Hey kids...ever think about volunteering at a pet shelter? Shelters use volunteers to walk dogs and play with cats. Pets at shelters need lots of human interaction to make them more sociable and adoptable. At Pets Without Parents, you can volunteer with your parent as long as you're at least 8 years old! Check out our VOLUNTEER PAGE for more information and on attending a volunteer orientation.

There are tons of ways that you can help the shelter, even if you can't make a visit. Here are a few ideas, and also some ways that kids just like you have helped Pets Without Parents:


Jack HughesJack Hughes came into the shelter recently and brought us puppy food, a dog toy, and $80 that he received for his 12th birthday. He unselfishly asked for these things instead of gifts for himself. It's rare for kids nowadays to realize how much they have compared to others, and to put someone (or something, like the pet shelter) ahead of them. He's such a sweet kid, and VERY generous. And, he is a volunteer for the shelter! We are very proud of you, Jack. And thanks! (Jack is pictured here with his mom and Pixar, one of the adoptable pets at Pets Without Parents.)


Penny HarvestThanks to the Columbus elementary schools that participated in the 2012 Penny Harvest / See Kids Dream fundraiser and chose Pets Without Parents as one of their recipients! After all of the pennies were added up, PWP received $4,505.27 !!!! That's a lot of pennies! Whoever said a penny wasn't worth much never talked to these kids. We specifically want to thank the following schools:

  • Clinton Elementary
  • Como Elementary
  • Duxberry Park
  • Eastgate Elementary
  • John Burroughs Elementary
  • Olde Orchard Elementary
  • South Mifflin Stem

The Penny Harvest is a wonderful way to empower elementary school-aged kids. All the students did an incredible job choosing charities, interviewing them, and then deciding who should get the money. We're sure it was tough to choose, since all of the charities do amazing things on very tight budgets.

Lemonade standHave a Bake Sale or a Lemonade Stand: Kids can help by selling goodies during the summer months. The kids get to be champions for a cause, making them feel good about themselves, and the shelter gains some much needed resources. It's a win-win situation.

Organize a Penny Drive at your school: If your schools is not affiliated with the Penny Harvest program, you can still organize a drive. This has been popular at many schools. Jars are placed throughout the school, and the proceeds go towards your chosen charity (PWP!). You'd be surprised at how quickly those pennies add up!

School presenting a $500 "check" to PWP