Supporting Pets Without Parents

There are many ways you can support the shelter. Some require time and some money, but there are other ways that require very little of either. See below for ideas on how you can be part of Pets Without Parents' Support Team:


Rome getting a big hug from a volunteerOur shelter is always in need of helping hands. Volunteering is a very rewarding experience. You meet new pets, learn their stories, and cultivate your own space in their hearts as they find a place in yours. When a pet is adopted that you have grown close to, the thrill and happiness is unmatched. Our VOLUNTEER PAGE outlines our volunteer opportunities and a description of what each entails. Before volunteering, you must attend one of our Volunteer Orientations.



Dog with moneyA common misconception about the shelter is that we receive tax funding. This is simply not true. Pets Without Parents is funded through adoption fees, fundraisers, and donations. If you're able to make a monetary donation, please understand how much it helps. Every dollar truly goes to the pets. Plus, maintaining a no-kill philosophy is quite costly. We must ensure all of our pets live quality lives while at the shelter, which sometimes means several months, even years.

We have several established funds where you can choose where your money goes. Please visit our FUNDS page for more information.

  • CANDLE WITH A CAUSE. Purchase a specially-designed candle that benefits Pets WIthout Parents. Link to the candle is

  • JUST RESCUE DESIGN. A portion of all sales goes to PWP!. As an additional bonus to PWP, if you heard about them through our site, Just Rescue Design will increase their donation! On the final page at checkout ("Review Your Information"), add Pets WIthout Parents in the "Note To Seller" area.

  • KROGER COMMUNITY REWARDS PROGRAM. PWP raised over $1,000 each quarter just from Kroger's Rewards Program, but now EVERYONE HAS TO RE-REGISTER WITH KROGER AS OF APRIL 1st!! Click here to sign up, or re-signup. Once on the Kroger page, scroll down to "Columbus, Ohio" and click on ENROLL NOW. Search for PETS WITHOUT PARENTS, or use our charity code of 83791.

  • PURCHASE A CAGE SPONSORSHIP AS A GIFT. These are meaningful gifts for the person who has everything. Simply download and complete the sponsorship form. We'll send the recipient a card, notifying them of the gift.

  • GOODSHOP / GOODSEARCH. By selecting PWP as your charity, the shelter earns money everytime you shop online or search the internet.

  • A CAT TREE FOR A CAUSE. Purchase "A Cat Tree for a Cause" (an A-frame cat treehouse) and PWP will receive a portion of the sale.

  • U.S. BONES. U.S. Bones, a primarily pet food and treat internet company, will donate 25% of all sales to PWP. Just select PWP as your charity on their site.

  • BEST BULLY STICKS. PWP will earn 6% on each item sold.

  • KURANDA BEDS. Please consider purchasing a Kuranda Bed for our pets at special wholesale prices so they can sleep in comfort while they wait for their new home. Now you can get a good night's rest knowing that a homeless dog or cat is getting the same.

  • "WALK YOUR DOG WITH LOVE" DOG HARNESS. Buy a harness for your dog in your choice of color and choose Pets Without Parents as the recipient. PWP will receive 100% of the profit from each harness sold!!

  • WOOF AT THE DOOR. Purchase personalized photo items for pets and their people and PWP will get 40% of the total sales.

  • THIRTY-ONE. Host a "Thirty-One" party, or simply purchase stylish purses and other unique storage items online, and raise money for PWP.

  • PWP AMAZON WISH LIST. And if you go through GoodShop, PWP will receive even more!



We can always use any of the below listed supplies.  It saves us money when supporters donate these items, allowing us to allocate more funds to the pet's veterinary needs. Click here for a printable copy you can take to the store or hang up at your office.

Bleach Frontline Flea/Tick Meds Cat Litter
Lysol KMR Milk Replacement Litter Boxes / Scoopers
Hand Sanitizer Wet/Dry Dog and Puppy Food Towels / Bathmats
Dish Soap Wet/Dry Cat and Kitten Food 39 Gallon Trash Bags
Laundry Detergent Pet Dishes Newspapers
Fabric Softener Sheets Pet Toys Blankets (no large ones, please)
Sponges Dog Collars / Leashes Animal Cages / Crates / Carriers
Paper Towels Empty Spray Bottles General Office Supplies



Lemonade StandOver the years we've spoken with many people who want to help the shelter, but don't have the time to volunteer or the spare change to donate. We've put together a list of creative ways you can generate support for the shelter. Many of these have actually been done by supporters.

Have a Lemonade Stand: Kids can help by selling goodies during the summer months. The kids get to be champions for a cause, making them feel good about themselves, and the shelter gains some much needed resources. It's a win-win situation. Marissa and Kristen sold lemonade, cupcakes, and jam and donated all of their proceeds ($10) to the shelter. Way to go, girls!

Wedding DonationThrow a party (or have a wedding!) and make PWP the beneficiary. Have guests donate a monetary gift at the door, or bring a supply for "admission" to your party. At one couple's wedding, they asked for donations to PWP in lieu of gifts. They placed the beautiful picture (shown on the right) on the table by the guest book, along with brochures about PWP. The picture said something about their "kids" and which ones came from PWP. They received many compliments on this, and PWP benefitted form everyone's generosity.

Have a Yard Sale. Clean out your closets and make PWP the beneficiary.

Tailgate for the pets. Why not? What better excuse to support your team and the shelter. Host a tailgate and have friends donate a monetary gift or supply.

Organize a Dress Down Day at the office. Only those who donate a dollar (or two, or three) can dress down.

Have a Happy Hour. Ask your favorite watering hole to throw a happy hour for PWP.

Pick up "irregulars" at the store. Ask your grocery store manager what the store does with their ripped bags of litter, their slightly damaged cans of cat food. It's likely they pitch them. Ask the manager if you can arrange to pick up the irregular items on a regular basis.

Have more great suggestions to add to the list? Email Meg at Please put in the subject line "Pet Project."