how she ended up at PWPC in the first place, trying to score a pooch to put under the tree. My wife had never owned a dog and was not at all sure about becoming an owner then. But we made a deal a few years ago and my part of the negotiations included a dog. We envisioned getting a chocolate Lab and naming it Brownie after my wife's favorite dessert, thinking that would make it easier for her to accept the dog. She had visited PWPC and left with a small, quiet, brown dog named Bailey in mind as a candidate. Alas, when I got there after Christmas to meet Bailey, she was already spoken for. The woman working there (Erin?) invited me to fill out an application to have on file in case a dog I wanted came in. While I was waiting, a puppy in the cage to my left stuck her nose through the top of the cage, stuck her paw out to me and started 'talking' to me, begging to get my attention. She appeared slightly too big and waaay too needy to fit my wife's expectations. I thought there was no way I was going to persuade my wife to take her. Somehow Cookie convinced me to take her for a walk. She was perfectly well behaved. And even better, her name, Cookie, came close to the name Brownie that we had already decided upon. I filled out the application and left feeling somewhat doubtful but optimistic. PWPC called a day or two later to approve my application and my wife went with me to meet Cookie. We went fairly early in the day and Cookie was pretty reserved with us, which was good because my wife believed that to be her true demeanor. What we later learned is that Cookie is just not a 'morning dog' and gets plenty of energy later in the day, after she has had chance to sleep in! Cookie now enjoys a large fenced yard in German Village, daily trips to Schiller Park to run like crazy, romp with other dogs, chase squirrels, and splash in the pond. In addition she gets nightly walks around German Village to inspect the neighborhood. I work at home and she spends all day with me, and has become a mascot for the Bed & Breakfast we own in German Village, meeting and greeting guests and begging for belly rubs. Today at just a couple months past her 2nd birthday she is very loved, spoiled, fit, healthy and happy! My wife says all the time that she can't believe that she has become such a dog person and that she never could have imagined how much she would love Cookie. Thanks PWPC!


tuckerI adopted Tucker from you around January/February 2005. He's everything I wanted in a dog....my best friend for sure! He's about 30lbs more than everyone guessed he'd be when I adopted him, and twice as tall too. His head is about level with countertops when standing!

Alice (Vixen)

aliceGreetings Pets without Parents, My husband and I adopted Alice (while at the shelter her name was Vixen) about 2 years ago. She is a little all black cat who we just love. We adopted her when she was about 4 months old and she was loved from the start. When I found out I was pregnant I was afraid she would think she was being neglected but by looking at the picture she has become a little mommy! Anytime our son (who is about 5 months) cries she is right there. He loves to pet her and gets excited anytime she comes near him. I just wanted to share this picture of a sweet kitty who has become a wonderful member of our family. Take Care and Thanks for giving us such a sweet Cat.

MoMo, Laddy, and Cutty (Moe, Larry and Curly)

momo, cutty, laddyMy boys have been with me for five weeks now and are coming along fine. It was interesting the first couple of days, they would walk around, smell everything and call out to each other when out of site to one another. Moe was the more outgoing of the three but after some time Larry and Curly came around and are now so lovable. They're good boys; so glad we were introduced. We have a happy home and they have plenty of room to romp, run and wrestle.

Sadie (Bunny)

sadiesadieIn 2002, my boyfriend and I decided to get a dog together. So we, of course, went to Pets Without Parents, rather than a pet store (ugh!) At the time, the shelter was located on Bethel Rd. Upon entering the store, we immediately spied Sadie, our silly rottweiler mix. There were tons of other people surrounding her cage checking her out but we were the ones who took her home. Now five years later, not only do we have Sadie, but a three year old daughter as well. Sadie is Peyten's protector wherever we go. She won't go within 10 feet away from her at the park. Sadie is an important part of our family and is best friends with our cat, Kitzy! They sleep together quite a bit, with Kitzy on my head and Sadie at my feet. Honestly, we can't sleep without Sadie, even though she takes up half our bed! So thank you for a great dog!  We just adore her!


bobbyHi everyone at PWP! My boyfriend and I adopted Bobby, the gray one-eyed cat, a little over 2 weeks ago. We came to PWP because Chris used to work for Amy about 6 years ago. Also, we were looking for a friend for our chihuahua Puffy and we really wanted to give a good home to a pet in need. When we saw Bobby and how well he and Puffy got along together we knew he was the one we had to adopt.

Now Bobby is doing great in his new home. His stitches are out and he's healing well. Our vet has a weakness for gray cats so she has even given us discounts on care for Bobby. When we first brought him home Bobby was very timid and afraid. Eventually he began to trust me, Chris, and Puffy. He loves to run, play, and wrestle with Puffy. Bobby also loves to sit on our laps and be petted and brushed. His favorite activities are to hide under our bed and jump out and attack our feet or scare Puffy when he walks by. He also loves when we play with him with his feather wand and he greatly enjoys pouncing on us in bed. We feel so blessed to have found such a sweet, lovable, and adorable cat that has become a best friend to our dog. Thanks PWP for helping us to give a forever home to Bobby!

Ernie (Spike)

ernieI just wanted to say thanks for letting me adopt "Spike", who is now known as "Ernie". Ernie is doing very well, he is such a good dog. He was very timid at first when people would come over but now he is friends with everyone. He loves his walks and jogs and especially loves romping with other dogs at Goodale Park. Both Ernie and I are looking forward to better weather. Thanks again.

Serenity (Godiva)

serenityI don't even know where to begin to describe our experiences since getting Serenity (formerly known as Godiva). Serenity has been a great addition to my four legged family. She can definitely be a bundle of energy. I was a little hesitant about getting a cat at first because I have only had dogs (and fish) in the past. I must admit I am extremely happy with her! She gets along well with her two adopted sisters, and I sometimes take her to a friends house to visit a cat friend. With her cat friend they get to run around the house chasing each other and wrestling - things she doesn't do with the dogs. Even with all of her energy, bedtimes are the best with Serenity - she is a cuddle bug. 

Karma (Thora)

karmakarmaWe adopted Karma at the end of August 2005. What I remember most clearly about her at that time was how heart-achingly timid and shy she acted. She seemed so very tiny - curled up in a tight ball, watching and purring madly as we petted her. While initially timid, she gracefully gained confidence in our home and has become an impossibly sweet and loving member of the family. I can't - and don't care to - imagine my little world without Karma in it.

Like so many other animals, she deserved another opportunity at love and security. The love she returns in-kind is boundless, and I can only hope that others take the opportunity to find a companion who is equally devoted, loving and funny as her!

Since adopting Karma at Pets without Parents, our family has relocated to Western Washington. The airplane ride was traumatic for us all, but I think Karma liked it least of all. We're now safely settled, and Karma watches the numerous crows with awe.


marleymarleyAbout a year ago I began volunteering at the shelter as a service project.  The first day I began, there was a very nervous dog named Marley that was scared to go into her cage. I walked Marley every day for 2 months and would play with her, I would come to "volunteer" when really I just wanted to see Marley. After a lot of nagging I finally convinced my Mom and Dad to adopt Marley. I already had a black lab named Ellie so Marley would be a second dog.  At first Marley came on as kind of aggressive to Ellie and that worried me.  But after about a month of adjusting to her new home Marley became very good friends with Ellie.  They now will lick each other and lay down with their heads resting on each other.  Marley does not leave my side. If I leave the house she waits at the door for me.  I went on vacation in the summer and Marley wouldn't leave the living room not even to eat, or sleep.  She is very well trained and listens to me.  I walk her without a leash and she does not have a problem with it. I always suggest Pets Without Parents to anybody looking for a good animal. And for those of you who are looking to adopt an animal look at the older dogs, Marley was five when I adopted her and she has turned out to be the worlds best dog.

Princess Tofu (Sami)

princess tofuprincess tofuI was the one who adopted "Sami" (new name, Princess Tofu Alleycat-Kalafarski). She has been pure delight--a lovely, cuddly, playful kitty. She likes to play hide and seek and she's so smart she can even play fetch. Thanks so much for rescuing Tofu. She is a wonder kitty and I love her.

Charlie (Charlie Brown)

charliecharlieThese are pictures of Charlie (Charlie Brown) shortly after we brought him home, at about 6 months, and about a year. We saw his beautiful sister Gravy (AKA Peppermint Patty) on the PWP website. Charlie loves to swim, play in the water hose, play fetch, and go for walks (although he would rather jog). He has a great personality. We love it when people ask, "What kind of dog is THAT!" If we had known what a great dog he would be, we would have adopted the whole litter! Thanks, PWP.


sempersemperSemper is absolutely the most wonderful dog. He was a part of our family immediately. There was no adjustment period. We loved him the minute we first saw him after PWP called us to say they had an American Bulldog that needed a home. Just the day before we asked them to keep their eyes out for us. How lucky was that? He was so gracious and grateful from the moment he came into our home. He owns us now.

I have no doubt he was meant to be with us under the circumstances in which he came to us. Even with all his issues, we never hesitated to make him ours. I know deep down inside of him the situation PWP helped rescue him from has made him appreciate his forever home. We had the opportunity to help save his life and brought him into our family, and in turn I know there is no doubt he would risk his life for everyone of us. He is a wonderful boy and we are blessed!

Here is Semper's background info: When he came to Westerville East Animal Hospital : 30lbs (10-15 under weight)/4 mos old, mange, issues with tongue sticking out due to swollen and possibly fractured jaw, herniated belly button, crippled/leg issues due to being bound to a cage that is too small, and no energy.

Today 2.5 mos later: almost 70 lbs/6.5 mos old, mange under control, big and muscular and owns our 1/2 acre yard, happy and playful and his legs are in perfect condition.

Sissy and Chugs

sissy and chugsI adopted Sissy and Chugs a little over a year ago at Pets without Parents. I was driving by the shelter and decided to just "stop in" to see what they had. As soon as I walked in, I saw Sissy and Chugs and was immediately smitten. I was first drawn to Chugs and I remember when he was removed him from his cage to visit with me, Sissy freaked out, yelping and crying for her brother. I quickly decided that I wanted to adopt Chugs, I filled out the paperwork and went home, anxiously waiting for the news. During this time, I decided that I would "foster" Sissy until a home was found for her. Pets without Parents was thrilled to hear this and I ended up taking Sissy and Chugs both home. It took about a few hours until I quickly realized that there was no way that I could separate the two of them and I quickly fell in love with Sissy. I ended up keeping them both and am so happy that I did. They are great dogs and so cute together!! They play and snuggle together all the time...I can't imagine them ever being separated. Thank you so much for bringing them into my life!


stanleeStanLee is the best kitten we could ever hope for. He is so loving, affectionate, friendly, and he took to our home like he has lived here all his life. He is really enjoying having so much attention from his human family, as well as his furry family. We rescued another kitten from a co-worker. StanLee and his new buddy Aristotle are having a ball playing and being kittens together. StanLee also loves his dog sister Lucy, and she loves him. His big bro and sis cats haven't quite warmed to him yet, but I am sure he will soon win them over with his abundant love and sweetness.


lucylucyWe adopted Lucy in Jan 2006 and she was a tiny little pup that had no coordination. My husband and I had just suffered a late pregnancy loss and were having a pretty hard time. We had always talked about getting a dog but the time seemed perfect. We found your webpage online and the next day came down to the shelter. We saw pictures of Lucy online and fell in love with her. She had three beautiful sisters and Lucy was always sleeping on the bottom of the pile. We knew she was perfect. At the time, no one was quite sure what kind of mix she was but it has become quite clear that she has some Beagle in her and a lot of Jack Russell. This little puppy is truly the light of our lives. She is almost one year old now. She has a TREMENDOUS amount of energy which we try to wear down in the evening by having her fetch golf balls that my husband hits which she just loves. Lucy had a rough moment a few months after we adopted her. We had gotten half way through her parvo vaccines and she got Parvo. She was admitted to Riverside Animal Hospital for a week. My husband and I visited her 3-4 times a day until she finally kicked it and came home healthy. We were sick with worry but Lucy is a trooper. She made her first of many to come camping/hiking trips this summer and she had an absolute blastl. Lucy has an older brother Yougha that she loves to torment (yougha is a cat we adopted years ago from the SPCA in Baltimore). Yougha has decided that if Lucy is going to stay then he makes the rules. The play chase all evening long all throughout the house which is good exercise for both of them. We love this little doggie more than we could have ever anticipated. We don't remember what it was like to sleep without her nestled in between us under the covers. It was a hard year for us and I think Lucy saved us more than we saved her. I just can't imagine life without her. We are so grateful for shelters like yours and the service you provide.

Mila (Gina)

milaWe came to the shelter on Bethel in January 2003 to find a friend for our cat, Pepper. We found Mila (Gina) located in the back of the building and were taken by her because she had been there for such a long time. The staff we spoke to clearly loved her and were both happy and sad to see her go. She was very timid and shy when we adopted her. We renamed her Mila because it means sweet or kind in Czech and she is most certainly both. After we brought her home, she quickly became friends with our other cat and played with him constantly. Pepper grooms her whenever she is not hiding under furniture. To this day she continues to be very shy with people, but she occasionally becomes bold enough to demand that we pet her. Although she’s not much of a lap cat, she’s very pleased with her feline companions. All parties are very pleased that she has come to live with us. There are two pictures of Mila snoozing, one of her playing with her mouse toy, and one of her sleeping with her buddies. The black cat is Pepper and the other tabby is a stray we found last year named Tiny Ricardo. Thank you for everything you do.

Tuesday (Sverte)

sverteWe adopted Tuesday as an adult dog from Pets Without Parents in 08.02 when you were located in Olentangy Plaza. She had been returned twice which was to our good fortune.

From day one Tuesday loves to go for a ride and is a great traveling companion. She is extremely smart and loves to play. She is a master frisbee catch & return partner and a great watch dog. She plays well with other dogs and always runs in the backyard in hopes of giving chase to a squirrel or chipmunk. She is our first rescue dog and now would never think of returning to a breeder. We bought a Shar-pei pup 12 years ago who was plagued by health problems and was covered with fleas when we picker her up from the puppy mill. Tuesday is a nice mix which we attribute to her extremely good health.

We truly recommend Pets Without Parents and we hope to return for a dog companion for Tuesday.

Atticus (Edgar)

atticusWe adopted Atticus on May 16, 2005 -- he was two months old and named Edgar at the time. He has been the most perfect kitten. He gets along amazingly well with our dog (he LOVES to pounce on the dog's wagging tail!), and the dog immediately accepted Atticus as one of the family. He is so friendly that he wins over every human he meets, even some who think they don't like cats. We feel so lucky to have him! The first picture is from his first day at our house, quickly discovering the best hiding spots. The next two are fairly recent -- his one and only venture outside on a leash, and his contemplation spot (the floor brings out his inner philosopher). Many thanks for helping us find such a beautiful and wonderful kitten!

Solo (Wilbur)

solosoloWe adopted our kitty Solo, who was then known as Wilber, in June of 2004. He went from a cage full of kittens to a 3 bedroom house! Solo is very friendly, playful and sweet. As soon as my alarm goes off in the morning, he jumps on the bed and snuggles up to my ear purring. And almost every evening, he jumps up on the couch and curls up next to my husband. We have enjoyed him so much. PWP, you do great things. Thank you for taking care of our little buddy until we found him : )

Ciara (Bailey)

ciaraciaraI adopted Ciara (Bailey at the time) on July 22, 2002. I am sure glad I stopped at Pets Without Parents that night. You were located on Bethel Road then. When I saw her it was love at first sight. I knew instantly it was meant to be. I picked her up in my arms and did not put her down (she came home with me that night). Ciara has been such a joy in my life. She is a very loyal, loving and wonderful dog. I take her to doggie day care while I'm at work. I was told that she had a brother named Brock that had been adopted the day before. Her birthdate is May 20, 2002 . I will definitely adopt from you again. Thank you PWP.

Dingo (Skittles)

dingoWe adopted Dingo (formerly Skittles) almost three years ago from the Indianola location. He has fit into our little family perfectly, and wins over any and all who meet him (even self-professed cat haters!). He's generous with lap time and affectionate "head butts." As his current photo would indicate, he has turned into quite the handsome feline! We encourage anyone considering adding a cat to their home to check out Pets Without Parents.

Tiger and Bogey (Fido and Richie)

tigerWe got Bogey (Fido - grey) and Tiger (Richie - brown tabby) in March of 2004 and we love them more than ever! Tiger has a very fun personality -- he is quite the wild man and big Kahuna, and Bogey is such a loving kitty!! We have moved from an apartment into a large condo where they have lots of room to run 3 floors! We have also since added a sister stray, Zoe to the family, who was sadly dumped off in the country. We love our feline family! Thank you Pets Without Parents!!!!!!!!!!!

Patches (Jasper)

patchespatches(Shelter Note: Patches (aka Jasper) was one of our sheltered pets who could never seem to land a break. This sweet girl was adopted several times and returned - always through no fault of her own. We're so incredibly happy, as we are with all adoptions, that someone special finally came along and saw how wonderful Jasper is. Thank you to all of our adopters!)

Hi my name is Patches (formally Jasper) or as my new Mommy calls me "Princess". Today is only my first full day with my new family, but I am already fitting in quite well in my new home...soon I will be running this place. Mommy woke up early today to take me to the park...with my sister Buffett who lives with my Grandma and Grandpa. We had so much fun, and I even got to show her how I can climb big boulders. Mommy says I can get an attitude when I'm sleepy, but she says it all part of my charm, and I must be taking after Daddy. Here are a few pics. of me at the park today...I will send more later, but right now I need to go drag Mommy's pillow out into the middle of the living room floor so I can take a nap. YAWN........ Love, Patches

Lola (Clarice)

lolaWhen my much loved little beagle mix died at the ripe age of 14, it took me a while to decide it was time for another dog. Actually my Lab Rocky (I got him from Lab Rescue about six years ago) let me know it was time--he was lonesome too! I had a list of requirements for a dog; about 30lbs, a year or two old, female and housebroken. I went to Mutt Mingles at the shelter, checked out a few other rescue groups. One day I stopped by Pets Without Parents to check out the dogs. I met three or four dogs who were all very nice, but none of them MY dog. As I was leaving, I passed an eye-level cage that had two puppies wrestling in it when I came in. One had been adopted while I was there, and now one was left, lying sadly alone with her head on her paws. Our eyes met and--well, I was gone. She was pretty much everything I didn't want. A puppy, definitely NOT housebroken, and despite assurances that she would grow to about 35 lbs, she had feet like Shaquile, and I had my doubts. I went home to think about it for 24 hours. I called first thing in the morning on April 5 and told them I wanted Clarice.

I brought her home a few days later. She was skinny and timid and had kennel cough, but she made herself at home. The first night she spent in her crate was when I learned that she could sing. She howled for about 10 minutes, and by golly she was musical. At one point she sounded just like Ray Davies. For those of you reading this who are under 40, he was the lead singer for the Kinks. Anyhow, it sounded like she was singing the line "Lola, la la la la Lola, L-O -L-A, Lola...." That is how Clarice became Lola.

She has since grown, and grown, and GROWN. She became an irrepressible ball of puppy energy. Her ears now stand up, and her legs are a mile long. My vet tells me she will likely top out at 50 lbs. She is housebroken and enrolled in dog school where she makes me look good by getting everything right the first time. Rocky loves her and even my two cats have made peace. She's getting to be a big girl, but really, who wants to have to bend over to pet a dog? She shows promise as a therapy dog. We visit my uncle in the nursing home where she is patient and gentle with everyone. She's also obsessed with flip-flops--I'm on my third pair as I write this.

For a dog I didn't think I wanted, Lola has turned out to be the best dog I've ever lived with! (Don't tell Rocky!) Thanks to Pets Without Parents!

Molly (Macey)

mollyI adopted Molly (formerly Macey, littermate of Molly, Max, etc.) in May of 2002. She was only 11 weeks old and scared to leave her sisters and brothers. She has been the best dog that I have ever had! Everyone that meets Molly has decided that she is definitely a person and not a dog. She has such a personality and is very very smart. She has brought a tremendous amount of joy to me and my family. Thank you to everyone at Pets Without Parents. I can't imagine life without my baby girl!

Sunny (Sunshine)

sunnysunnyMy husband and I adopted a young boy named Sunshine in Dec. 2004. We thought it was a great name for him as he is truly a ball of Sunshine. We now call him Sunny for short. He has been here for 2 and 1/ 2mos now and would never guess he didn't grow up with all his sisters and brother. His little sister, Penny, and now best friend, has shown him all the ropes. He was timid with his three dogs at first, but Penny was quick to show Sunny how to boss them around and Princess Penny now has a King Sunny. He loves to cuddle with Penny on their "Condo" and devour cat nip. His favorite time of day is cuddling on the couch with Mommy and Daddy and enjoying an evening brush, although if you asked Penny, she would probably insist that their favorite time is 2:00 am when they can both run up and down stairs and slide on the wood floors.  Sunny would like to thank the best woman in the world that saved him and gave him the opportunity to have such a great life with his new family and all the people at Pets With Out Parents for giving him a chance for a better life. Thank you for allowing my Husband and I to give Sunny this life and for the Sunshine we now have on all rainy days...and Penny would like to thank you for the wonderful big brother and best friend.

UPDATE: It has been one and 1/2 years now with my family. While I sent and update a few months after leaving Pets without Parents, I thought I would update you since this has truly become my home. My Mommy and Daddy say I am the most lovable guy they've ever known and they even got me a two legged little brother to cuddle with. He doesn't give very good chin scratchings yet, but we have a lot of years to teach him. In additional to my sister, Penny, we took my great grandma's cat, Frieda, in as well. I sure was glad to here Mom was having a boy because it's hard for a fella to get some peace with those two crazy girls trying to bathe me at once. I even cuddle with my three dogs now. They have great beds and are always willing to let me squeeze in with them. Life is great for me and I hope all the Kitties and Dogs find wonderful homes!

Sadie (Bella)

sadieJust wanted to THANK YOU & let you know that "Bella" ("Sadie" now) is very happy in her new home. I adopted her at the beginning of May and she was SO shy. She's really warmed up now...she's the friendliest little thing you'll ever meet. She loves to play with other dogs and everyone always comments about "what a sweet, well-behaved dog she is." She knows sit, down, stay, off, come, fetch, no, drop it, wait, and heel. You should see her when she gets ahold of a tennis ball or pine cone...she could entertain herself for hours just running & jumping, tossing it up with her paws & catching it in her mouth! She's a great traveling dog too...We go to the car & she just waits for me to pat the seat & say, "ok, let's go!" then she jumps in the passenger seat, sits there & looks around a bit like a person, then promptly curls up in a ball & falls asleep until we get where we're going (even if it's an hour or two away).

Kesha (Applesauce)

keshaI had wanted a dog for a long time and it took some convincing for my parents to adopt one. I have been going to the shelter for a while just to look and play with the animals. We went one day and saw Kesha, formerly Applesauce, when she was a little puppy with the rest of her siblings. We really liked her. A few weeks later, we went back to the shelter and filled out the adoption forms. A couple of days later, my dream had come true. Since then, Kesha has grown up healthy and beautiful. She loves to play fetch, but we're still working on "drop". I couldn't have asked for a better dog.

Winston (Rudy)

winstonwinstonIts been a little over four months now since I adopted Rudy at the end of January and I just thought you might want an update. I switched his name to Winston and he is doing incredibly well. He weighs just over 40 pounds now and he may even get to be as big as 50 pounds by the time he's done growing! I'm attaching some pictures I took at the end of April during our first trip to the water. He was very brave and had a great time! The other three pictures were ones I took at home over the past few months. You can see how much he's grown! Just as he was when I first saw him at the shelter, he's a very sweet dog!

Tanis (Keller)

tanisKeller's new name is now Tanis Half-Elven Fistandantilus Toney. Tanis for short. He is getting along wonderfully with us. When we come home he jumps up while wagging his tail so hard that his entire body wiggles! He loves to go for walks around the neighborhood and even remembers which trees he has seen the squirrels running up. Needless to say, those are his favorite trees. He loves belly rubs, gives multitudes of kisses when ever he can reach our faces and has two favorite sleeping places, under the blankets behind our calves and on his back between our pillows -- just like a little man! He goes through bones half the size of his body in about a week and loves to shake and throw and chase his soft toys. We love this guy so so much are are so grateful to have had the chance to take him into our home and give him the most love. And I think he knows this and is one happy little doggie.

Georgia (Snickers)

GeorgiaI adopted Snickers in October when she was 8 weeks old. My boyfriend and I changed her name to Georgia because she was just the most polite puppy, she reminded us of a little southern belle. She quickly grew out of her timidness that she had shown at the shelter, and has become the most loving, curious dog (which sometimes gets her into a little trouble!!). She is happy to see almost everyone, but is a great guard dog when needed. She has grown into a beautiful, 1yr old, 40lb girl, and we are eternally grateful for the opportunity to have her in our lives. Thanks Pets without Parents!


scoutscoutHi I'm Scout. My parents fostered my mom when she was pregnant with me, after me and my seven brothers and sisters were born they couldn't not keep one of us, and lucky me I was the one they kept. I'm telling you, they made our first 10 weeks a blast..we had so many toys and things to stimulate us, and we were trained to sleep in a crate all together. Which I must say was a little ruff sleeping alone when everyone else left the house. But I got used to it..because I had a teddy bear they gave me to sleep with, which made me feel not so alone, and Tucker my adoptive father figure slept right next to my kennel to make sure I didn't need anything. He was the best, he taught me how to eat, play, and sleep on big pillows made for us. He would let me sleep right next to him however, because he was so nice. The other two dogs in the family were nice, but didn't like to share anything. Tucker shared everything with me. Sadly Tucker had to go to the doggy park in the sky which was very sad for me, but then I got to know Molly better, who I misunderstood for a long time. She looked like my real mom, but wasn't real interactive, now she plays with me all the time. I love her. She helped me take all the nasty fuzz and foam out of our human parents couch. It was too fun, you should have seen the downstairs we covered it with fuzz and foam, it was the best time ever.

I'm loving traveling. I have been to Hilton Head Island 2 times, and I must say it is a blast. I went boating and saw the dolphins, and met several other dogs. I have also been to Hocking Hills camping. It is a great place for dogs, all the trails except Conkle's Hollow are dog friendly. I'm telling you, you meet so many friendly dogs there. I even met a baby deer but her momma yelled at her to come home too quick for us to be able to play. Next time, I hope I get the chance. Traveling is soooo much fun. 

I'm having a great life, and I have Pets Without Parents to thank for guiding me to my forever human parents.


sputnikWhen first coming into my home, Sputnik was a bit shy ( to me mostly) but gets along great with my other two cats, but mostly with my Dog Trooper. Sput follows Trooper around all the time ( Trooper is not always crazy about it). My other two cats tolerate my dog, Sputnik worships the ground my dog walks on. If my dog is lying on the ground, Sput is next to him. If my dog is on the bed, Sput is next to him. Sputnik weaves in and out of Troopers legs while Trooper is standing. Sputnik is still a bit shy around me at times, unless I am on my computer and sitting at my desk. As soon as I sit down, Sput is on my lap. It is great to have Sputnik in my home. Thanks!